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Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for January 26 to February 1, 2015

Weekly Horoscope Overview
Weekly Horoscopes for each Sign are listed below after the overview:

Written by Symbolic Living

Welcome to another week!

All week we are continuing to reach towards the full moon. This is a time to focus on growth and bringing new energy into your life.

With the Moon in Taurus as the week begins on Monday, it’s a good time to get grounded and improve your connection to your body and the earth.

It’s also a time of gratitude for the people in your life. Even though life inevitably has us encounter challenging experiences and feelings towards other people for various reasons, those interactions and feelings can be our greatest catalysts to greater self awareness.

Monday we have the opportunity to see the light in others. Rather than getting caught up in the ego, it is best to find yourself more grounded. Choose your reactions to your experiences. No matter what others bring to the table in terms of their emotions and their own egos, it is best to take a step back, be mindful and see how the situation allows you to shine your own light more. Your reactions say most about where you are coming from, and can be a great opportunity to demonstrate who you are, regardless of what others are doing.

The energy you put out, changes the energy of the room and can be the key to others changing their position as well. This is a time to be mindful. Be who you are to help coax the future into what you envision.

Venus enters Pisces on Tuesday. This can be a wonderful beginning for the soul to flourish. Love is the highest consciousness. Feelings of compassion will become more emphasized now. Caring about the poor, the starving, the innocent, those who are having various challenges in life, animals that suffer, all of the heartache that does exist in the world can move us to become better and to do better. The intention of embodying and sharing love is going to increase for many and will awaken us to want to create a better world.

This is an opportunity to connect your heart with the higher Divine consciousness of the world. Each of us has the ability to channel love and to bring more of it into the world. As we bring more love into our relationships, we change others. By having a more open heart and mind, we encourage that in others by example. The ego is diminished when the heart is more open. Bonding with others, hugs to people and pets and giving of yourself to help others feel more love rewards the hearts of all.

The Divine Feminine, goddess energy associated with the heart and spirit is easier to access now bringing us to recognise love for others, ourselves and the world.

Situations can also arise now regarding material objects that bring up memories of experiences and people from the past. An object such as a piece of jewelry,  article of clothing, a piece of furniture or other personal item that is connected to someone you love or once loved, can give you the opportunity to heal yourself and your relationships to others on a heart and spirit level.

Paying closer attention to the objects that significantly grab your attention in your life now, as well as those you frequently see in media and online can bring you important realizations. What do they represent to you in your life? Do they have a spiritual significance to you? What do the items in your life that matter to you most, represent to you on deeper levels of awareness?

Wednesday we have Mercury in harmony with Uranus. Mercury is retrograde now in Aquarius, and Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius. This is a potent time of new ideas and new ways of thinking. Always, when Mercury is retrograde, it is a great time to write and reflect. Journal now. Revisit your vision board or start a new one. It’s a great time to do a collage that reflects your ideas.

Allow your ideas to develop now. Spontaneous inspirations are sure to arise when you set aside some time to think and reflect on your life. It’s a great time to ponder your wishes, hopes and dreams for the future. The ideas that come forward can be especially energizing now. Your insights will likely be personal and internalized now, but will also draw you to explore others of like mind. People you may not know personally, but are distant role models and great thinkers can be found online and become part of your bubble of inner wisdom. Those you feel an alignment with can help inspire new ideas to consider more deeply. Key words others say can stick in your mind and influence your thinking process more notably now.

Thursday is more about emotions and words. Conversations, typing, texting, messaging, can bring up feelings to work through with others. If you feel like you’re getting distracted by gossip, topics and subject matter that isn’t really important, it’s best to reconsider the positive aspects Wednesday brought out in you and to focus more on growing that. If you come across a serious issue that pulls at your heart strings and demands your heart grow in compassion, feel that truth of who you are. Many may be encouraged today to be active in making a difference by signing petitions, or sharing subjects on social networks that make a difference in the world.

Friday is one of more active astrological days and reiterates emphasis on our minds and spirits. With Venus connecting with Saturn, relationships could be a bit at odds. How you are using your time in meaningful, purposeful ways can come into question. Challenging feelings of the heart can arise, but it can be where great learning takes place, so don’t knock it. Feelings and intuition can be at odds with the practical responsibilities that need your attention. Some may come to realize that to fulfill wishes and make a difference it requires effort. Today asks that your intentions are made real by doing the work instead of just staying at the level of mind and emotions. To get things done that matter a plan is likely necessary.

As well on Friday Mars and Pluto empower one another. The actions, willpower and ambitions to transform the world are heightened. To make real-world changes, the passion to create that change can be quite intense for many. Many will see what is wrong in the world, and choose to work towards creating a shift. To acknowledge the not so wonderful side of reality is the only way change for the better can truly happen. Change requires awareness of what is as the stepping stone to what is to follow.

Awareness is heightened greatly on Friday as well when the Sun and Mercury meet in Aquarius. This further emphasizes what was spoken of for Wednesday. Personal realizations can be awakened now that inspires your vision. Social reform, freedom, independence and humanitarian ideas are all emphasized. Honest reflection with an eye on the future you want is advised now.

Saturday and Sunday get more of our emotional attention. Feminine, receptive qualities are heightened. It is a good time to consider the concept of the Queen and Goddess archetype in our society. Compassion and sensitivity are heightened further. Connection to earth and water is recommended. Bare feet on the ground, hydrating with purified water, a relaxing bath with fragrant essential oils are all recommended to recalibrate your energy on Saturday.

When Venus and Neptune join forces on Sunday it can be a day of greater spiritual realization. The heart open to spirit is emphasized. The heart chakra gets an infusion of radiant energy. Hands on the heart, or prayer pose with hands together in front of the heart, are suggested. It’s important to take time to tend to your spirit today. Earth and emotions are connected. Showing affection to others is healing. Heartfelt hugs are suggested. It’s a great day to water your plants, giving nature a bit of your intentional love is good for you and the earth.

It is also an optimal time to be creative, artistic and to practice visualization. Pay attention to your dreams especially symbols that associate with water, coins, the heart, love and compassion,

Money is also given a new perspective on Sunday. How does spirituality relate to money matters? What are your fears and preoccupations about money? How do you transcend that fear and release doubts so you can attract and share feelings of abundance with the world. Money is energy. Everything is energy. A quantum physics approach to how energy works is a good subject to explore now.

The week asks us to trust our personal vision, our hearts and to bring our intentions into the world from a much higher state of consciousness.

Quick Overview of where the planets are this week:
The Sun is in Aquarius
The Moon is in Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer this week
Mercury is Retrograde in Aquarius
Venus enters Aquarius at 9:59 a.m. on Tuesday
Mars is in Pisces

Longer term trends:
Jupiter is Retrograde in Leo
Saturn is in Sagittarius
Uranus is in Aries
Neptune is in Pisces
Pluto is in Capricorn

All Times are EST. 

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Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for each Sign - January 26 to February 1, 2015:

Aries: The beginning of the week is a good time to feel confident in your ideas. Inspiration should arise often, especially when you devote time to brainstorming. Listen to other people’s ideas and be especially attentive to keywords that stand out. They can be gems for inspiring your own new ideas. Reflecting on past alliances, can help you reenvision what you want for your future. Late in the week you could have an empowering shift in your spirit that ties into your career. You’ll likely be more motivated to bring wisdom, compassion and caring into your goals. Love feels more spiritualized as the week progresses. Hot showers help you calibrate your energy. Time in nature is good for your soul.

Taurus: Having your heart on your sleeve is good for you this week. You’ll likely feel more compassion and attentive to humanitarian needs, as well as animal welfare. It could be a great time to rescue a pet from a shelter. You may also be inspired to support a cause. Peace and love are important to you and brings warmth and purpose into your life. Hugs feel extra special. Your romantic inclinations are supported by focusing on your commonalities and you may feel more spiritually in tune than usual. It’s a great time for you to be rethinking business goals. The larger vision of your career is important now. Drink plenty of purified water to cleanse and purify your body, mind and spirit this week.

Gemini: Rethinking your purpose and who you are aligned with is emphasized this week. A surprising moment can have you considering who you do and don’t want in your life. It’s important for you to have people in your life that have ideals that jive with yours. In the middle of the week you may want to have some personal time to yourself. Getting in touch with your feelings and who you identify yourself as is recommended. Later in the week you could have an epiphany where the light comes on and you realize who you are with greater clarity and where you want to go in life. Your perspective on career and money matters benefits from a more open heart and a connection to material world with less judgment.

Cancer: Your social circle would do well to have your attention as the week begins. Some down to earth bonding is recommended. Learning about love in all its aspects can do you a world of good now. Compassion and understanding, an open heart and open ears helps you become more aware of your purpose. An increased understanding of how you connect with others will help you feel like your life is flowing in the right direction. Gratitude for those in your life helps you to understand yourself better by the end of the week. Keep your eyes open for the kindness others bestow. It is in the interaction and your reactions where you will come to see yourself in a new way.

Leo: Your relationships require you to be more mindful now. If you feel like you’re not getting the whole story, it’s okay to ask for more information. There are opportunities this week for you to think about your interactions more, and thus see things in a new way. You could have light bulb moments and learn a lot from your relationships with others. Act as a listener. People’s words and ideas are your teachers now. Writing down your perspectives and challenging them by seeking alternative explanations can create a shift. Later in the week someone could be the catalyst to an all new perception that helps you consider a different future.

Virgo: Continue to refine your routine this week. Look at what isn’t working and what is. There can be some complications with technology now that encourages you to look for alternatives. New apps for organization can be interesting, but be careful you aren’t wasting too much time with the searching as it may distract you from doing what matters. Timelines can get a bit out of whack this week, but the mistakes and delays can help you think about other options. Later in the week you could find yourself having a conversation that wakes you up and show you how to live your life with a new approach. The most important thing is to listen and experiment with new ideas, tools and methods, while also being mindful of your time. Your love life can feel a renewal this week as well. Imagination and fantasy is heightened.

Libra: Do you love what you do? Do you love how you spend your days? Do you love your routine? These are the types of questions that should be in focus this week. It’s a good idea for you to add a bit more creativity to your routine this week. As well, adding art, beautiful decor and a touch of nature to your work space is recommended. Cooking with love makes food better, and in much the same way, a space with your creative inspirations can make the process of work and routine so much better as well. If you’re having a hard time deciding on what feels right, talking about it to get a different point of view can be good for you. It’s important for you to not daydream too much this week as it can conflict with being present and grounded. Practicing yoga can help you feel rooted and in touch with your body and mind this week.

Scorpio: Bonding to others can feel good early in the week. Greater physical, emotional and spiritual intimacy can bring you pleasure on a soul level. It’s a good week to get creative, exploring surreal visual arts and concepts can be delightful. Later in the week, conversations that are down to earth, yet explore alternative concepts can bring a pleasant balance to your life. Sci-fi action films are a great way for you to enjoy some stimulation this week too. As the week comes to a close, relationships can feel dreamy. It’s also a great time to visualize and explore dream states. There is a magical vibe about this week for you. Take advantage of it by coloring your world with magical thinking. The law of attraction, Feng Shui, and music that taps into brain waves can bring you to another level of experience.

Sagittarius: Home life can challenge you this week to see yourself and the world in a new way. If you’re not feeling grounded and in touch with your personality, exploring art and decor options for your home can help you get acquainted with your feelings. Love can feel a bit aloof and not grounded and you may feel like you need a bit of an escape into fantasy. Being more contemplative and internalizing is likely as well. Online interactions are likely to be emphasized this week as a mode of expression. You may find a sense of freedom in being able to share your opinion more freely in an online environment, by texting, or writing. Later in the week you could have a personal realization that comes about through conversation. Keep notes as you may need to revisit the ideas that arise now. Positive affirmations are good for your mind now.

Capricorn: A political viewpoint can energize you in conversation, but reality is not black and white. There is a lot of shades of gray, but there is also an entire spectrum of color as well. This is where you realize your identity with greater awareness now. The conversations should have a more open, philosophical, dreamy quality. A higher level of consciousness is where you can excel now, and this will actually energize you more because conversation isn’t at its best when being stuck to a viewpoint and going full steam ahead. Instead now you are asked to stand firm enough to feel stable, but flexible enough to flow with the tides. Dreamy ideas, fantasy and quantum leaps of realization happen when your heart is open. Love can flourish through conversations now and feel magical. Be willing to share your dreams.

Aquarius: Your self realizations about your identity are continuing to unfold. Internalizing your thoughts is wonderful for you this week, and you could have bright ideas worth sharing. Keep the lines of communication open, knowing when to hold back and ponder ideas to yourself, and when to be open to sharing. Your finances come into focus this week. A spiritual perspective of the material world helps you feel inspired and grounded at once. Your dreams could hold clues to how to manifest what you want. You may have fantasies about love this week, and it’s possible you can make some of those fantasies a reality. How you impact the world will take on a more spiritual reverence. An open heart helps you know your place.

Pisces: To love yourself and have self compassion is necessary for you now. If you’re having doubts in career, or about your higher aspirations and ambitions in life, you would do best to allow those feelings to be a catalyst for you to seek greater self-love now. Who you are on a soul level will reveal itself slowly but surely. The challenges you face in the world give you the chance to become more acquainted at the heart level to yourself. The more love you give to yourself, the more excited about life’s possibilities you will become. Exercise and healing practices, self care are optimal for you this week. They will help you feel more grounded. Water your plants, and eat plenty of healthy, natural, organic food to find yourself now. If you have a lightbulb moment in the middle of the week, it can awaken your spirit and get you to reconsider what you thought you wanted for your future.

New Moon in Aquarius January 20, 2015 and Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for January 19 to 25, 2015

Weekly Horoscope Overview
Weekly Horoscopes for each Sign are listed below after the overview:

Aquarius - The Water Bearer
Pouring Consciousness
into the World
Written by Symbolic Living

This week we have the first of two New Moons in Aquarius, which speaks to the potency of energy we will all be experiencing this week and for the next month.

It’s officially a New Moon in Aquarius at 8:14 a.m. EST on Tuesday January 20, 2015.

*Usually we post the New Moon and the Weekly Horoscopes separately, but since this week we have the New Moon so early in the week on Tuesday morning, the weekly and New Moon Horoscopes are included together here.

First off, Monday we have Venus and Jupiter standing across the sky from one another. It can be a time to want to feel glamorous and enjoy indulgence, but such desires can go a little too far for some today. Too much excess in foods and drinks can put on extra pounds. Pulling out credit cards to indulge in the pleasures of shopping can lead to excessive debt. Enjoyment doesn’t have to burn a hole in your wallet.

Finding joy in people is recommended now. In romantic relationships, magnetism increases when enjoying pleasure and expressing joy is a priority. Working in partnership and learning about one another’s creative and innovative gifts can be a lot of fun as well and bring forth great ideas.

We also have Mars meeting Neptune on Monday as well. Excess energy can lead to insomnia for many tonight. It’s a good time to work on uniting the root and crown chakras. Curiosity about the ancient wisdom of tantra can be alluring. Taking action to reach higher states of consciousness leads to wisdom. Dreams and fantasies can be active and magical.

This New Moon in Aquarius on Tuesday morning is at the very early degrees of Aquarius, just 3 hours after the Sun enters Aquarius. This has fresh start written all over it. New awareness and new ideas are inevitable. Write down and expand on your flashes of inspiration. New inventions, especially technological advances, will most likely make notable appearances over the coming weeks. This is a time of hopefulness and when intuitive breakthroughs can make a difference in the world.

It’s a great time to bring forward your unique qualities and celebrate them. Intuition will heighten as well and collective consciousness can start a new shift now with the power to influence and impact the world. What we hope for as a collective can be demonstrated by those who are intelligent and unafraid to speak and share the truth. A new view of the world starts with the individual shift in awareness. Creatives will find inspiration can be genius.

With this New Moon in Aquarius and the next New Moon in mid-February also being in Aquarius, many will feel more attuned to new-age spiritual philosophies. An interest in learning more about astrology and divination will also heighten for many. Science, technology and future thought are emphasized. It's a great week to enjoy sci-fi books and films for your enjoyment and stimulation of creative, inventive thoughts.

Our personal place in the world relative to the collective is emphasized now as well. How we can make a difference in our own lives and as part of groups and a larger vision for our future becomes increasingly important.

Also in Aquarius we have Mercury stationing retrograde on the following day, on Wednesday January 21st. As most of you well know, Mercury retrograde indicates there will be some technological glitches and miscommunications. However, with Mercury retrograde, especially in Aquarius, any challenges that arise will inspire us to think of new ways to be more effective. It’s a great time to rethink your strategy in how you communicate with others and work with information, especially technologically. Money matters and trade will get even more interesting. Rethinking what the financial future holds will be on many minds.

Mercury retrograde also speaks to internal processes getting more attention, and so being alone, or with closest friends to think things through is best. An independent streak is more likely now. It can be a great time to access more psychic aspects of yourself. Intuition can trump logic now. It's a great time to reconsider how you can be a bit of a rebel in your own right by following your heart. It is an excellent time for the creative minded to go within and rediscover how we access and process information. How we interpret our lives now will lead us to change course and realize how to create a better future.

If technological advances are released in the press now, with Mercury retrograde over the coming weeks, the details may not be so clear. People with an interest in new technology will likely point out flaws and changes that need to be made with more fervor. Details overlooked will need more attention. A lack of clarity in operations and processes will require tweaks to be made to deem the new, creative ideas as satisfactory. This can be true with your more personal interactions with apps and devices now as well.

As the week progresses this New Moon energy will increase as the Moon waxes towards the Full Moon in a couple of weeks. This can certainly be a time where personal insights and personal development increases. Many will enjoy being in their own bubble to work on what matters most to them personally. Personal awakening and moments of satori are highly likely. Pay close attention to double digits, especially the number 11. Are you saying or thinking anything significant or important at these times you notice synchronicity calls you? Write down your insights when deja vu and synchronistic phenomena catches your attention. Those insights at key moments are meant to help you realize and create a future in line with your newfound awarenesses.

On Friday, the Sun in Aquarius has a nice connection with Saturn in Sagittarius. Practical action that is inspired by self-respect helps us work on what really matters to us. Knowing what needs to be done, being responsible and mature, helps us actively pursue a future that is wiser and better. You can create greater stability in life by using your common sense. Determination brings a greater sense of purpose which helps you to enjoy life more.

On Saturday and Sunday the Moon is in Aries connecting with Uranus. We can get an extra burst of energy which could come on suddenly reminding us that we really do want our new beginnings to energize our life. A disagreement or surprise that affects you emotionally can lead to motivation to choose your way more independently. Brilliant thoughts can suddenly arise that are worth noting. You are encouraged to be a little more unconventional than usual now. There can be some resistance to change, but with a focus on growth and happiness, you’ll be able to invent yourself anew.

Quick Overview of where the planets are this week:
Sun enters Aquarius January 20th at 4:43 a.m.
New Moon in Aquarius January 20th at 8:14 a.m.
Mercury stations Retrograde in Aquarius January 21st at 10:55 a.m.
Venus is in Aquarius
Mars is in Pisces

Longer term trends:
Jupiter is in Leo
Saturn is in Sagittarius
Uranus is in Aries
Neptune is in Pisces
Pluto is in Capricorn

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Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for each Sign - January 19 to 25, 2015:

Aries: Mars, your ruling planet, meets with Neptune in Pisces this week. Practicing some work on your root chakra is recommended for higher states of awareness and greater connection to your motivation. Higher, mystical concepts are worth your attention now and can lead to personal awakening you had never imagined before. This week can be a new beginning for you as well. The New Moon in Aquarius offers you the chance to envision and create your future filled with joy, purpose and wisdom. With Mercury retrograde, pay especially close attention to how you interpret what friends and colleagues say.

Taurus: With the New Moon in Aquarius and Mercury retrograde, this is a good week for you to do your research. Your connection to others, especially through your work, becomes more important now. Thinking outside the box and being creative will make you feel refreshed. Your emotional investment you put towards your goals can get you notoriety. You have the power to mold new ideas into real world progress this week and in the weeks to come. Be a visionary and trust your intuition. A debt free future is a choice.

Gemini: You may have some difficulty concentrating this week. Look to other people for reassurance if you have doubts arise now. They can provide insights from experience that at least helps you reconsider your own perspective from a different vantage point. It’s okay to create your own space so you can think things through and reflect on what you want from life. The meaning of life is a work in progress, and now you get a chance to internalize new ideas that will awaken you to future possibilities you hadn’t thought of before. Intuition is heightened now so take the time to go within now with your hopes and dreams.

Cancer: This week you will do best to work on renewal. Your thoughts and feelings will be mixed this week and going within to consider your past and future is important. This is about karma. The choices you’ve made have largely lead you to where you are today, and new choices will determine the next fork in the road. This week, with Mercury retrograde, it is wise for you to think about what you’ve done and where you’ve been so you can start to envision a new approach towards the future you want. Trust issues worked through now can be liberating.

Leo: New ideas, new people, new visions for the future can come into your life this week with fresh appeal. How you interact with and respond to others can fluctuate, but you always have the power to choose the more joyful approach. Increased affection can bring you a sense of balance and comfort in how you relate to others. Your relationships need an intuitive touch now. Be practical and creative this week. It will liberate you and tune you into fresh possibilities for your future.

Virgo: A new, practical approach to your daily routine is right up your alley. It’s an excellent time for you to put new processes in place. Explore which ones feel right. With Mercury retrograde now, it’s best for you to try out various approaches and see which ones work best and rule out the ones that don’t. Each step you take and each step you plan to take should be guided by the larger vision. Break down the work into chunks. If you’re working in groups or on a group project, assigning tasks according to individual strengths will help people access their intuition best. It’s a great time for you to start a new health and wellness routine and create new habits.

Libra: If you’re wanting children this is a good time to start the process. If you already have children, it’s a great time to get involved in their creative pursuits and invent new ways of having fun together. Communication is key in all your relationships now, teaching responsibility by example and by reasoning is helpful. However, with Mercury retrograde, needing to repeat explanations and logical perspectives is more likely now. You may have to deal with rebellious attitudes this week as others find their balance between independence and groups. Find new, inspiring ways for you to enjoy life and have fun this week.

Scorpio: Many Scorpio’s will be intrigued by new ideas for home. Whether it be renovations or moving to a new space, there is a need for some fresh energy close to home and family. Money matters of course come into play, and if you play your cards wisely, you will be able to balance your sense of security with your vision. However, with Mercury retrograde it is best for you to use this time to think new, but not necessarily pursue yet. It’s best to listen to your intuition and be patient for new information to come in as it may, before you make any decisions. Creative energy that is full of fantasy is with you. Surreal dreams of passion are certainly possible.

Sagittarius: Your self doubts can be alleviated by new insights now. Conversations are key. Talking about your future, what you want and who you want to be is really important this week. If you take a serious look at who you identify as because of who you were, you will be able to become wiser to who you want to become and what choices you can make to lead you there. Mercury going retrograde gives you a chance to reconsider your vision for your life. Your intuition will be heightened this week. This week you may feel like internalizing a lot, but conversations can hold wisdom you may need to hear as well, so keep an open mind.

Capricorn: New opportunities for money are a good focus for you this week. This New Moon brings a fresh start in your sector of finance. Your vision for what you want has a great impact. A need for independence can motivate you, but it’s not a bad idea to also consider how working with groups can bring you that sense of security you want to solidify. Rethinking your money situation is important this week. Relieving yourself of poverty consciousness is likely this week. Practical and spiritual ideas can merge and give you innovative ideas that are worthwhile.

Aquarius: The New Moon in your sign is of course bringing you to a place where opportunity knocks. With another New Moon in your sign next month, this can be a pivotal time in your life. This is a rare event to have two New Moon’s in your sign, so take advantage of the fresh, new energy and motivation on offer. This is a time to see yourself in a new light. Your identity is shifting and so is your vision for what you are working towards in life. All the answers won’t come overnight. Mercury retrograde is sure to bring further need to reassess yourself, but take this time and over the next month to get to know yourself in new ways, and your future will change. Who you are as an individual, has the ability to impact the collective consciousness.

Pisces: You may have insomnia this week. With Mars in your sign, connecting with your ruling planet Neptune, it can be an enlivening week for you. The magic of life and who you identify yourself to be gets an injection of energy. Your passions, what you care about most, and who you understand yourself to be in relation to the world has the potential to bring you more enthusiasm and purpose than usual now. Exercise is good for you now. The endorphins released can tune you into yourself with a natural feeling of good vibes. This New Moon brings you a new spiritual perspective, helping you to envision a future you want to create. Listen to your inner voice for greatest guidance now.

Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for January 12 to 18, 2015

Weekly Horoscope Overview
Weekly Horoscopes for each Sign are listed below after the overview:

Written by Symbolic Living

Welcome to another week. On Monday we get a shift of energy when Mars enters Pisces. It is a great week to act on your creative impulses. If you are creating a strategy for your life or for work, it’s a good time to ensure that you are encouraging others to bring their creative, inspired ideas forward.

When people are engaging in their lives from a highly inspired place that’s when magic can happen. To get your energy flowing, spiritual exercises like tai chi are recommended. Warrior pose in yoga would be great to practice your subtle energy in conjunction with your stamina and determination. Dancing is a great way to raise your energy as well, and tap into that intuitive flow of movement. In all that you do, your energy can be used for a higher intention.

For those of you familiar with spiritual energy work, this is a good time to bridge the root chakra with the crown chakra. It’s a time to understand how our instincts and desires are a part of the larger picture of what our higher purpose on earth is all about. Kundalini yoga is a practice to be explored now. For beginners, it is best to start with exploring the root chakra to get in touch with all the associations we have with this foundational part of our being.

Visualize the booming lava of Mars and the cosmic light of Pisces. It’s all energy. It’s all connected.

With Mars in Pisces we are also encouraged to do what is for the highest good, and so releasing our ego a bit more so we can bring a measure of compassion forward in all our actions is wise. This is not a time to be doing things from a self centered place, but rather a more encompassing place where you understand how your actions impact others and vice versa.

Mars will be in Pisces until the later part of February, so exploring how your physical energy is related to your spiritual way of life is encouraged.

On Tuesday and Wednesday Venus and Mercury in Aquarius reach out to Uranus in Aries. Ambitious, creative, innovative ideas are best expressed with an attitude of confidence and leadership. Working in groups with those who are inspiring is encouraged. This can be a time to have fun all of the sudden. Perhaps you’ll pick up your paint brushes and enjoy creating something where the results surprise you.

Tuesday is a great day for singles to go on a blind day and prepare to be delighted in the spirit of fun. Established couples will benefit from doing something spontaneous and fun too. On Wednesday Mercury is emphasized, where new ideas and insights can arise with greater ease. Pay closer attention to words and the lines between the words. An all new perspective can reach you now. It’s a great time to explore scientific ideas, visit a science fair or enjoy a sci-fi movie.

Thursday is a good day for many to recognize where balance is needed to make it easier to reach our potential. Destiny unfolds best when we can be flexible enough and know that life isn’t just about strict planning. There needs to be room for flexibility and pause as well. Life is a dance, and that requires that we release rigidity and preconceived notions so we can allow more flow to be a part of our lives as well. Choreography is one thing, but the best dancers express movement that has feeling, flow and intuitive subtlety that no robot can replicate.

With Mars squaring Saturn on Thursday as well, speaking of dancing, voice and movement is a great way to explore who you are, where you are restricted and inhibited and where you allow energy to flow more freely. Try laying down on a mat feeling your breath, and allowing yourself to move, and release sounds that coincide with the movement and release of tension in your body. It is freeing and a wonderful practice of getting in touch with feeling, emotion and the energy of body, mind and spirit. You may discover blockages and restrictions that are ready to be released. This is a really fantastic practice I certainly encourage you to try where you can make deeply profound discoveries about yourself. How you feel about and react to situations in you life will certainly be evident on Thursday.

Since we are heading away from the Full Moon in Cancer and integrating that energy into our lives, we are also in a phase where it is important to release what we no longer need, including emotional and physical energetic restrictions. The New Moon in Aquarius is coming up next week, so this is a the perfect time to prepare yourself by letting go of what is no longer serving you so you can bring new energy into your life next week.

As Friday, Saturday and Sunday approaches the Moon will connect with Saturn in Sagittarius, reminding us again of what is holding us back in life so that we can move beyond it an become wiser for having the experience. As we move forward with the Moon in Capricorn, we will find that we feel more grounded and comfortable in the world. The Moon will connect with Mars in Pisces on Sunday and we’ll feel like we’ve come full circle this week with a greater sense of how our actions are leading the way towards creative, inspired goals that feel right.

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Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for each Sign - January 12 to 18, 2015:

Aries: This can be a week of spiritual awareness for you. You may encounter experiences this week that have you face reality, redefining your purpose and motivating you to actively participate in life from a more spiritual perspective. Friends and colleagues could bring up progressive ideas that delightfully surprise you. You could be reminded of the importance of humanitarianism and charity. It’s a great time to talk about inventive ways to make money. Artistic, creative people are most attractive now.

Taurus: Your spirituality is going through long term revolution. Your career is highlighted this week with new perceptions and new creative ideas that are guided by spiritual revelations. A higher wisdom is asking you to pursue your goals with new awareness. Yoga practice and meditation are essential practices for you this week. This is where your best ideas will dawn on you. Enthusiasm and hard work brings value to the common vision friends and colleagues recognize.

Gemini: Exploring new ways of thinking and ideas about the future is recommended this week for you. Insights, especially the most spontaneous and synchronistic ones, will give you a sense of personal identity and purpose now. Brainstorming helps you gain new perspectives. Conversations about your future especially with a romantic partner will give you hope and enthusiasm for what’s possible. Discussing traveling would be a lot of fun this week, bringing excitement about the future.

Cancer: For you, home is something that is largely dependent on your frame of mind. How balanced or unbalanced you feel inside often correlates directly with the state of your home and your closest relationships. As the week progresses you may be interested in getting away from home for a bit of entertainment or discovering the fun, expressive side of your life. Later in the week you will feel the need to get your life in order so that you can address the obstacles that prevent you from moving forward with passion and purpose. Your imagination will heightened this week, enjoy accessing it.

Leo: You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, but it is a good week for you to get yourself in order. Your practical actions can lead to great results now. Relationships will be more interesting this week. Intelligence and beauty catches your eye. Spontaneous wit and humor strengthens relationships now as well. Being compassionate with others renews your energy and helps you to peel away the layers so you can discover more about who you truly are.

Virgo: You may find this weeks brings some attention to your financial situation and your sense of stability. These days you are destined to get more in tune with your money matters. Discoveries can lead to a more practical route. You’re encouraged to be forthcoming with your ambitions, unafraid to express what you really want to do. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly come across a new way of doing things that opens up a world of possibility. Perspective is everything.

Libra: Early in the week you may feel more attuned to your emotions which leads you to important self understanding. If you’re shy, you may feel pushed to move beyond that and transform the energy this week. It’s a good week for romance, and blind dates could be a lot of fun for you. Try something different. Go out to enjoy entertainment that is a little more unusual. It’s a great week for creativity, writing and pondering futuristic concepts as well.

Scorpio: Spiritual, creative energy is good for you to focus on and explore this week. It’s also a week where you need to have more compassion for yourself, especially regarding your sense of security and money matters. You’ll get to where you’re going, but you need a little more patience. Having an enthusiastic attitude about enjoying life is encouraged. It will raise your spirits to new heights. New ideas in organizing your your daily routine, and your personal space, will enliven you.

Sagittarius: Somebody close to you could push your buttons this week, but it could be the perfect catalyst for you to take a moment to pause and reflect on who you identify yourself to be. Your self doubts may get some emphasis now, but you can certainly move beyond them. Each step of self realization is worth it. Many Sagittarians will have the gift for gab this week, and the arts will be especially intriguing to ponder. It’s a great week for you to be surprised and delighted by entertainment. Go out and enjoy yourself.

Capricorn: This week is a great time to think about what things are worth, the value of love, money and material objects and what it all means for your future. New ideas can take you by surprise and head you in a new direction. Spirituality is a topic of conversation this week that can lead to a new purpose grounded in karmic, compassionate ideals. Your life is surrounded by magic, you just need to tap into it.

Aquarius: With Mercury and Venus hovering close together in your sign, you’re poised for greater awareness in self love this week. The conversations you have can be moving and inspiring. Unexpected ideas come up that make you realize the greater value in who you are. Be open to talking about yourself in the intention of self awareness this week. Friends and comrades can remind you about the purpose of life. Compassion for yourself leads to wisdom.

Pisces: With Mars in your sign now it’s time to get creative. Your imagination should be awakened now with newfound energy and vitality. Your career may feel like it’s holding you back from being your truly creative, authentic self, but there is a time and place for the different roles we play. This is a time to feel empowered, to believe in yourself and know that you can overcome great obstacles, all designed to make you more real and more alive.

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