Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for September 15 to 21, 2014

Weekly Horoscope Overview:
Weekly Horoscopes for each Sign are listed below.

Written by Symbolic Living

I’m honestly quite surprised it’s the last official week of Summer already. It really did go by so very fast and the cooler weather is starting to settle in.

Next week we have the New Moon in Libra, marking the halfway mark of the astrological year.

If you read the Full Moon in Pisces Horoscope you’ll have an understanding of the spiritual lessons we are integrating now, preparing us to enter the next phase of the astrological year with the New Moon in Libra next week.

Mercury is in Libra now, while Venus, the ruler of Libra, is in Virgo. There is a dance happening between the heart and the mind. It really is about choices now and weighing your options; choices about what you love and what matters.

Mercury also reaches the North Node in Libra this week which brings significant focus to our destinies, where we’re heading and what we're striving towards collectively. As we seek to balance our thoughts and perceptions this week with a strong sense of purpose behind our choices, we can release indecisiveness so we can reach better decisions.

The mind is really what it all boils down to. I’m sure many of you have heard the ancient Hermetic axiom, “All Is Mind.” This speaks to how the universe is conscious, and we are each a unique perspective able to choose how we perceive and partake in the cosmic unfolding of reality. With the Moon in Gemini in a pleasant connection with Mercury in Libra as the week begins, our thoughts and feelings merge with one another. Assessing our best thoughts and feelings can lead to the right decisions.

All our perceptions, focus and experiences all depend on our mind. All our actions and choices start from there. Everything else points to how our thoughts and feelings change and thus how we choose to experience reality.

Mercury enters Shadow as this week begins. This is the period before Mercury retrograde occurs. it is where Mercury will return to in the sky during his retrograde phase.

It’s a good time to write down your thoughts and feelings each day so you can return to them in a few weeks. Make note of how you are judging yourself and others, where you may be self conscious, how you are relating to and perceiving others in love, business, partnerships and friendships. Pay particular attention to how and when the concept of right and wrong shows up in your life and in your thoughts. What are you prioritizing and what are you eliminating that is not essential? What do you feel your best choices have been each day?

Who are you talking to? What feels right? What are people saying? What is true, what is honest? Is what you are talking about, reading about, writing about, geared towards balanced, truth, justice, honesty?

Also pay attention to where you may be cold, frigid, and too analytical. Venus can bring warmth to those areas of our lives now. Surround yourself with beautiful environments, objects, clothes, and intentionally emphasize more receptive, accepting, affectionate thoughts and feelings. This will bring a warmer spirit to your relationships with others. At home, moving art around will help give you a sense of well being by enhancing your space with intentional beauty.

If you are dealing with any higher ups in the middle of the week, transformation is molded both ways. You are one side of the coin. If your tasks and routines aren’t clear, try not to let your mind obsess with the possibilities. The fog will roll out as the week progresses.

With Mars newly in fire sign Sagittarius, people can act and react with excessive energy, and excessive dramatics. Some may not know how to direct their newfound energy with focus. If you are a commuter, witnessing or feeling road rage is possible when you or others feel the need to break out of the crawl. This is part of the choices factor this week holds. Choose to hold back a bit so you can direct your energy more wisely for more goal oriented matters.

As mentioned, this week we are integrating spiritual choices and perspectives of the last Full Moon in Pisces to help us gain greater equilibrium we need in body, mind and spirit as we step closer to the New Moon in Libra next week. This is a time to make choices that are based on sound spiritual wisdom. Weigh the options before you this week with faith, fairness and balance regarding who and what you want in your life. Consciously draw spiritual perceptions into your life, bringing that higher consciousness down to the earth so you can work from that place of greater self-awareness and harmony when the New Moon arrives next week. From there you will be able to create and choose how you act and react to life from a place of greater spiritual wisdom.

Venus is currently in Virgo and she is the ruler of Libra. Just before this week begins, on September 14th, she reaches out to Pluto in Capricorn. This is a harmonious interaction and speaks to transforming our lives with the power of love in real-world experiences. You may have stronger faith in doing what needs to be done to change the core of your existence from the ground up. Our goals get an infusion of what matters and has you assessing what’s worth it. Look for the beauty in what you do. Do you love what you do? Make a plan that you do love, to work towards your goals. That is where your power is and that’s how you will create tangible change that satisfies.

Next week Pluto goes direct in Capricorn. Be patient during the transition of Pluto from retrograde to direct as we get closer to the end of this week. It could feel intense at times, but a warm approach in your daily routine sets the stage for blessings. Focus on what you love to do and who you love to be and you will help soften the transition.

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Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for each Sign - September 15 to 21, 2014:

Aries: You certainly may have moments of confusion this week trying to figure out where you fit in. You may be questioning your routine. However, using your willpower and directing your energy wisely can clear away the confusion. It may be challenging, but the best outcomes usually arise when we have to make strong choices. Doing your best and putting a lot of care and love into what you do makes all the difference. This can set you up for big career changes or shift your goals. Put your self-worth at the foundation of your decisions. Know your value and you can make better choices.

Taurus: This week could really kick up a creative transformation in your life, one that you intend to love. You are the creator of your life and you get to make the choices. Your wellbeing depends on your self worth. How much you value yourself is reflected in how you take care of yourself. Your daily routine needs balance. Making the right choices day in and day out lead you to step closer to your destiny. This week you’ll feel better after you have an important talk with yourself about self-criticism and self-love. Have fun with artistic endeavors this week as a way to authentic self discovery that can change your sense of purpose in life.

Gemini: It’s a good idea for you to get connected to the earth this week. The fresh air and walking through the grass helps you feel better, and think better. Beautifying your home helps you feel more lovely too. If you can see the bright side of your daily routine the most mundane activities could actually be a pleasure. You could be tempted to gamble this week, hoping for a big pay off to help you reach your ideal destiny of a more balanced life. Have faith that more stable money matters related to real-world progress can be your greater blessing. Place worth in yourself to lead to meaningful change.

Cancer: Talking to someone you love or value about the purpose of your life and your higher calling is good for you now. How you approach people in love speaks volumes about how much you value yourself. The same goes for your finances. Your relationship with money has spiritual implications. Money is just energy and it is very much dependent on what you think and believe. Your willingness to share your love goes through a transformation this week, as does your relationship to money. Keep a journal about how you think and feel about these matters and come back to it later in October to see how much you’ve changed.

Leo: As the week begins you may feel like your personal priorities change, as well as how you feel about others. It could come about through a conversation, or you may have a light bulb moment while you’re working steadfast on something important to you. Your independence and dependence on others gets you thinking about your bigger vision for your life. Overall, your greatest breakthroughs happen when you focus on doing what you love. It can really change everything. Weighing your options helps you decide who you want in your circle that plays a role in your goals and path of prosperity.

Virgo: You’re a practical sign and this week you get an extra dose of self worth that does you well. It’s the kind of self worth that relates strongly to your karma and how you use your time in life to share who you really are. What you reveal this week could be a personal realization or you may want to share something with someone else. Regardless, you can gain the self respect you deserve. Through this, you set yourself up for great changes that lead you towards enjoying life with a goal oriented approach to living true to your power and creating the life you want. It all starts with self-love.

Libra: Your starring roles comes into view as we head towards next week. This week you get to be true to yourself and speak your truth. You may surprise yourself by overcoming self limiting doubts that free you to come into your own. By speaking well of yourself, and feeling that loving connection to your higher self, you start to walk a more destined path of truth. Nurturing your truth leads to great transformation now. Family may play an important role in you waking up to yourself in a new way. Be grateful and affirm to yourself that you have purpose.

Scorpio: Friends and colleagues could remind you of how much you’re worth. Loving yourself by letting go of doubts and worn out ties to the past helps you feel like you’re getting yourself in order. It’s time to let go of the judgments and bring more warmth into your relationships with your best friends. You don’t need to hide your vulnerabilities, those inadequacies you label yourself as having are actually some of the best parts of what makes you loveable. Be willing to talk about how you want to change your life and friends will support you. You’re going to feel the shift building as we head into next week. Enjoy it.

Sagittarius: You’ve got an extra dose of energy this week. With Mars in your sign it’s a good time to activate yourself and step into your power. You’re best when you’re friendly, sociable and outgoing. Channel that optimism. You could be leading towards greater prosperity now. The love you put into your work, career and goals sets the stage for you to reap rewards that change everything. You could feel your footing shift this week. Your sense of security is going to develop strength and bring you a sense of personal power as we head into next week and beyond.

Capricorn: You’ve got the wisdom of the earth within you to help you stay grounded through any changes that come your way. You may feel the desire to get yourself a better education to set yourself up to powerful shifts in your life. Look into higher learning options this week. Some of you may want to travel and surround yourself with love and luxury. Go ahead. You need to enjoy the process of your life and feel the blessings in all you do. By softening judgments, you get to know yourself better too. Your career may be going through changes where you get to choose what happens next. The decisions may not be easy, but hold onto your power and you will come up with great ideas.

Aquarius: What do you want to learn? How can gaining wisdom head you in the direction where you feel like you’re living the most meaningful life? Well, this week how you think and what messages come to you will help you figure out how the next part of this astrological year is going to go. Your career and how you make money is important this week. There’s a positive shift in your financial perspective that could feel grounding and healing. If you focus on doing what you love you’ll realize the effort is worth it and will reap rewards that have lasting impact. How you live your day to day life will reveal to you how your are transforming spiritually, and it’s empowering.

Pisces: Your day to day routine, how much you love yourself and take care of your body and well being is important for you to feel balanced. If critical analysis is an issue for you regarding your romantic relationships, they should feel warmer now. Partnerships all around should feel more connected and magnetic. Being creative and having fun early in the week helps you feel more comfortable in your own skin. If you’re feeling moody, desire an escape, or have insomnia later in the week, exercise could help you let off steam. The value you place on relationships including romantic, business and friendships will start to shift this week. Keep a journal of your thoughts and feelings now.

Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for September 8 to 14, 2014

Weekly Horoscope Overview:
Weekly Horoscopes for each Sign are listed below.

Written by Symbolic Living

Fibonacci sequence in nature
This week begins with a Full Moon in Pisces on Monday evening. You can read much more about that in our Full Moon in Pisces horoscope here.

Once a Full Moon reaches fruition, it then begins to recede. In astrology this is reflected in our lives. After the climax, comes rest, retreat and integration of the experience.

You can consider the cycle like a wave that ascends towards the Full Moon, then once it peaks, it descends towards the New Moon.

This week starts off that period where we are slowly moving towards the New Moon in Virgo a couple of weeks. It is a time of integration.

If, on Monday, you feel any tension, anger, mixed feelings, as the energy builds towards the Full Moon, those feelings of excess energy are actually teachers and tools that show you how you are reacting to your experiences and the people in your life. The lesson will teach you the power of compassion to change your energy and focus and how to move your energy towards more creative endeavors. Pisces is a sign of compassion which clears away the more judgmental, analytical energy that has been a part of our lives over the past couple of weeks which came into focus starting with the New Moon in Virgo two weeks ago. You can read more about that New Moon here.

Now we are in a new week. It’s time to integrate what we have learned and experienced building up to this Full Moon in Pisces so we embody it more fully in body, mind and spirit.

As we enter into the week starting on Tuesday, Mercury takes on a more significant role in all of our lives. It is a time when conversations that wish to be fair and balanced may get challenged. The challenges could be uncomfortable, and get us to check in with our psychological selves more deeply. This is part of the integration spoken of above.

The changes we make within ourselves are the ones that matter most. Speak kindly when possible, as your words can reach deep into the soul of another. The most truthful words can dig below the surface, but are necessary. The discovery of the truth can move you, even take your breath away.

On Wednesday, Venus and Neptune are reflecting and integrating beauty of a higher echelon. The pleasure of architecture, art, natures designs and the cosmos are fascinating and amazing. Look for hidden symbolism that holds wisdom. Love is of a higher frequency. Consider the beauty of the golden mean, the fibonacci sequence, in the world. Reflect on how many people and animals sleep in the fetal position, just as we form in the womb, as a reflection of a higher design that permeates our very beings. Dreams will be fantastical.

Mercury and Jupiter connect on Wednesday as well which brings us to see wisdom in people, in friends and in the laws of nature. It is also a good day to be a visionary and to have conversations with those who have a creative spirit and an abundant, joyous attitude. You could learn a lot by paying attention to those who demonstrate leadership qualities. It's a great time to practice Feng Shui with prosperity in mind. Speaking with friends and colleagues about commerce and trade could open doors and expand your perception of honest investments. You can set the stage for insights that help you balance how money flows to and from your wallet.

Thursday the Sun and Saturn share a harmonious vibration helping us to gain greater self respect through the effort to move beyond our obstacles. Understanding what you need to do brings stability and maturity. Insights that make a difference can arise when we do the research. It's a good day to have structure and implement a plan. Guided meditations can help feel smarter and intuitive and on the right track. Feeling grounded will help you manifest real world progress.

Friday is a good day to get swept away by dreams and romance. Ponder what is beautiful in the world and project that feeling of love towards everything around you. Let go of expectations and just be present with your feelings. They will move you.

On Saturday Mercury reaches out to Uranus from across the sky. It’s a good day to look at life from a fresh perspective. A phrase, keyword, or conversation with someone may strike you by surprise that gives you new insight that completely changes the way you look at the balance of life. Be diplomatic in your response and more inspiring words may come tumbling forward.

Also on Saturday, Mars leaves Scorpio to enter Sagittarius. It can certainly be a lively day of philosophical learning. You may be tempted to stand up for your beliefs. The meaning of life can lead you to push forward, instigating new paths worth your attention and dedication.

At the end of the week, on Sunday, Venus in Virgo reaches out to Pluto in Capricorn in harmony. You may significantly change your thoughts on romance and love and the way you approach the subject. Putting plans in order to grow your bank balance is best when the concept of value and worth is evaluated and transformed. Being more closely connected to material world requires you to be grounded in body and mind. What you put your money towards is a vote for what you want in the world and in your life.

Think about how you authentically bring pleasure and love into the world as a goal worthy of your time while here on earth.

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Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for each Sign - September 8 to 14, 2014:

Aries: The week starts out with some deep feelings. It’s quite possible anger, or irritability is one of them, tipped off by little things you discover. Let it teach you how to become more caring and compassionate as you integrate the wisdom your feelings can reveal. As we move through the week try to have fun and have faith. Explore your beliefs and other cultures. If you get in a tiff about who is right or wrong regarding beliefs in religion or legal matters chalk it up to a learning experience with no hard feelings. Work on loving how you do the work you do and your career and goals will transform for the better.

Taurus: You shouldn’t worry about relationships now. Just try to have fun and go with the flow. Although you may feel the need to have all the details about how you look and dress in perfect order, it’s really not that important. If you go on a date, go to the movies. Fantasy films can be delightfully entertaining. Dreaming about luxuries could be fun and is a good way to get your creative ideas dancing. A vision board is excellent now. Hanging out with creative people or in creative environments is great for you this week. Seek wisdom now. You’ll love the changes it can bring.

Gemini: A balanced mind is so important for you. Your words need to be chosen wisely now as they have great impact and can reveal much more than you may first realize. It’s possible you could out someones secret if you are too boisterous and revealing in your talk. Instead focus on sharing and receiving good news. Being a supportive listener will earn you points with friends. Be open to new ideas and perspectives. When surprises arise you can weigh your options easier than others do now. Use this to your advantage.

Cancer: What you say about others is a reflection of who you are. The wisdom of compassion implores you to honor yourself and others this week. Choose love as the prime mover of your thoughts and words now. You may get a message in your mailbox at home or at your office this week that surprises you and gives you a new idea. You will make the right decision only after you have weighed the pros and cons wisely. A walk in the woods and a bit of poetry is good for you this week. A nice drive this weekend will do you good to clear your mind. Know that you are connected to everyone and everything. It is a spiritual week for you. A higher order of beauty speaks to you.

Leo: It’s a week of talking and thinking a lot. You bring your best forward when you’re learning from the best. New insights arise when you’re having conversations with those who have earned their wisdom. Some of you may desire independence this week too. If so, speak your mind, nicely, to make the space you need. It could shock some people if you’re very assertive, so try to be fair and explain yourself well so they’ll understand. Perhaps books will be your best friend this week. Authors renowned for their intelligence, balanced viewpoints and big ideas can refresh you. The bigger and bolder the ideas you tap into, the better. Look for messages that remind you of the meaning of life.

Virgo: Self worth is important for you this week. Other people may not be giving you that message clearly. They may be off in their own world lost in their own distractions. Don’t worry about that. You don’t need others to validate you now. This is the work you ultimately do for yourself. Sure, it’s nice for others to make you feel good, and they can, but you shouldn’t expect it. It’s up to you to claim your esteem. Mixed messages from a significant other should be taken with a grain of salt. It’s in how you talk to yourself and actions you take that make the difference. Be bold and expressive and speak your truth from a balanced place within yourself and you’ll enjoy yourself and have a moment of clarity that enlightens you. It all comes down to loving yourself.

Libra: People with bold personalities, even leadership qualities may surprise you. How you react and what you say has the power to change your relationship with others significantly. If you are confident and fair minded you’ll create a connection. Libra’s are known for being indecisive, but right now your quick verbal reactions can change everything. You have to decide if your first thought is the right one and if so is sharing your perspective the right thing to do? It could be tempting to jump right in with an instinctual response. Just make sure honesty and truth are with you. What you say reveals who you are and that can stay with you for a long time. Take some time to tap into your intuition and heart with meditation this week and it will help you better know how to present yourself.

Scorpio: This week you shift gears as Mars exits your sign and enters Sagittarius. Your actions should start to feel more directed towards your concept and beliefs around money and self worth. Contemplating and talking about the spiritual connotations of money matters can give you a renewed drive to build a stronger security blanket. The conversation may not be easy as it requires you to get very honest about what you really do believe about yourself. How you direct your energy is a strong reflection of what you believe about yourself and what you value. People who value themselves are great to align yourself with now. You will probably find such people more attractive than usual. Strike up a conversation.

Sagittarius: Mars enters your sign now. The added fire energy in your sign can give you a boost of ego and esteem. Exercise and flexing your muscle can be good for your overall sense of identity. It could be a time of increased libido as well. Through hard work, drive and willpower you will attain a sense of mastery over yourself that will develop your character. Honor your strength at this time and capture the essence of leadership. When you feel good and your humorous side is turned up you may get an ab workout simply by a belly laugh that comes right from your core. Enjoy the renewed energy and integrate it into all you do.

Capricorn: Have that tough talk at work if you really feel you must. It could be difficult, and you may be hesitant but if you can find the right words it can lead to changes you want. There’s always a way to say what you really want to say. Keep diplomacy, honesty and fairness always in mind. People who know you are good worker, that you’re diligent and focused will back you up. You have the power to have a firm footing this week. Use your earthy power to stay grounded and share your worth. You may want to ask for a raise to signify that you know you’re worth it. Love the work you do. You can infuse pleasure into the most mundane routines.

Aquarius: Conversations are a huge part of your week. New perspectives are bound to arise. Learning new words to improve your vocabulary gives you more options. Tap into your wisdom. Crack open those books and get down to business with the most intellectually stimulating concepts that tickle your fancy. You’ll feel rewarded. Listen to conversations more acutely as well to pick up key words. There is synchronicity in the air. Talks could kick off an all new tangent of thinking processes for you. It’s a good time to educate yourself. If you’re a writer keep your eyes open for a good publisher. Reading wise quotes by philosophers is so good for you now. Stay excited about the abundance of learning available. If you have any difficulty grasping new concepts now, write them down and review later.

Pisces: As the week begins, the Full Moon is in your sign. You are likely to feel you’ve accomplished a greater understanding of how important your life really is. It can be a pivotal moment. Lovely, smart people are intriguing now. Whether they dress sharp or exude attractive qualities in their quirky behaviors it reaches your heart. Roles people play in their daily routine may have you dreaming. You’ve got a compassionate soul, which this Full Moon in your sign certainly reinforces, helping you to see beauty in all the details. Spend some time in nature this week. It will help ground you. Honest conversations can help you attract a greater sense of self worth and surprise you with new, prosperous ideas.

Full Moon in Pisces September 8, 2014 Astrology Horoscope

by Symbolic Living

Art by Antonio Mora
It’s officially a Full Moon in Pisces on September 8, 2014 at 9:37 p.m. EDT.

A couple of weeks ago we had the New Moon in Virgo which set the stage for the two week period growing towards this Full Moon in Pisces. You may want to go back and read that for a refresh.

Whereas the Virgo New Moon was an initiating point for analysis and choice, organization of our daily routines, and becoming more grounded in the practical necessities of our lives, now we come to a culmination point with this Full Moon in Pisces. This is a point, a climax if you will, into what we have been working towards from the ground up. Now we get in tune with a higher state of consciousness.

With Virgo being very earth oriented and grounded, the last couple of weeks were the perfect time to get our lives organized and uncluttered. It was certainly a good time to establish practical routines and processes and to become more meticulous in your daily way of life.

It was also a time where our minds were finding their balance once Mercury, the ruler of Virgo, moved into Libra. Finding a sense of security for ourselves became more important.

One of the things I want to mention that is important to note is that not everything happens overnight. Sometimes things take weeks, months, even years. If you have been tapping into the Virgo energy over the past two weeks to get an area of your life more in order, don't beat yourself up if you haven't come to a full conclusion or fruition. The Full Moon in Pisces asks you to be compassionate with yourself. Know that each journey starts with small steps, and any steps you've taken, no matter how small, to move forward and to get your life in order, is worth patting yourself on the back for. Life is a process of becoming more conscious, which includes how you treat yourself and knowing that patience is a virtue.

With this journey from the New Moon to the Full Moon our minds have shifted from the intelligent and analytical left brained mode of Virgo, towards the more creative, imaginative, right brained side in Pisces.

Getting things in order helps the fantasy and dreamy side of our lives have a more free flowing path. Feng Shui would be a very good connection between these aspects of our lives. Where we systematically place things in order, we allow the creative, vital force of energy, chi, to flow through our lives. Where the rocks are laid determines how and where the water will cascade. Structure and foundation allows us to mold which way the energy is able to go.

With this journey from the New Moon to the Full Moon we have been creating a bridge between the mind and the heart, thoughts and emotions.

Pisces is a very spiritual, compassionate, sensitive sign. As we’ve been building towards this Full Moon you’ve probably noticed various considerations come up that allow you to explore such aspects in your life. Perhaps you saw an image of someone sick, or an animal get hurt, that lead to your heart overflowing and your compassionate understanding of pain, suffering, and love as bridges to greater realizations about life. Perhaps the gates of the spiritual world have been opened by an event in your life that caused you to rethink the connection between regular, mundane life and the higher states of consciousness and spirit.

Whether you consciously created these connections between the physical world and the spiritual realms intentionally by practicing meditation, yoga, tai chi, feng shui, etc., or an event in your life brought you the connection, it is all valid.

Synchronicity gets turned up as Mercury, ruler of Virgo, brings us numbers, while Pisces, ruled by Neptune, brings us the spiritual, dreamy qualities of the awe-inspiring. Meaningful coincidences have us taking a second glance in wonder.

This Full Moon asks you to be connected to source; to look at your life and see where you’ve made progress from assessing your life to intentionally direct your life towards a more awakened state of consciousness. This is a time where you ponder over where you have come over the past couple of weeks in getting your life in order so that you are able to live in a more awakened state. How have you become more perceptive, more present and more in tune with the earth and spirit?

Autumn is on its way and this is such a perfect time to ponder the stars with your feet on the ground. Like a tree reaching deep down into the earth with your roots, while reaching high towards the heavens, this is a time of cosmic connection and reflection.

Poets, musicians, writers, dreamers, and the like can all appreciate this time by feeling the emotional, deep rooted connection to the beauty and wisdom of these moments.

Enter into that sphere, and look at how things have come together recently in your life that serves as a foundation to you being able to gratefully experience a more conscious life. Live more faithful to your higher understanding and beliefs about what is truly important for you and the world.

This is where you surrender your ego and let yourself have a breather, knowing that you’ve done a lot, you’ve been through a lot, and now you need to just experience what life is from a spiritual perspective.

On the day of the Full Moon, Venus and Neptune and Chiron each have a strong connection with the Moon as well.

It is a great time of healing. Working with your higher chakras from the heart up to the crown is a great practice now. Meditation is wonderful, as is prayer. Be a good listener. Tap into your more receptive, intuitive self and observe, without judgment, from the heart and spirit.

This Full Moon connnects positively with Saturn which is in fellow water sign Scorpio. This speaks to acknowledging the power of imagination, magical thinking and the law of attraction into our lives and how that can affect our reality. This also further emphasizes synchronicity. Psychological explorations can be the keys to learning what kind of reality we can manifest.

Visualization of mystical, dreamy concepts is wonderful. Magical thinking and the arts, particularly symbolic and surreal art, are wonderful to explore now as well. Diving into a book of symbols would be a wonderful journey of discovery now.

Now you get to integrate wisdom, healing, compassion and love from a much higher place into your life which will bring you to the next New Moon in a couple of weeks.

You can turn your creative imaginings into reality. As Pablo Picasso said, “Everything you can imagine, is real.”

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Art by Antonio Mora

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