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Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for October 20 to 26, 2014

Weekly Horoscope Overview:
Weekly Horoscopes for each Sign are listed below.

Written by Symbolic Living

Vintage Fortune Teller
New Moon in Scorpio, Eclipse
As the week begins attractions can increase with Venus and Mars getting cozy on Monday. What you find magnetic will be enhanced. More of us will be drawn to qualities of fairness, warmth, and wisdom. Strength and beauty within yourself and in others becomes more admirable.

We also have Mercury and Jupiter connecting nicely. Today you may realize how joy comes from within and is, in many cases, a choice. What you focus on within yourself can be enhanced. Creative growth is encouraged as the week begins. Your self-talk and what you believe makes all the difference to how big your dreams are.

Further into the week, we have the Sun entering Scorpio on Thursday morning at 7:56 am EDT. This is a great time to embrace the changes in life with the intention of transforming yourself at your core. Your power comes from deep seated wisdom. It is a good time to realize the power of yourself at your source. It’s an excellent time to begin your day with meditation and access your subconscious mind. Gut instincts and deep rooted feelings are a powerful platform to live from in the world.

Later in the day Venus enters Scorpio as well and gets close to the Sun. Connecting to reality from your heart takes on greater importance. We then have a New Moon in Scorpio at 5:56 pm EDT on Thursday. The transformational power of this New Moon is in the metaphorical and symbolic seeds you choose to plant in your life. We'll talk more about this in the New Moon Horoscope on Wednesday too.

We have a partial Solar Eclipse on this day of the New Moon and as you know, that’s powerful. Now realizations from deep within our subconscious selves, comes to light. What is hidden and what is revealed in our personal lives take on greater significance as we begin a new phase with this New Moon growing towards the Full Moon in a couple of weeks.

It’s an excellent time to go within. Hatha Yoga is perfect to do on Thursday, especially during the eclipse as a symbolic demonstration of balancing the Sun and the Moon, yin and yang, male and female energies within you. It’s a great time to access the spiritual realm through prayer and divination. Secrets may be revealed at this time that are life changing. Love and honesty are paramount now.

Scorpio rules life, death and rebirth, and so these subjects could have more emphasis now with this New Moon Solar Eclipse revealing to us the cycles of life. Curiosity is heightened now and so this is also a time where people will have greater interest in theosophy, fortune telling, palm reading and other esoteric and occult interests. Of course, as we get closer to Halloween these spirit realm matters become emphasized as part of the themes we find in Scorpio.

A couple of days later on Saturday the Sun and Venus meet. The truth of who you are is available when you love and accept yourself unconditionally. All those parts of yourself that you hide through shame or guilt can be lifted now. The spiritual approach to life takes on greater importance  and your karma can be cleansed through the release of your fears and replaced with authentic love.

As well, with Mercury stationing direct on Saturday, he is finishing his retrograde phase in Libra. However, before Saturday, I would suggest you communicate with others you may have been distancing yourself from for whatever reason during this Mercury retrograde.

During a Mercury retrograde when we are busy working on projects in life in our own bubble, we can often forget to reach out and ask for others to share their insight. By doing this you may miss out on important information that could actually make your tasks easier. Mercury retrograde is a good time to perk up your ears and listen. When you find yourself facing obstacles during Mercury retrograde, someone may have the answer you’ve been looking for that could have saved you a lot of time and trouble. In retrospect it’s easy to know how you’d have done things differently. Now, on Saturday, with Mercury stationing direct, the path forward will become clearer.

Finally, on Sunday, Mars will enter Capricorn. This will set the stage for the upcoming week to feel more ambitious and inspired by action that is dedicated to climbing whatever mountain you set your sights on. An eye on success helps us get excited about the future.

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Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for each Sign - October 20 to October 26, 2014:

Aries: This week you will get a renewed sense of wealth. You have a realization about money matters and value. You see what is at the core of your needs so you can make better instinctual choices about what resources you want to access. You may have a moment of doubt, and wonder if you’ve made right and wrong choices in the past, but upon reflection you know that you have the power to plant new seeds now that will grow with your love and attention. Now is where the real power is. Your thoughts on relationships can change this week. Whatever questions you’ve had about who you relate to whether romantically or in business partnerships, you’ll find some answers that shift your point of view. From there you can start making better choices about how you communicate what you feel is right for you and for those you’re involved with. At the end of the week enthusiasm for career development and ambitions is heightened for you.

Taurus: If you’re organized this week and setting aside a fair amount of time for work and pleasure, you should feel like you love what you’re doing day to day. Rethink how you’re balancing your time and add a little magic to your days with symbolic gestures. Something as simple as lighting incense with intention can shift your perspective nicely. It really is about enjoying your routine now. You can also have a nice transformation in your relationships now, romantic or otherwise. Getting out of the shadows and being honest can start an all new trend in your relationships based on trust and bringing more pleasure to life. This New Moon Eclipse has Venus close by, so you’ll feel the shift considerable. The higher vibration of love is what matters most and will relinquish fears.

Gemini: If you’ve been rethinking what is fun in your life, you’ll get an awakening this week. With Mercury going direct you will see how your creative spark can be demonstrated with more clarity and explored with less judgment and more fairness. Questions and personal reflections over the past six weeks start to come together and answers become easier to express and verbalize. Any denial you’ve had about how your daily routine is not fully supportive of an organized and functional lifestyle, will have to face reality this week. It’s time to turn over a new leaf and get yourself on track. Shake off the cobwebs and get yourself in gear. The light comes on and the magic happens. Love what you do and you’ll attract what you need to do even better.

Cancer: You’ve got to make your life more enjoyable. To get what you want from the world you have to put more love into what you give. It is a two way street and you’re the common denominator in your driving habits in life. This New Moon eclipse is a potent time for you to have an emotional wake up call that helps you reawaken your power of accessing the love and light in life. Goodness is always available in life, you just have to choose to access it. If you’ve been unclear about communications with family and those close to you, or if you’ve had some issues at home that need rebalancing, you’ll get clarity at the end of the week.

Leo: Happiness is one of your gifts and through it you attract your greatest prosperity. Your smile can light up a room. Those closest to you gain so much from you when you express your joy. This week, how valued and appreciated you are becomes an important factor in determining who you want to surround yourself with. By giving your best, you can receive the best. Wherever you’ve stumbled in getting your message across, continue to refine your choice of words this week. Blogging or journaling to flush out your ideas is good for you. At the end of the week you will find it easier to express the right words that help you create the balance you want with those you interact with. Love for family, or those closest to you, is an important seed for you to plant and nurture now. You reap what you sow.

Virgo: Your personal values and feelings of self worth have been under the radar. To be fair with yourself and to find the right balance is something you need to continue working on this week. Finding the right thoughts and words that support a sense of worthiness is so important for you. Your doubts about yourself are merely thoughts, and those thoughts can change if you choose to replace them with better. The transformation you need this week is in your words. You can turn over a new leaf and shine so much brighter. Keep a daily journal to describe yourself with at least 3 positive qualities you like about yourself this week. At the end of the week you’ll notice a difference in your attitude. The secret is in loving yourself.

Libra: Your identity is transforming this week and so is your self worth. As you evaluate yourself you know the importance of fairness. Being diplomatic with others may come naturally, but you can forget to apply that to yourself at times. With Mercury stationing direct in your sign this week after his retrograde phase, you will feel the shift in how you think about yourself. Your money matters and sense of security gets awakened this week. The resources you need to feel more stable and secure may arrive this week, and it may not be what you expect. It may be something more esoteric. The love you have for yourself makes all the difference. It is how much love you have within you and for yourself that determines how much you receive and how much you are supported. This week is a new phase to grow in love for yourself and watching the material world reflect that back to you as a natural consequence.

Scorpio: With your birthday around the corner, the Sun entering your sign, the Moon and Venus entering your sign as well, it’s really about how the core of you is a presence of love in the world. This is a new beginning, about how you feel about yourself. The big question is, “Who am I really?” We all come from the same source, and at the very core of all, behind all those layers, is the same essence, and it is love. The eclipse in your sign with this New Moon can be a real moment of awakening where you feel your energy shift dramatically, like a phoenix rising from the ashes. It’s up to you to make the change though. It’s not about waiting around for things to happen and magically wishing things to transform. You are the common denominator in your life and it is up to you. Your ambition is geared to increase at the end of the week. Set your sights on getting clear and being able to verbalize what you want from life. Your words are magic now.

Sagittarius: You get a last phase of energy from Mars this week and you should use it wisely. Your personal power comes from your strength, and determination to act on what you know. Channelling your wisdom and using it to move forward to stand true to you and from there to create better security for yourself is your optimal use of energy now. Your greatest transformation now with this New Moon and Solar Eclipse is through tapping into your higher consciousness. Knowing how valuable your spirit is and how love builds a bridge to being a force in the collective is a light bulb moment that can start an all new journey of purpose for you. If you’ve had some trouble communicating or understanding the perspective of friends or colleagues lately, you’ll likely find clarity later in the week. Through it you can decide who is the best fit for you to move forward with.

Capricorn: If communication at work has been jumbled and you’ve been unclear about the direction, work towards gaining clarity at the end of the week. Fairness is most important. Your friends and colleagues will play an important role for you with this New Moon. Know who is important to you and who you feel a deep connection with. Some will even find romance with a friend happens unexpectedly. If you are in the spiritual mood tapping into divination with friends, such as a tarot reading for clarity could be very interesting and revealing. Be honest and open and you could get some insight that turns over a new leaf. What you attract now becomes very potent, so keep love at the core of your being, especially in relationship with others, and your life gets much more magical. On the New Moon the unknown may become known. Instinctual wisdom is with you. When Mars moves into your sign at the end of the week you’d do well to identify with your strengths.

Aquarius: The wisdom within you is best accessed through writing, reflecting and pondering now. Mull over the truth of your being. When Mercury stations direct later in the week you’ll gain much clarity from all you’ve been considering. Your career is touched by this New Moon and Solar Eclipse. A light bulb moment could awaken and you’ll realize that what you’ve hid below the surface deserves to be shared. Meditation from the heart is good for you now to grow in self actualization. It’s a good time to put a lot of love into your higher goals and ambitions. You have the power to plant seeds now that will manifest much value. It is your intentions that matter most. That is where you power is. When your fears are acknowledged, you can move above and beyond them and make your magic shine bright.

Pisces: This is a week where the New Moon feels in harmony with your being. The Solar eclipse adds power and potency bringing you an awakening of wisdom. The purpose of your life gets a lot of attention this week. There is a specialness to this week, one where philosophy, the love of wisdom, gives you a greater experience of the world. When the sun partially dims from the shadow of the Moon, it is an omen of what is hidden and what is revealed. After the eclipse, it is a time of awakening from what was. It is when past karma can be washed away. Place your intentions on moving forward with more light. Acknowledge what was and how it served you or where it did not serve you and thank the experience for what it was. Now is a time for a new you to be born. It is a time to let go of the past and shine brighter with love at the core of your being and at the forefront of the purpose of your life.

Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for October 13 to 19, 2014

Weekly Horoscope Overview:
Weekly Horoscopes for each Sign are listed below.

Written by Symbolic Living

Ma'at Ancient Egyptian
Goddess of Truth and Justice
This week we have a lot of energy directed towards truth, justice, equality and fairness. These are areas of life that we need to reconsider now. Love, destiny and ego are at the forefront, tied into these areas this week.

For some this may be a time where speaking the truth should be weighed. What will the outcome be of revealing something from the heart and how will it be interpreted? You may want to wait and ponder that a little longer.

Even if you feel like you seriously want to say what needs to be said, you should consider the full picture of what the outcome may be. Is the person you’re speaking to more likely to interpret you from their ego or from their heart and how could that impact the trajectory of your life?

Now, choices are highly important, so choose wisely. Also, look at it the other way too. Are you interpreting what others are saying from your ego, from your heart and is it possible you could be misjudging what you hear now?

Overall this is about becoming aware of how close to the truth we are living our lives in connection with the truth of others. Truth comes from the heart.

Jupiter and Venus are sharing abundant energy on Tuesday. This is a day to enjoy life, enjoy pleasure and to appreciate where you are blessed and gifted in life. Love and peace are emphasized.

On Wednesday, Mars and the Sun share their energy. It could be a day of empowerment where a healthy ego and willpower can move us towards our purpose. To live honestly and shine brightly inspires us to use our energy in the best manner. Having an ambition and purpose drives us. Channel yours. Think “destiny.”

Mercury has been retrograde for a little over a week now. From Scorpio he entered Libra and now unites with the Sun in Libra on Thursday. This is a good day to have a deeper conversation about your morals, core beliefs and ethics. It can be a revealing time where you weigh issues. Even small talk can make light bulbs happen where you may gain deeper understanding of what matters to you. The importance of identifying our lives by living our truth increases. You don’t have to share everything, but if you’re with someone you trust, conversations can bring you realizations about who you really are.

If you’re inhibited, or shy, you may want to admit that to someone now so you can move closer to being honest. It could be a day where you feel like you’re no longer hiding and you lift a veil to let more light shine.

Mercury and Mars connect today as well. Speak from your gut. That is where your truth often resides. From there you may feel truly empowered. If you fumble your words, it’s really OK. You’re human. The act of communicating with meaning and purpose puts you on the road towards empowerment.

Mercury continuing in retrograde then snuggles up to Venus in Libra on Friday. He’s making the rounds. Where there is love you can speak your truth. Love is where there is no judgment. True love is unconditional, and you can communicate that from your heart.

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Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for each Sign - October 13 to October 19, 2014:

Aries: This week you would do well to get real about what you’re passionate about. Write about it, mull it over. What is honestly most important to you that gives you meaning in your life. You will likely learn a lot this week through your actions. You may not be able to make complete sense of what is to be learned, but in the fullness of time you will likely embody the deeper lessons that come through your experiences now. Other people, particularly a significant other, will remind you of what your blessings are. Give yourself moments of freedom and fun and you’ll feel more whole. Whatever makes you laugh, is good for you this week.

Taurus: This week you should feel like things are coming together and getting in order. Get yourself on a schedule and infuse your daily activities with inspiration and spirituality. Take breaks that allow you to nourish yourself. This is about balance and feeling like you’re loving your days. You are destined to have greater productivity while living true to yourself. Even though Mercury is retrograde right now, and you will likely have a few hiccups to your daily routine, use those stand out moments to reflect on where you can make changes to your approach. Your home is a place where you can feel abundant. Living within your means helps you feel like you’ve got what you need and extra in the bank.

Gemini: When you’re out and about having fun, you may not feel like you’re as witty as usual, and gossip may feel a little unfair. You may find that going within to your more creative mindset and expressing that through the arts helps you feel more balanced this week. You may want to try your hand at something crafty, or simply enjoy the beauty of nature. Visiting a gallery or window shopping is a nice way to use spare time this week. Tickets to shows may go missing or you may not get the seats you want, but take it in stride. When Mercury is retrograde you can’t expect everything to work out perfectly. Be a good listener this week. You may get a light bulb moment of truth worth writing down.

Cancer: Spiritual concepts may sway you early in the week. Who you identify yourself as goes through a transformation and it’s most likely through an interaction or observation of another that instigates the shift. Someone who may be earthy, grounded, stable or ambitious could make you feel different about yourself. Later in the week you should feel more like you are deserving to be blessed financially. Your home life and your finances are connected now. Beautifying your home could give you that sense of comfort and abundance that is tangible. If you’ve saved up a bit, home decor could act as a nice reminder of your financial situation.

Leo: Conversations this week about right and wrong can always go either way. Intelligence and ego mingle this week and it’s up to you to decide on the right words to balance the conversation. Laws, politics, justice can be wedges. Be choosy with your words and be a good listener. Asking questions is a good thing. You’ll likely enjoy the arts this week, particularly visual arts. Meals made from the heart that tantalize your taste buds are great conversation starters. When you put love first and foremost into your conversations and interactions, you can’t help but create greater peace.

Virgo: This is a good week for you to rethink your finances with the intention of creating greater balance. You may not have all the details in order, but at least juggle the options you are aware of. Consider the pros and cons of what you’re building towards. A significant other could be a part of the financial picture for those of you who are attached. You may want to talk about your debt and savings situation and rethink your plans for the future you want. You don’t have to set anything in stone, but at least get the ball rolling in the right direction. Reconsider what has worked and what hasn’t and you’ll likely have some insights into what you truly need. Conversations can open your eyes. The more you ask, the more answers you’ll start to receive.

Libra: With the Sun in your sign you are enjoying the gifts of another year added to your life. It is a time of gratitude. It’s also a time to remember how important it is to love yourself. Thinking back to the good times in your life and having nostalgia for what was, is a healthy way to consider who you are. Who you are destined to become as part of your journey in this life is always about love. To give and receive love, to accept and give from the heart allows us to live with a healthy sense of self. This week enjoy your own company, and enjoy sharing who you are. Love and be loved. It is your destiny.

Scorpio: Being more spiritually minded is important for you this week. Go back to some of your beliefs and explore them. Use your gift of intuitive awareness to reach higher planes of consciousness. Merge your heart with your mind. Visualization of peace, harmony, balance, love, and light is good for you now. Your higher chakras need your attention to channel more light into your life. Surround yourself with beautiful thoughts and feelings. Seek your higher self and your higher truth and bring that light into the world. You can be a beacon of peace now and through it gain confidence in who you are and a greater sense of identity.

Sagittarius: Connect with others who are like minded and share your ambitions with them. Share your truth. Your willpower gives you strength and courage now. Speak from that place of equilibrium and balance and you’ll attract the right kind of people into your life. Exercise can give you a boost of self confidence this week as well. With Venus connecting with Jupiter this week you should feel blessed, especially if you are focusing on living your life from a philosophical perspective. Infuse meaning into all that you do. Humanitarian endeavors that demonstrate your love of life will give you feelings of purpose. You can make difference in the world that is worthwhile. Surround yourself with people that matter. You may feel a special connection this week that stirs your heart.

Capricorn: You may be rethinking your career now, or any of the larger goals you have for your life for that matter. Do you love what you do? Does it stir within you feelings of abundance, blessings and light? Not all careers do, but of course we all wish to have our days filled with satisfaction. Now you get to reconsider what you’re doing with your life and weigh the options. You may need to do a little daydreaming. You may not get all the answers this week, but you could certainly gain some useful insight when you put your thinking cap on. Ultimately, what you want is to give your attention to what feels right. This is the week to take a look at what you have and what you want so you can maximize your blessings.

Aquarius: You may be rethinking a lot of aspects of your life because you want to live more true to your cause. Whatever you feel like your purpose is this week, you get to redefine it a bit. You may not have all the answers now, but you can step into that zone of self taught wisdom and take note of what makes sense for now. The people you communicate with now are those who can surprise you and bring enthusiasm for your life. It’s a lovely time to enjoy the people around you and appreciate how they fit into the grander purpose of your existence. Gratitude turns on the lights and always has the power to make you wiser.

Pisces: Early in the week is when you feel your emotions rise tied to your identity. Who you are is going through a long term adjustment and much of it is dependent on your vision of yourself. The higher vibration of love comes through when you can enjoy yourself and not take yourself so seriously. Life is meant to be fun too. You’ll find comfort in laughter this week. It’s a good time to reach out to external resources now too, financially and otherwise. Make sure all your paperwork is in order if you’re applying for a grant, loan, bursary or related resources. It’s easy to miss tiny details this week, so read over paperwork thoroughly. A second set of eyes may help too. You could be especially blessed now if everything is in order.

Full Moon in Aries for October 8, 2014 Astrology Horoscope

Written by Symbolic Living.

It’s officially a Full Moon in Aries on October 8, 2014 at 6:50 a.m. EDT.

Not only is this a Full Moon but there is also a Lunar Eclipse, and it all happens so very close in conjunction with Uranus.

Since this Full Moon is in the Fire Sign of Aries in close connection to Uranus, it speaks directly to the Grand Trine in Fire connecting with Jupiter and Mars. 

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If you're wondering when the Lunar Eclipse happens, it begins at 4:17 a.m. EDT early Wednesday morning when most are sleeping in North America. The Moon will set on the western horizon at 7:01 a.m. EDT when the Sun rises on the eastern horizon.

This can be a revolutionary time. The past couple of weeks has likely been a time of personal awakening and realization for many. This Full Moon Eclipse implores us to be attuned to what has been hidden in our lives and to open up to seeing who we have become in a new light.

If you have been diving deeper into astrology for personal awareness, or other forms of divination, or even visiting a psychologist or learning more about philosophy, meditation and deeper consciousness, your personal awakenings can certainly be deeply profound now. The inspiration can arise spontaneously giving you that eureka moment of newfound awareness.

Look back to what has been inspired and initiated within you recently or close to this Full Moon. A key realization of self worth and self-love is emphasized and destined for us. This is about living your truth, being true to who you are, and being fair. Justice and equality is deserved.

Some could get fired up, feeling empowered in knowing the importance of being true to oneself and living it. It can be a personal rebellion to the status quo. To go beyond the limits imposed on you by others, to overcome those conditions others place upon you, and to feel the courage to be who you really are - for some that can take a lifetime. But now, many of us feel the drive to live freer with more personal power with more urgency.

What you want, who you want to be, and what you truly believe, is so important as part of this Full Moon. It is like the veil is lifted.

It’s a good time to go within, to tap into your personal power, and perhaps even get real with the secrets you hold and ask yourself why are you hiding a part of yourself. If you can be real and authentic, you can be empowered. Find your real inner voice. You don’t need the approval of others to be your true self. It is your birthright, and your soul’s journey wishes for you to declare nothing but the truth. To love yourself and honor yourself is something you deserve. You deserve unconditional love.

Some may have outbursts, even aggressive tendencies in declaring their truth though. The rebel can take over. It is a time of revolution, personally and on a more collective stance because people are becoming more aware of the value truth, honesty and accountability to be held in high regard and declared more abundantly. The enthusiasm for life’s greater purpose can spread like wildfire.

For some, if there is a strong intolerance of opposing opinions or anything perceived as suppressing in nature, then aggressiveness can light up. However, it is wisdom that can temper any flames and create bridges to awareness for the highest good.

The Sun in Libra is directly across the sky from this Full Moon, while Venus is in fairly close orb to the Sun, across the sky from the Full Moon.

Because this Full Moon is also in close orb to the South Node we also may find an apparent desire to move away from the past self. Light can be shone on our past to help us wake up to who we once were and who we are becoming. In a way this too can be part of the rebellious side of us wanting to become something different. Here we are able to recognizing what was not ideal as part of the past self that thus, in turn, motivates us to move towards the future. We know we can choose better.

We all know deep down that we are better than war, whether it be small personal disagreements, war with ourselves, or larger global conflict. Love is our highest calling. Love can really make the most impact. Love overcomes all and transcends all. Through even the darkest hours, the light of love can shine through. With love, all that separates us is banished.

It is a good time to stare up at the sky and dream of the possibilities. Futuristic, sci-fi concepts and far out, magical thinking is going to be really fantastic to tap into with this Full Moon. You could be surprised with the creative capacity you can channel. From there you get to integrate a new reality, a new version of you and really own it, and make it your own.

Celebrate life and all that it deserves. Celebrate the real you. Celebrate your higher self shining through and bringing enthusiasm for life and love into the world. From there you can make a difference.

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