New Moon in Virgo August 25, 2014 and Weekly Astrology Horoscopes August 25-31, 2014

*Weekly Horoscopes for each Sign are listed below. 

Written by Symbolic Living

It’s officially a New Moon in Virgo on August 25, 2014 at 10:12 a.m. EDT.

With this New Moon we are each getting a chance to initiate something important in our lives, something that matters. If you put your drive and willpower into gear, and push through and beyond your fears, you will set the stage for a new way of living your life that makes a big difference in your everyday lifestyle. The impact of your decisions and actions now have the potential to last for a very long time.

Dedication is everything now. If you want to get from point A to point B, this is the time to start clearing away the clutter and get organized. This New Moon encourages you to face your confusion and get real about the practicalities of your life path. Wherever you’ve not been grounded and present, the reality sets in requiring you to take a different approach. Get rid of the distractions you know deep down aren’t serving you.

Look to others who can be positive examples in how they live their lives with a methodical approach to their lifestyle that frees up time. As a very practical example it could be a good idea to hire a cleaning service or an organizer to kickstart a new process. It’s a time where the meticulous details getting the attention they need makes everything feel more collected and on the up and up. However, some can go overboard and become a little fanatical worrying about the details to such a degree it can get to be too much.

It's a good idea to pay attention to the little details that help your life feel better in body and mind. Perhaps a better seating arrangement while you work to help improve your posture is in order. Clearing up your desk and files for greater efficiency is a good practice to start as well. You may also try to get ahead of the game with your tasks, by getting your work done in advance instead of last minute. It's a good idea to compartmentalize your time and efforts so you have a more efficient schedule freeing up time to do other things. Have your work time and your down time clearly defined so you can put your feet in the sand or wade in the water without having to think about getting back to the office.

Keep in mind, this two week period starting now, is getting us to work towards the Full Moon in Pisces. During your newfound processes you implement and work through over the coming weeks, starting now, you will find yourself gaining more faith in the process, and in how your life is flowing. Having compassion for yourself when everything doesn’t go according to plan is essential.

With the Sun in Virgo now, we get a healthy sense of our ego where we tap into our intelligence to make things work better so we can shine brighter. It’s a good time to make a smart plan to move forward. Dressing smart will help you feel good about yourself now too, and reflect a put-together attitude and lifestyle.

Mars and Saturn conjunct in Scorpio on the 25th as well, which only happens about every 2 years. Mercury in Virgo reaches out to Mars and Saturn in Scorpio during this New Moon in Virgo which adds to the new trends we bring into our lives. It’s quite a potent day marking a real turning point towards power and overcoming obstacles and limitations in our lives. Our actions and what we set in place now can have long term ramifications for our lives. With Mercury in Virgo we’re supported with a good head on our shoulders to make intelligent choices. If there is any confusion, keep pushing forward and clarity will set in over the coming days.

A good lesson now is in knowing that worrying about the future doesn't serve you, rather it only zaps you of energy. All things come in good time. Do your best in the moment and let the future come when it does. There's no need to rush.

How you use your words is important now. The perfect words may roll off your tongue bringing forth great ideas and a sense of empowerment. Write down your ideas, and especially take note of your observations and insights about how you can improve the way you do things. The processes of our everyday lives matter now.

It’s a great time to do some fact checking as well. By tapping into the reality of things, you can make a much more effective plan towards what you’d like to achieve. Being a detective, getting to the core of a matter and really asking the tough questions can be a great catalyst to making actionable changes that shift the trajectory of your life.

Overall, it is a time of taking the mature, rational approach to your life. Whatever area of life you want to improve, this is such an excellent time to make a commitment to a plan and following through with the processes you set in place.

Health and nutrition play an important role as well. You are what you eat. The better you take care of your body and mind the more energy you’ll be able to channel and apply with focus, drive and dedication.

Mars and Saturn meeting in Scorpio speaks volumes about how we perceive and experience time as we journey through our lifetime from birth to death. What we do with life during our time here is really what matters most and that stands out now and acts as a catalyst to the meaningful life changes we start to enforce.

With Venus reaching out to Mars and Saturn as well now, it reminds us that how we express love in the world, really is one of, if not the, most important parts of life. Wherever there are barriers to love, we have the power to change our approach so we can manifest more of what matters. If you have any tension or drama surrounding love matters, it will likely be a pivotal catalyst to significant breakthroughs in this area of life.

Where you hold back from expressing love gets noticed. It could be in frigidity in romantic relationships, or a lack of affectionate touching that stands out and asks you to make an important change. In platonic relationships as well, hugging, or a pat on the back as a friendly, affectionate gesture could be questioned. Whether the interaction is welcomed or not, it does get subconsciously put under the microscope having us rethink how we approach others. Bring joy to the interactions and you will teach others that an open heart will always allay fears.

This New Moon teaches us that there is always more to learn and it is in the everyday routines, habits, interactions and lifestyle choices that will benefit most from our attention to detail.

What you think and do matters. Life is asking you to push beyond your limitations to make practical progress which has the potential to change your life, inside and out.

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August 25-31, 2014 Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for each Sign:

Be sure to read your Sun Sign, Moon Sign and your Ascendant:

Aries: You could have a breakthrough moment in love. Some of you may even feel the impulse to get down on one knee now and know just how to ask. Money matters could cause a bit of rethinking your habits and lifestyle choices which leads to important shifts in relationships. It’s a fantastic time for you to start a new health regimen. You may have a boost in libido if you can get past any hangups you need to let go of. Set your mind to what you desire and follow through with concrete action. Your willpower can lead to long lasting changes. Some Aries will feel drained, like a wall is up that you need to push through which will cause you to assess where you need to make fundamental changes to get your motivation and energy back on track.

Taurus: To make the most of this New Moon and the new beginnings you want now, you need to make sure your days are filled with more fun and less worry. How you relate to your passions and overcome the mental blocks you hold can give you a sense of empowerment that lasts a long time. Surround yourself with what is beautiful, especially at home, to help you feel the power of loving your environment more. There could be tension between family and a romantic partner now, requiring you to get real about the dynamic. Make your daily routines fun, stimulating, challenging and rewarding to help motivate you and give you energy.

Gemini: You would benefit from a new way of thinking about your home environment, whether it’s cleaning out the closets, or looking at renovation ideas. Bringing in a new energy at home helps you feel on track. A conversation with those close to you about working on improving your lifestyle could lead to realizations that change your daily routine. Look to those who have been through it already, their best advice will drip with wisdom. It’s a good time for you to let go of the doubts you’ve held about your capabilities, as well as your views on your body, and actively pursue your desires. Make an achievable plan.

Cancer: A new way of speaking about yourself is needed. Your confidence to start fresh begins with words that lead to actions. Intentional thoughts and ideas about yourself can clear away doubts and worry so you can set the stage to create and receive the best you deserve. It’s best to keep your concepts about finances as abundant as possible, which means that you value and respect money, you don’t waste it. The best things in life are free. Realizing you can have fun in life without throwing money away sets the stage for prosperity. Your greater value comes from the life force that you are able to use to thrive and demonstrate joy to others. When you can let go of fear and doubt, your life force channels energy you didn’t realize you had.

Leo: You may start to feel more serious about saving your money and spending it in practical ways that support your goals. Frivolous spending really doesn’t do anything for you now. It is in the mindful approach to money that makes all the difference. It not only empowers you, but it gives you self-respect that leads to actions that impact your life in the long term. Issues of self-love are pivotal this week as well. A realization may hit you and your wisdom quotient rises a few notches. It’s possible that doubts or judgments by those close to you, open the door for you to realize what you’re really worth regardless of others' perceptions. You know the truth of who you are and you’re worthy of all the respect and love you desire. Your new found appreciation for who you are can awaken your purpose in life.

Virgo: You get renewal that you need now. Conversations, especially with people who are wiser and older, open up a dialogue within yourself that gives you motivation. Musing on your faults and strengths can give you profound insight and a newfound direction. Think more about your hidden motivations. What is at the core of your actions? What gets you going or holds you back? This is a time where you can release old karmic bonds and move towards empowering yourself through consequential, intentional actions that matter. Set yourself real goals with incentives and rewards now. The work and effort you put in now, has the power to pay off in the long run. You are creating your karma and getting so much wiser in the process. Tap into the law of attraction with affirmations. The right words makes all the difference.

Libra: The people in your life that hold your values and who you would consider friends could have a sudden shift. You could start a romance with someone, once considered a friend or colleague, or the dynamic of the friendship could shift where you feel more like a stronger partnership is starting. You’ll have to do a little investigating because assumptions can be a bit off now. Money matters with friends could also be a little off. If you encounter an obligation relating to the value of time, money, or effort, you should try to be very clear before making a deal. It could end up putting a strain between the bond, so it may be best to say no. Yoga is an excellent practice for you to start now to connect mind and body to spirit, which will inspire you to live healthier based on higher ideals of wisdom, intelligence and compassion.

Scorpio: Self-confidence and self-respect are everything. With Saturn in your sign, it can really bring up issues of identity you need to work through. These could be long-standing issues that have deep karmic roots. Some of you may find exercise is the ticket to get you feeling stronger and more bold and confident in your identity. Working towards something with blood, sweat or tears can give you a real sense of accomplishment. A sudden realization about what you would really love to do in life could bring up an internal conflict that has you doing some real soul searching, leading to great empowerment. Talking to friends or higher ups about your goals, wishes, and your vision could start an all new you. Start the conversation and set your intention to use your life to achieve your best.

Sagittarius: This New Moon speaks to your career. Starting a new career is likely for some of you, but for others it’s more about how you feel about the work you do that comes into focus. The goals you set for yourself and how you logically approach the work step-by-step needs renewal now. You may also find that your drive and willpower comes from a higher place that makes you face your reality from a more spiritual standpoint that helps you push forward with faith that you can do it. There is always going to be obstacles in life, and honestly, they are often gifts in disguise. What you need to work through becomes the catalyst for you to learn, to grow and to be better than before. Asking for advice from someone with experience and wisdom can help you move forward with greater ambition.

Capricorn: This New Moon is all about practicalities. Get yourself a learning routine, where you can study and push through each chapter to the next. What you learn now has the implications to shift who you relate to and who you consider your peers. Often people have a hard time giving themselves a title, but I think you should honor yourself with a title that represents how far you’ve come and also what you’re working towards. This can really be a turning point for you that completely shifts your energy towards setting greater goals. Trust time now. You don’t need to rush, you just need to make the best use of time by honoring it. All good things come in time, and now you get to set yourself up for long term gain. Your purpose, and the meaning of your life gets a new start. Ask yourself, “Where am I coming from and where am I going?” Make it happen.

Aquarius: If you’ve felt slowed down in career, or stuck at all, now you get to dig deep to find the motivation that really gets you going and deal with what’s been lagging. It can be pretty empowering when you look at how far you’ve come. The karma you’ve created for yourself is a slow process, but now you get to see that you are stronger because of all you’ve done. Continuing forward from here with enthusiasm will empower you and can also bring you unseen rewards. A breakthrough in how you perceive love and your love life is possible this week. You may suddenly have a realization about how you’ve dramatized your love life and how you actually get to be the playwright. All life is a stage, and you get to choose the actors you want to play your role alongside with. Choose your vision from the heart.

Pisces: Opposites attract. The artist may love the analyst. This can be true in relationships, but it can also be true in just about any area of life. Although we like to feel comfortable around those who are similar to us, we also get so intrigued by those who are so vastly different. Yin and yang dances. Now, the world may look more intriguing through a different lens than you may be used to. Rules and regulations and foreign traditions may pique your interest now and teach you about the human condition that intrigues you to dig deeper. Working through initial confusion can lead to deeper knowing that you won’t easily forget once you figure it out. Ask, probe, be an enthusiastic detective now and you’ll be wiser for it. A new relationship to the world and the people in it is calling you.

Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for August 18 to 24, 2014

Weekly Overview Horoscope:
Weekly Horoscopes for each Sign are listed below. 

Written by Symbolic Living

This week starts off with a blessed meeting of Venus and Jupiter in Leo (see video below). Showing off your lovely personality can attract good things into your life. Smiles light up the atmosphere and welcome courtesy and possibly courtship.

If you’re out and about or in the mood for shopping, wearing rose based perfumes or essential oils will delight those around you and put you in the mood for love. It’s easy to overindulge in the fun now. Wearing bright colors will give you an awesome lift of energy.

Some of you may also find that more newborns and children are making an appearance in your life these days. The reminders of the beauty of life are abundant now and newfound personalities are adorable. Seeing how kids live their life can remind you of your younger days and bring up memories of some of the good times of your life's journey.

Mercury in Virgo reaches out to Neptune in Pisces as the week begins as well. It’s a good time for a yoga routine to bridge mind and body to encourage greater presence and higher consciousness.

Conversations could be confusing early in the week. Misinterpretation is possible, so try not to jump to conclusions. Logic and fantasy can lead to mixed thoughts and feelings. Put compassion into the mix and talks will go smoother. Don’t be afraid to ask if you don’t know, that’s part of the fun of learning.

It’s a great time to flip through magazines and daydream, read fantasy and science fiction novels, or watch movies in these genres. It’s also a good time to look into signing up to an art class to expand your horizons.

If you tend to be anxious, or worry when socializing with others, realize that nobody hears what you think, and most self-critiquing is of your own doing. Try not to get caught up in projecting false assumptions onto others. A smile and a genuine heart of compassion and understanding for yourself and for others creates healthy bonds.

It’s also a good time to add a bit of magic to your daily routine. With love at the heart of all you do, you can make the most mundane activities have greater purpose and intention. Create a little ritual to keep your life in order this week. It could be as simple as meditating in the morning, lighting a candle each day, burning some incense, or even going for a nature walk in the afternoons. Anything you do regularly, can be considered a little ritual especially when you put intention behind it.

So, add some order to your daily experience that is simple, yet effective in tuning you into how your days flow. This will help you enjoy the moments with greater connection to yourself and the experiences that you create and receive. Little breaks for “me-time” can be the most important daily ritual.

For those of you who feel a bit weighed down in life and want to tune into the more light, buoyant, abundant energy now, you may want to look into cord cutting. It’s a metaphysical little ritual that helps you release bonds from the past so you can live in the now with more joy. It all comes down to intention.

You can choose to tune your mind into a particular vibration. It’s all energy. At this time being organized helps the energy flow better. Having a healthy routine now creates the foundation to allow you to more easily tap into your intuition and acknowledge synchronicities.

Pay closer attention to the details in your conversations later in the week. Words that arise now may lead to the most fascinating musings. You may end up in the right place at the right time and wonder how it all happened. By the end of the week you could feel that the wheels are in motion setting you up to achieve a future you like.

The Moon enters Leo at the end of the week and the Sun enters Virgo. Sun Salutations for an open heart towards the sun and a connection to the body is the perfect practice to bring you down to earth and in tune with your higher consciousness.

Also be sure to read the Daily Horoscopes we are writing in collaboration with Nadiya Shah exclusively available each day on

Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for each Sign:

Be sure to read your Sun Sign, Moon Sign and your Ascendant:

Aries: This week, and over the coming weeks, it’s a good idea to assess what makes you feel empowered. Your blessings are directly correlated to the amount of effort you put in now. Get yourself organized so you can get your best work done and make more room for good times. A deserved break gives you renewed energy. Kids and pets remind you that the best times in life are the carefree moments full of laughter and joy. Your smile is worth a million bucks.

Taurus: Home is where the heart is. It’s a really good time for you to put more beauty into your home. Art on your walls of your own making would be fantastic. Plants and flowers that symbolize prosperity, love and abundance are a right fit. Declutter your space and make it more appealing. Rosewater sprinkled will bring delight. You can attract a lot of love into your life by making your home an external representation of your inner world of gratitude for life’s gifts. It’s a good week to look into signing up for art classes.

Gemini: An open heart is the language you should speak now. Your eyes say it all. Your body tells the story. Your words reveal your truth. How you present yourself shouldn’t be a self-conscious gesture, it is best when you are authentic and forget the details. People feel most comfortable with you when the conversation flows and you are present in body, mind and spirit. Wisdom comes to you this week that changes everything. Be open, listen and share freely. Write down your dreams and your musings.

Cancer: You have a lot to think about as the week begins and it’s the stuff dreams are made of. Aim high. Listen loud. The messages come through when you have an open mind. You could have an insight this week that wakes you up to your financial situation and security. Act like you deserve to attract the very best. Put love into what you do and you’ll be able to develop your potential and your talents. A healthy ego, generosity and an charming personality opens doors.

Leo: Is being famous and popular the most important thing in the world? Well no, of course not, but feeling good about yourself sure helps. This week you get to see yourself with more loving eyes, knowing that you are worthy of the very best. You deserve to attract good things. By being your most authentic, real self and letting go of your doubts, you create a mindset that takes you far. Reading about money management and building strong roots is a good pastime for you now. Be open to learning this week. Tap into your intuition and your logic, and your wisdom points will rise high.

Virgo: You may be a little confused about who you are this week and you may have a bit of trouble making sense of the details. Well, if you can be open to the dance between logic and fantasy you’ll find that the orchestra playing to your own life’s movie is actually quite incredible. Your crown chakra is able to tap into the most divine wisdom now. Automatic writing may be your best bet. Some daily rituals will be good for you to stay grounded such as sitting under a tree barefoot for some meditation or poetic musings.

Libra: Dark chocolate with almonds dipped in your favorite nut butter and a cappuccino with friends would be just one divine example of enjoying indulgence. Even better if it were with a significant other after going to an entertaining event or a movie. Enjoy the decadence now. The pleasures of life are bountiful and you deserve them among those you love to be with. This is also the perfect time to ask for what you want. You just have to know how to ask. Show the universe that joy of the heart and prosperity of the mind are possible.

Scorpio: The best way for you to feel like you can get the abundance you want in your career, or other goals in your life, is through doing the work. The effort means everything. The drive and willpower you exert channels your power towards your aim. This is how you do it. Talk to people a lot this week about your vision. Talk about the mountains you want to climb. Talk about your fantasies and dreams. Let go of your doubts. Don’t expect everything at once, but do expect that you have the power to climb.

Sagittarius: You have the great pleasure of being strongly connected to Venus now. You need an adventure that opens your heart and your mind to new vistas. Look into travel options. If you can’t go on one in the real world now, look for books and movies that explore new worlds and ideas. Indulge in floral gardens, fine wines and decadent confections to tune into your senses with greater acuity. Gratitude for the little things leads you towards seeing the world through a lens of greater prosperity and abundance. Love life to awaken to a new reality.

Capricorn: Change your thinking and you’ll change your life. You’re in the process of going through a great life transformation now and over the coming years. Many of us never get to have Pluto in our sign in our lifetime because he moves so slowly through the zodiac. Letting go of what hold you back makes room for greater self appreciation and a wiser disposition towards the real purpose of life. Conversations hold the key. Talking about what’s real and what’s fantasy now can lead to important shifts in your state of mind that helps you get your life in order. The mystery of love makes the journey worth it.

Aquarius: The source of love can not be defined. It is within us and all around us. To experience it only requires awareness of its eternal presence. You don’t need to define anything right now. You may not feel like you’re on the most secure footing. Just set your intention to enjoy and appreciate the abundance that is always available to you. Higher wisdom is regenerating within you. Step by step all things come to their order. Being creative and enthusiastic about life and the world opens up. Share and welcome the very best.

Pisces: Sometimes we just aren’t willing to face facts. Now you have the opportunity to acknowledge where there is a disconnect between reality and illusion. A random conversation with a friend can be transformative now. You may need to ponder insights for a while, but eventually something clicks. Speaking up can be healthy for you now and prove to be an important step towards self-awareness and self-respect. A yoga routine that is heart centered is good for you to practice now. Hugs are a good massage for your heart chakra now.

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Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for August 11 to 17, 2014

Weekly Overview Horoscope:
Weekly Horoscopes for each Sign are listed below. 

Written by Symbolic Living

As we ascended towards the Full Moon in Aquarius Supermoon on August 10th, seeking freedom and moving beyond our fears hit home for many.

Now, the energy is waning from the Full Moon so we are able to go within for an internalized perspective and tap into our source. Get a bit more rest now if possible, to prepare for the New Moon in a couple of weeks.

This week starts off with an emotional connection to a place of higher consciousness within ourselves. You may feel more introverted or introspective, enjoying your own company, thoughts and daydreams. Higher purpose is more heartfelt. It’s an excellent time to tap into trusting your intuition.

If you are concerned about reaching your goals, have compassion for yourself and know that all things come in time. Patience helps you tap into your source.

Pay attention to how you feel relating to the water element early in the week as well. Rainy weather, showers, baths, swimming, and water in your food and drinks all hold the sacredness of this element. Images of fantasy art with water as part of the composition could hold pertinent symbolism for your contemplation.

If you are interested in writing, delving into music, reading poetry or tapping into any realms of fantasy, not everything needs to makes sense now. Just enjoy immersing yourself in the flow of abstraction. As the Moon in Pisces connects with Saturn in Scorpio be sure to explore alternative realities comfortably and responsibly. Visualization, meditation, surrealist arts and dreams can bring you inner wisdom that feels healthy. Deciphering the meaning and grasping deeper concepts is fun, and can be like a game.

Glamour and beauty found in entertainment, posters, book covers, etc., can also be a lot of fun to browse as the week progresses. Perhaps last week the beauty of decor caught your fancy, while this weak what you wear gets to show off the color and flair. Romantically, events like the movies can be great places to go on a first date.

If you have a lot of energy this week, you could subconsciously feel the desire to shed a few pounds. It’s a good time to get rid of some extra weight, which could be physical weight, or even burdens related to finances, or it could be excess and unused furniture that has had its day. A brisk walk in the evening is a good way to burn off excess calories and energy this week. An exercise routine does your mind good.

To overcome any egotistical tendencies that may arise and shift more towards a higher vibration, pay special attention to flowers and their divine beauty and their sacred, majestic designs. Know that you are a part of the beauty of the cosmos.

Later in the week when Mercury enters Virgo on the 15th. We are encouraged to get our thinking processes in better alignment. It’s a very good time to get in touch with your body and how you think about your daily habits. Thriftiness, using your money and time wisely, and your mind efficiently brings meticulous attention to detail that matters. It’s time to focus on productivity. Focus on orderliness this week to help you set up some important processes that will be useful for next week.

Learn new methods of organization, from files and folders to how you highlight what you write, to how you keep your setup and arrangement cleaner with everything in it’s proper place. Cleaning up your closet, your fridge, your drawers and your paperwork is a good idea. Of course, you could feel a bit of a tension with this if you are a creative type and believe you thrive in chaos. Know that there are benefits to combining and balancing the two: logic and intuitive creativity no matter which way you usually lean.

Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for each Sign:

Be sure to read your Sun Sign, Moon Sign and your Ascendant:

Aries: Now is a good time to get physical and connect with your body as a gateway to tuning into your senses and emotions better. A hike would be perfect for you, preferably near a hill or mountain and by a lake or other body of water. The optimal atmosphere provides you with self-awareness that gives you a new perspective that changes you and your future. Pay attention to the beautiful and the entertaining this week. Focus on what actions you take that make you feel achievement oriented. Later in the week is an excellent time to think about a better health and nutrition regimen.

Taurus: Your home is going to get even more attention this week. Family and in-laws could feel closer too, or the opinions thereof. Try to make the most of it by intending fun. Decorating will be fun. Think of yourself as a set designer. Talking about the movies or your other pop-culture interests with those close to you would be pleasant. Diving into some fantasy and fiction books would get your creative juices flowing. Movie posters, book covers and other artistic demonstrations of the fun and entertaining will be delightful. It’s OK to be a kid again, it will make you feel alive and thinking in new ways. Just enjoy the simple things.

Gemini: You may feel the urge to pass the phone to someone else to get them included in the conversation. Gemini’s like to connect people together. In-laws and extended family could possibly use your help and advice. All the little details of work, lifestyle and domestic related subjects are where you would be strongest now. You may find you have the urge to clear your mind this week. Make lists and keep your paperwork and physical objects in order. Knowing where everything leads to a sense of empowerment.

Cancer: You’ll likely feel a twinge of emotion as the week begins. If you can reflect on the lessons of self-love you’ve had over the past few weeks, you will be lead to a new philosophy of your life that grounds you. How you take care of yourself and put food on your plate will feel most satisfying if there can be moments of fun. Make it into a game. Find the beauty in what you do. As the week ends a conversation could have you awakened. Let the information come to you this week, and if it feels right you’ll know. Be open to listening to unconscious messages, and read between the lines.

Leo: What you think about yourself, and how you feel about yourself work in synergy. Making yourself look good this week is in order. Perhaps a new hair cut or outfit will help you feel good about yourself. Consider yourself a piece of art, full of meaning, symbolism and magnetism. Money matters could get your attention this week. Your approach to how you build your nest egg would be a good place to focus. Getting your ducks in a row just leaves you feeling more abundant and ready to receive the good things coming to you.

Virgo: You’re smartest when your mind is in order. Your thinking processes may seem a little fuzzy as we start the week or you may be drawn into fantasies. A meditation at the beginning of the week will help set you up for greater clarity and courage. A colorful atmosphere helps boost your awareness. As the week progresses and the fog lifts you can get on top of your game by initiating a more thoughtful approach to how you use your words. What you say and think about yourself matters a lot this week. Focus on giving yourself the very best messages about yourself. Stand up straight and think well for best results.

Libra: How high you want to go in life really does depend on how much love is behind your intention. Do what you love and you will feel confident and empowered right in your heart. Who you include in the story of your life is important now. Sharing with friends brings many mutual benefits. Those you have commonalities with should find their way into your personal life movie. Rooting for a cause, or focusing on creating something beautiful and meaningful brings out the qualities of leadership and friendship. Focus on what you are for, rather than what you are against, make it fun and it will make all the difference.

Scorpio: If you have excess energy now, you should go for a swim or for a jog by the water. If you need to tap into a reserve of energy then resting by a lake will give you what you need. Any blocks you have in self confidence could use the physical exertion to change up your energy. Talking about subjects that people usually keep quiet could be good for you. Psychoanalysis promptings can happen over a cup of coffee. If your career is important to you, or you have higher aims, this week asks you to add a lot of beautiful, charming qualities to the forefront that get people’s attention.

Sagittarius: You should feel pretty good this week. The most beautiful philosophy of life could dawn on you from the most compelling location. Laughing, chatting and having intelligent conversations about the arts and entertainment will stimulate your mind. Thinking in more creative, intellectually inspiring ways taps you into confidence and enthusiasm. Focusing on getting your achievements in order and creating step by step plans is an efficient use of your time as the week progresses. Having fun helps your wisdom grow and brings you an inner glow.

Capricorn: Pay attention, with curiosity and intrigue, to groups of people that have high energy. What is their secret? Those that exemplify ambitions that capture your attention are great models. Your future potential starts from now. You need to tap into that drive. I know some Capricorn’s are working hard or self discovery and transforming their relationship with their ego. This is a good time to know that you don’t have to do all the work alone. You are an asset to any team, you are a power player that has the potential to make a difference and climb high towards a common vision. Use your power wisely.

Aquarius: Much of your power comes from your career or higher aims you have in life now. The actions you take, the thoughts and words you share can be strong with determination now. Focus with intention, considering all the angles and possibilities for best results. You could start a new phase in your relationships with other people now, whether it’s romantic or platonic, the love and friendship you give to others should be expressed wholeheartedly. People in your life matter and can bring you such feelings of abundance. A date to the movies or to a play will be fun if you’re interested. As part of the fun, being resourceful and organized this week serves you well.

Pisces: The week starts with the Moon in your sign and ends in Gemini. You may need some quiet time to just be with yourself and that’s OK. The higher vibration of feminine beauty and what it means in mystical terms helps you find yourself. Meditate on that. If you’re not a movie buff, you may want to brush up on your skills in entertainment trivia. Many of your sign will find the expressive display of colorful flowers to be especially attractive now. Walking around in lavish locations that are glamorous will be so much fun this week. Intelligence and thoughtfulness is attractive. Ensure your home decor speaks a language.

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