Full Moon in Virgo

Full Moon in Virgo Astrology Horoscope Interpretation

Full Moon in Virgo February 19, 2019 at 10:54 am ET.

The Sun in Pisces opposes the Moon in Virgo bringing us the Full Moon.

I love Virgo energy because it is all about productivity and getting things in order. Scheduling and using your time intelligently is best. It’s a good idea to work towards something in a practical, methodical way as we head towards this Full Moon so you have something completed. Put in the effort and make it happen.

This is also a great time to do self assessment of your accomplishments. Health and nutrition are especially worthy of your attention. You are what you eat.

What habits in your life have brought you to this point? Do you need to change any of your habits and routines to manifest the lifestyle you want?

Mercury is the ruler of Virgo, and Mercury is now in Pisces with the Sun. Use your ability to visualize and dream up awesome ideas that can head you in the right direction toward producing something meaningful for the Full Moon. Be productive and manifest.

Sun in Pisces

Sun in Pisces

Sun in Pisces Astrology Horoscope Interpretation

The Sun enters Pisces February 18, 2019 at 6:03 pm ET

Chiron leaves Pisces and the Sun enters on the same day.

The Sun in Pisces brings emphasis and awareness to spiritual and philosophical perspectives. In ancient cultures, the Sun was worshiped as God and is still practiced by some people today. The Sun has been called The Light of The World just like deities and spiritual icons.

This is considered a time to be especially creative and tap into that higher wisdom and inspiration that bring purpose and intention to your life. A more introspective perspective works well here. Imagination can be greatly emphasized.

Some can get too reliant on mind altering substances and enter into a dreamy worldview when the Sun is in Pisces. Whether it’s excess caffeine highs, drugs and alcohol, or just staying up extra late to the point of overtired giddiness, it’s easy to want to slip into a more detached, illusionary, ethereal, spiritualized, majestic version of reality.

When the Sun is in Pisces, it is recommended that those that are addicts to seek and finally get the help and support they need to see the light in life beyond their addictions.

Kindness goes far in building relationships and good karma, but can also lead to an excess of self sacrifice by putting a lot of energy towards caring for others’ needs first. Holistic healers and counselors are emphasized with the Sun in Pisces as helping others comes naturally. Practices that are spiritual and light oriented, like Reiki are popularly associated with the Sun in Pisces.

Realizations of personal, spiritual perspectives can lead to new beginnings once Spring arrives in March.

The Sun is in Pisces until March 20, 2019

Mercury in Pisces

Full Moon in Virgo

Chiron in Aries

Chiron in Aries Astrology Horoscope Interpretation

Chiron leaves Pisces and enters Aries February 18, 2019 4:06 am ET

Chiron entered Aries for a few months on April 17, 2018 then went Retrograde and has been in Pisces again for a final stint since September 25, 2018. Now Chiron heading forward is in Aries again for the long haul.

Chiron is the wounded healer.

This period will be a time when people need to heal their identity. Aries is where one says, “I Am”.

Uranus has been in Aries for a long time and has created quite a kerfuffle in the past few years as identity politics have been greatly emphasized. People have made a strong effort to identify themselves as one thing or another, and consequently rebelled against opposing identities. Mars meeting Uranus in Aries recently brings a sense of urgency and strong emphasis on ego and identity issues. Uranus in Aries has created quite a stir, brought up issues of racism, sexism, genderism, political identities and differences of social class and status. We’ve seen protests of many types.

Now that Uranus is heading out of Aries in March, we will see Chiron take over the Arian space for the long term and emphasis will be on healing the rifts people have made between each other and recognizing the wounds that have been made. We will slowly see a more compassionate stance take root as the lessons Chiron has learned in the spiritual sign of Pisces, brings wisdom into the next stage of healing who we are.

As identities change, we are likely to see people pulling the victim card more often for their benefit as a method of getting attention and validation as a tool for upping their social standing. Aries is very egocentric, it is about the self, which has people seeing things from their own point of view more often than seeing from other people’s points of view. This is an important part of what needs to heal going forward with Chiron in Aries, as people recognize how their own identity is connected to the identities of others.

Aries rules the head, brain and eyes. Healing what we see and think about ourselves and others is on the agenda. Our egos need healing. Acknowledging the masks we wear and the masks we place, label and project onto others is necessary. Issues of identity of self vs others, division, racism, defamation, character assassination, smear campaigns, false accusations, and damaged reputations need to be healed to be true to ourselves and humanity.

Chiron will remain in Aries until January 2028.

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