Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for July 28 to August 3, 2014

Weekly Overview Horoscope:
Weekly Horoscopes for each Sign are listed below. 

Mercury enters Leo in style this week
joining Jupiter and the Sun
Written by Symbolic Living

The New Moon on the 26th is now growing and is an important part of new beginnings that are with us in the cosmic dance of life over these next two weeks. You can read more about the New Moon in Leo here.

This week we Mercury and Venus are the two astrological players in the sky that are most noted for their shifting relationships with the other planets.

As the week begins relationships with a maternal figure could hit close to home. As we recognize the nurturing quality the archetype of mothers hold within ourselves, we may gravitate towards loving ourselves and others more. Reaching out to others and thus a higher goal of sharing love, can change us dramatically. This way of living from the heart can be magnetic, as everyone deep down loves to feel nurtured and cared for. Encouraging others to be their best and live to their potential is a warming exchange.

With the Sun in Leo, Jupiter in Leo and Mercury entering Leo mid-week, that’s a lot of dynamic energy. Creative thinking gets a boost and being a little bit eccentric could be a lot of fun.

It can be a pretty busy week for many of us. Lots of new beginnings can start now. Some may be a bit overwhelmed with all the energy in the air, so take your downtime to heart. A bit of time for yourself each day to relax is important. If you can get yourself into a bit of a predictable routine, that would be helpful.

Enthusiasm can be quite high now to create projects. Planning and organizing how to get the projects together will take some time, and even though the enthusiasm is there, coming up with the right concepts that work could take some digging, so be prepared for work to be done. Focus on how to communicate your message and ideas in innovative and interesting, dynamic ways.

Some may be so excited about their own ideas that can cause them to possibly not be the best listeners to external advice and refrain from reaching out to external resources. Be careful to not be so overly confident that you turn people off from what you're trying to share. Don’t be too bossy or controlling. Your best use of your ideas is to get others excited too, not push people away with a know-it-all, arrogant attitude.

Gossip about celebrities could be fun, but for some it could get to be a little bit too much this week. Knowing all the dirt on someone can just get a bit out of hand. Instead, if you like the arena of celebrity, focus on the fun stuff and from it you could learn new ways to share information wisely that is useful in your everyday life.

Look for how others manage to stand out in a positive way and are using their celebrity as tools for sharing a meaningful message. In that way, you could see how using such an approach can be emulated in your own life, so what you have to share stands out.

When we reach the beginning of August, it’s possible some tension in relationships may arise. Someone close to home may be feeling the need for independence that can cause a bit of a divided feeling. A home cooked meal with lots of love can create the warm atmosphere and emotional security you desire. Take care of your home this week, or even get a cleaning service to tidy up to make it feel cozy so the energy flows better. If there is a serious tone in relationships come early August, having fun with kids or pets should lighten the mood.

As the week winds down, it’s a great time for writing. Lots of creative ideas should bring you a zest for life. You may also find yourself really getting into contemplation-mode pondering the meaning of your life. Whatever excites you to move into the future more aligned with greater happiness will stand out. Write down your ideas.

Browsing travel websites will build enthusiasm for getting out and seeing the abundance of opportunities the world has to offer.

It could be a very busy week overall for many of us. If the end of the week has you chasing deadlines and you’re not one who thrives doing demanding work, B-vitamins could be your ticket to stress relief. Stay focused on the task at hand and be nice at the office or workspace. Digging into other people’s business, gossiping and sharing too much opinion should be avoided now.

Because there is so much enthusiasm now, some people don’t handle the energy well and can act a bit out of character and a little over the top. Some will be a little impulsive. If you talk about investing, your enthusiasm could get you to go ahead on a whim. Gamblers could get into debt chasing the big payout. Knowing this could help you tone it down a bit as a precaution when the urge hits.

Confidence is key to your conversations as the week finishes. Not arrogance, confidence. Keeping conversations light with an air of joy and prosperity as the underlying vibe brings better fortune.

We hope you have a really fantastic week and a fresh new start that inspires you to enjoy life. With all new starts, also come a few challenges. Enjoy them as part of the bigger picture. Be sure to add some humor and fun into your daily life to smooth out any kinks. Smiles can make all the difference.

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Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for each Sign:

Be sure to read your Sun Sign, Moon Sign and your Ascendant:

Aries: Focus on innovative ideas this week and you’ll tread an all new path that defines you with greater authority and authenticity. Starting a creative project gives you life. If the week has you jumping hurdles in work, you may find booking an appointment for a massage or other self care gives you something to look forward. The promise of unwinding and a bit of needed passivity gives you new found energy to keep on moving up that ladder. In money matters, ensure you are aware of hidden fees.

Taurus: The interactions you have with people this week reveals to you how much love you share and how much you hold back helping you to let go of barriers around your heart. Thoughts and feelings about family could likely play an important role in how you transform your perspective this week. Focus on the fun that’s available. Words of wisdom or a spiritual quote of sorts may astonish you, impacting the way you see the world changing your future aims in life.

Gemini: Laughter is a language of joy, and life is meant to be joyous. Turn up the humor to attract the kind of energy that builds enthusiasm for life this week. You may find you get the urge to get yourself in a more organized routine this week too. Daily tasks that are logical and by the numbers can help you make progress. Anything that makes you sweat and get your heart rate up is going to help you feel like you’re on the right track. All around laughter and exercise releases the endorphins that make you feel energized and makes your work so much better.

Cancer: The people in your life that will help you move up the ladder are those who may give you a bit of tough love. You get to appreciate who you are more when you get a little push. Someone you care about will help you realize you how much you should love yourself. The New Moon just before this week began implores you to find new ways to enjoy making money. Feeling abundant should be a priority for you now. Affirmations that boost your emotions are a good way to help you find your balance this week.

Leo: Of course you’re the star of the zodiac right now. Can you feel it? That New Moon in your sign, along with Jupiter and the Sun, that’s a lot of really good energy to symbolize who you are now. Your power is in your hands. Who you believe yourself to be changes everything and starts you on a new path. The way you talk about yourself will become very noticeable this week. Confidence in your body language changes your mind immensely. Stand up straight and you’ll feel like a rising star.

Virgo: The way you express yourself sends a very strong message to the people around you and to the universe this week. Be aware of how much you do or don’t demonstrate being happy. You can always show more happiness. Your attitude reveals your subconscious mind. Make a spiritual promise to yourself as the week begins that you will be happier. Be grateful for your opportunities. Meditating with an inner smile that feels prosperous does you wonders now.

Libra: Now that Mars has left your sign how do you feel? Does your energy feel different? Being more conscious of your own, personal energy is important for you now. A hot bath or steam will help tune you into your energy. Asking yourself more questions about what gives you enthusiasm and zest for life helps you decide which way to go. Surround yourself with a new group of people that encourages you to be happy and aim for what matters. A stronger bank account largely depends on your willpower now.

Scorpio: If you want to be more empowered you have to continue doing the work to release your doubts and insecurities. Going after bigger, more prosperous opportunities, perhaps even starting a new career, is the type of work that best serves you. Any challenges you may feel are mostly within yourself. A new found reserve of energy is now entering your life. A thicker skin and greater determination to be your best is a good place to start. It’s a time where you get to start defining your own destiny and work towards karmic breakthroughs.

Sagittarius: This recent New Moon really has a lot of meaning for your life. It could certainly be a huge turning point for the way you relate to the world. Sure, you could buy a lottery ticket and hope it could turn your world around, but the real ticket to experiencing a prosperous life is your conscious choice to change your perspective. No matter how humble your beginnings in a new chapter, if you let the light shine on all you do, you’re well on your way to experiencing the life you deserve.

Capricorn: You’ll probably feel the desire for comfort this week, and yes, it could come in the form of a favorite food or something else you would say you love. Warm baths with rose water would be so good for you to feel like you’re in that nurturing embrace. The people you surround yourself now should be the type that offer a lovely karmic bond. Asking for support on a new creative venture could be the start of something that brings you prosperity in the long run. You’ll find the people who are serious about what they want are the most interesting role models.

Aquarius: You should definitely get yourself a new hobby this week. It could be on your own, but you may also really enjoy doing something that involves being with others. Choose something light and fun. Let yourself be a kid again. Wearing smart clothes with a touch of color and flair could garner some lovely comments. Being innovative with how you communicate helps you stand out. Be conscious of what your body language says so people get the message you want to convey. This week you could have a moment of appreciation for your responsibilities when you see the benefit of the work you do.

Pisces: You can infuse your work with more enthusiasm this week. Spending some time browsing travel brochures and figuring out ticket prices for a nice getaway could be good for you. Something extra to look forward to as a reward for all your hard work is good for your motivation. If you have the opportunity to visit a Nordic spa this week go on a day that’s not busy. However, the peace and quiet of your own bathroom may be an even better spa experience. Balancing your work routine with me-time gives you more energy all around.

New Moon in Leo July 26, 2014 Astrology Horoscope

David Bowie as Sphinx
Bold, Creative, Expressive, Theatrical...
(Leo attributes)
Written by Symbolic Living

It’s officially a New Moon in Leo on July 26, 2014 at 6:42 p.m. EDT.

The Sun and Jupiter had a pleasant meeting a few days ago on the 24th, and now the Moon meets the Sun for the New Moon.

These three celestial bodies are now in harmony in the sign of Leo. This is symbolically a very auspicious time for many.

This can be an important time when a paradigm shift takes place. Many people, for far too long, have been caught up in such a critical, false sense of self that they can’t even imagine reaching their higher, creative potential in life. It’s time to let that go and move on to much better for yourself.

This is a time to bring forth a more empowered you. Optimism, courage and enthusiasm mark this New Moon for us to start a new beginning that allows us to express who we are by being more true to ourselves.

A lot of people are not comfortable expressing themselves when in different situations or are around certain types of people. Body language and eye contact says a lot about one’s belief in themselves and their self confidence. Leo is a sign of dramatic flair, full of life and personality and that’s where this New Moon leads us to want to shine. The most entertaining and interesting people that we tend to gravitate towards are those who express their creative gifts and personalities more fully true to themselves.

Uranus, now retrograde in Aries since the 21st last week, prompts us to be more self-defining and true to ourselves. Accepting yourself and being your own cheerleader for your unique personal qualities leads to liberation.

This Leo New Moon is like giving birth to yourself in your highest imagining of your potential through a bigger world view, not a limited, narrow scope of yourself. It all starts with confidence and acceptance of who you are and who you deserve to be. Self love leads to self confidence.

Also, with Saturn direct in Scorpio, taking time for self discovery leads to you being able to bring your gifts into the real world; from imagining to reality. As Shakespeare said, “all the world is a stage.” Be the character in the world you would like to be, in whatever image and expression that feels real and right.

Also, pay attention to people’s unique character traits for inspiration of life. Whether extrovert or introvert, it doesn’t matter. What matters is the qualities of expression that are interesting, quirky and reveal who someone is at their core. All the dynamic flavors of human characteristics creates the wonderful carnival of life. People-watching at the beach, for instance, can be a lot of fun in exploring the many facets of human characteristics, including your own. Keep an open mind and an open heart.

With the Leo creative flair we are beckoned to mold ourselves, fashion ourselves in the image we desire to be more fully and true to ourselves. Choose clothes that more fully represent what you like to express and how you feel. Wearing lots of golds, yellows, oranges, reds and a touch of royal purple can enhance your energy now and correspond nicely with the astrological atmosphere.

Gemstones of amethyst, yellow sapphire, amber, carnelian, citrine, garnet, and tiger’s eye are good choices to wear or carry now. Sandalwood and lavender are great essential oils to use now as well for an uplifting, tuned-in experience.

We all know that some people can look good in just about anything. Leo loves to be be showy and glitzy for the fun of it, not for some shallow need of external validation. Leo energy is too confident to be dependent on other people’s opinions and approval. It’s really an internal source of empowerment that matters. Leo expresses for the sake of having fun. It’s the energy of being one’s own self, accepting, loving and being oneself with no regrets, shame or doubts, and expressing it honestly that really counts.

Let go of what you’ve been conditioned to believe about yourself and believe better so you can come into your power of who you are.

With so much positive energy with the Sun, Jupiter and the Moon now, sometimes people can step into the zone of having overly high expectations that life's blessings will just fall perfectly into their lap. But it usually doesn’t work that way. You’ve got to be open to the blessings, yes, but you also have to go after them. This is a time to be active and harness that fire energy and enthusiasm. Feeling abundant and grateful for what is puts you in the right frame of mind.

Remember too, that anything that feels like it’s an obstacle that is getting in your way right now, could very likely be a message attempting to get your attention so you can choose to move in a better direction. Blessings are often in disguise you know. Endings and letting go of what was makes room for new beginnings. Keep an open mind.

Saturn direct in Scorpio is in harmony with Mercury and Venus now. Letting go of the past, especially any self-sabotaging attitudes you hold on to is important. Saturn is now supportive, where you can develop the responsibility and stamina to follow through and climb that mountain. You can bring forth your inner knowing where greater self esteem can materialize in the real world. With Saturn in Scorpio, the surreal can become real. From mind to matter, the law of attraction is your ally.

With Uranus retrograde now in Aries, it’s a very self exploratory time so you can better understand what gives you energy and inspiration. What types of groups and people you are involved with when you’re not doing your own thing can come up for consideration. You may suddenly realize who you do and don’t want to be around. You’ll know, logically and intuitively, by paying attention to what does or does not energize and excite you.

If you feel passionate about making a change around your home including new furniture or renovations, sit with it for a bit before taking action. The urge may strike you to start something, but with Mercury and Venus connecting with Uranus now, at least take a moment to assess if it really feels right before going full steam ahead.

The splendor of the Sun in Leo is to feel elevated and empowered. Look around at the abundance all around you, all the life force energy emanating, breathing, moving, dancing the cosmic dance of existence. Let your body language be a part of that dance in tune with the cosmos.

It’s a time to shed your skin, and let go of the old you so you can love yourself more. Working on your heart chakra is a good idea now through meditation, breathing as well as energized, cardiovascular exercise.

Creative awakening and feeling more consciously inspired is heightened now. Your old paradigms may fall away so you can move into a higher level of awareness. Set yourself up for growth by channelling passion and excitement. When a creative inspiration arises and the moment strikes you with an internal prompt of enthusiasm, go for it and see what innovative idea you bring forth. No critiquing, no judgment, just fun.

Do something that represents unhindered creativity. Explore your inner child. Do something that brings out your creative effort and express yourself, something fun and energizing. Through it you will become wiser and more radiantly true to yourself.

If you’re not doing something creative or expressing love and what you love, what are you really doing with your life? To be creative and to love is to shine as a meaningful part of the Divine cosmos.

It’s quite possible that your sensitivities are heightened now too. You could see someone who is ill or less fortunate in some way and it touches you and opens your heart, completely changing your worldview. Such a moment can move you, and make you realize how much you take for granted in your own life. This New Moon asks you to grow a heart of gold.

For many, this New Moon could be the beginning of an all new personal epoch, a new age, starting with a new, inspired you. Start your days with sun salutations or meditating in the sun. Open your blinds and let the sunlight shine through your window a simple, yet effective, symbolic way of showing that you want more light in life. If you’re energetic in the morning, go for a run and grow that enthusiastic energy by living and breathing it.

I hope you have a wonderful couple of weeks ahead as this New Moon starts off a new cycle of growth!

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Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for July 21 to 27, 2014

Weekly Overview Horoscope:
Weekly Horoscopes for each Sign are listed below. 

Written by Symbolic Living

Just before the week begins we have Saturn in Scorpio shifting gears. After many months of being retrograde, Saturn now begins traveling direct and will retrace his steps he went over during his retrograde phase. All the deep, internal lessons we’ve learned about time, karma, debts, money, accessing resources, and the big questions about purpose, life and death now get their final push towards helping us to realize the value of time and what we put our energy towards. Where you’ve personally felt stuck will ease and you’ll be able to rise above your limitations.

As the week begins Uranus in Aries stations retrograde on July 21. Few surprises will arise in what we start, but they’ll be more subtle. It’s a time to become more insightful and conscious of who you are and how you understand your identity. Who you really are, rather than who you’ve be told you should be, becomes increasingly important as you get to understand yourself more honestly.

The Sun enters Leo on July 22, and meets Jupiter in Leo on the 24th. This is a lucky day that is auspicious and an excellent time to start something new that is intended to bring more light and abundance into your life. If you’re optimistic this week you’ll be right in tune with the blessings that are available to you.

There’s a lot of positive energy now in Leo. Many will have an aura of happiness now. Who you are gets to be expressed more fully and honestly without fear of judgment. Looking on the bright side leads to increasingly optimistic experiences.

It’s important to nurture your inner child. Play and feel free so your persona shines, which will attract blessings. Enthusiasm for life will abound.

It’s easy now for people to get distracted by excessive external fun and entertainment. With a strong desire for action and joy, going within may be less of a priority for many people now. But because it is a time when consciousness is raised, it’s important to find that time to honor self-awareness.

It’s a time to feel empowered, courageous and strong in who you are. If this doesn’t sound like you, figure out how you can harness that energy. Positive self-talk and affirmations can help boost your way of thinking about life and yourself. Clothes, jewelry, flowers and decor with brighter colors, especially oranges, reds, yellows are good to raise your spirits. Fragrances of orange, tangerine, mandarin and lavender will boost your mood. The New Moon in Leo connects with the Sun and Jupiter to end off the week encouraging fresh starts with abundance and optimism in mind. It's a time of power, status and prestige for many as well.

Also, near the end of the week, Mars will leave Libra and enter Scorpio on the 25th finding his way towards Saturn in Scorpio over the coming weeks. What you put your energy towards can come back multiplied. The law of attraction gets a boost. Your actions demonstrate to the universe where you are willing to change. Bursts of energy and determination helps you rise higher than before.

Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for each Sign:

Be sure to read your Sun Sign, Moon Sign and your Ascendant:

Aries: You may find you like yourself more than usual. Give yourself a few kind, authentic words to raise your self-esteem. You deserve a pat on the back. Sunstone and citrines are a great choice of gemstones to carry or wear this week. Mood is everything. Quickly deal with any personal, home related matters so you can go out and live it up. An infusion of direct attention into your financial picture helps you realize what wealthiness means to you. If you feel irritable this week, get more rest and try not to be snappy.

Taurus: You could have a lot of fun in the comfort of your own home. Make your space more alive and vibrant this week. Open the blinds, add some colorful pillows to your couch, put some cheerful music on. You may become attracted to the mysterious this week and find new energy in the dreamspace. Browsing a dream dictionary will be fun. Talking about the things you love and believe in gives you greater faith in your ability to receive. It’s a good time for you to write about your feelings, hopes and wishes.

Gemini: This is a good week for you to investigate your financial picture. How your day to day routines have a direct impact on your finances is highlighted. Also consider how other people’s big picture ideas don’t always jive with yours. Trust your own instincts in making decisions and you could kick off a bit of a revolution to how you deal with using your time to ensure best results. The top of the mountain is within sight. Plan your climb and focus on stable footing.

Cancer: This week, your frame of mind can be set right to help you realize it’s not necessary to be so serious about yourself. What matters is that you love and are loved. Positive thoughts about yourself can help you let go of doubts and inhibitions that have held you back, especially from creativity and fun. Trust your instincts in preparing for a fresh start in how you relate to the world. A prosperous attitude leads to stronger foundations. Art is good for your self esteem now.

Leo: It’s such a brilliantly auspicious week for you. Leo’s don’t need to gloat. When you’re confident and being your best, everyone recognizes you’ve got it goin on. This week just be you and you’ll radiate. If something doesn’t feel right and doesn’t energize you, let it go to make room for what does. The New Moon at the end of the week gives your glowing personality a boost of freshness. An abundant new beginning is yours. Delight in existence and your happiness grows.

Virgo: Talking about your feelings with friends and groups you are a part of is time well spent this week. Ask lots of questions. Interact with the world. Matters that make a difference, such as humanitarian causes, are an important part of your learning now. A lot of the ethics you ascribe to today may trace back as far as your childhood. The New Moon will bring to light faith in yourself you have forgotten for a long time. Start asking what role you play in your destiny.

Libra: Mars has been in your sign for many moons. At the end of this week he moves into Scorpio, finally. This will put more emphasis on your ability to take care of yourself and make money. Having the energy of a detective will work well for you. The relentless pursuit of leaving no stone unturned is a good approach for you this week. Speaking with bright coworkers, friends and colleagues could be the beginning of a prosperous shift for you.

Scorpio: Saturn is now direct and Mars enters your sign this week bringing you a new focus of energy. Being ambitious and driven will be the best use of your time. If confidence has been an issue, or social anxiety, or doubts about yourself, you should find yourself accessing new ways to empower yourself and move forward. Exercise releases endorphins that improve your mood and esteem. Positive quotes, and words of wisdom will uplift you. Career matters and higher aims get a fresh start when you exemplify courage and strength.

Sagittarius: It’s a good week to think about travel plans, especially to somewhere that has a lot of fun in the sun. If you are thinking of going back to school to get your college diploma or university degree, this is a good time to consider the options. However, the best use of your time may just be to promise yourself to start having more fun in life. Enthusiasm and humor are where you thrive. Reading a good book of philosophy while lying on the beach will be perfect for you.

Capricorn: You may not know what others are thinking all the time, but you can get pretty close by observing how they express their feelings. Instead of playing a guessing game, go with your gut. You may also find yourself particularly fond of talking about, or observing, romantic moments. Speak kindly and compassionately of others and you’ll create a special karmic bond that matters in the future. You may find the law of attraction as the perfect ally to starting fresh on the New Moon.

Aquarius: All of us are getting a positive boost from the Sun and Jupiter in Leo this week. You realize the significance of the people that matter to you this week. Sharing positive energy with others grows in abundance and leads to new beginnings that light up your life. Your self-talk this week shifts. Self affirming notes and reminders around you will help you feel more energized. Look for the light in others and you’ll feel illuminated. Practical meditation techniques are good for you this week. Focus on love and heart centered meditations.

Pisces: How lovely. Venus and Neptune reveal to you much beauty this week. Having fun dressing in nice clothes will be good for your spirit. Surround yourself with purples. Lavender bubble baths and amethyst stones are good for you now. Focus on creativity and be a big kid again. For the New Moon, a course of action in life that is practical and focused on a step by step approach towards abundance is best. All the world is a stage and you are the set designer.

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