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Weekly Astrology Horoscope April 21-27, 2013

Excerpt from our Weekly Astrology Horoscope...
As many of you know Gold has been symbolically associated with the Sun for thousands of years. It represents light manifested in matter. Now that the Sun is in Taurus it’s natural to think about the story of the golden calf. Symbolizing life and fertility, worship of the Bull was common in ancient culture. In the story of the golden calf we can see it is also a potent symbol of money and how people worship money. Humanities hope, happiness and sense of abundance has been tied to money for ages.

Right now, Mercury in Aries is in a challenging relationship with Pluto retrograde in Capricorn which causes us to think more considerably about our finances and our relationship to the material world and our efforts to manifest. The symbol of Capricorn, the goat, is ambitious and climbs high up the mountain. Mercury is the ‘messenger of the gods’ and communicates between the higher and lower realms of humanity, mind and spirit. In the story of the golden calf, Moses climbed Mount Sinai seeking something greater at the top. Then he descends from the mountaintop with the intention of communicating his higher understanding to the people. Yet, what he see’s are people worshiping the golden calf, symbolizing embellishing the ego, or the lower consciousness of material world. The gold symbolizing money and the bull symbolizing fertility, nature, and the earth. In other words, materialism. One of the main themes here is that money can give us a false sense of abundance, but that true fulfillment resides in having a relationship to something higher. Desires and pleasures of the ego are temporary and not truly fulfilling.

In Kabbalah, what Moses' descent down the mountain symbolizes is the 10 sephirot of the tree of life - the emanations of light from the higher source, the creator...

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