Uranus stations Retrograde in Aries, August 3, 2017. Weekly Sun Sign Horoscopes for July 31 to August 6, 2017.

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Uranus officially goes Retrograde on August 3, 2017 at 1:31 am ET! 

Expect to have some powerful personal revelations and big changes this week! We are also likely to notice much of the happenings in the world around us feel more erratic, possibly even irritating. Getting away from excess racket and the more yang energy, to have some time for yourself to decrease stress levels is recommended. Time spent internalizing your thoughts and reflecting will bring about much more insight than getting caught up in a busy world.

It's also likely that you won't like feeling restricted. Obstacles in your way can feel extra irritating now.

A great question to ask yourself during this Uranus Retrograde is, "What does Freedom mean to you?"

However, because of the strong symbolism emphasized in the sky this week, I will be talking a lot more about the bigger picture of our world in this Overview, particularly a more political point of view. For your more personal perspective, read your horoscope for your Sign linked below.

If you’ve been following my horoscopes for a while, you’ll be familiar with how the contrasts of Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto have been representative of large changes in our collective and individual lives. These major planets have been at odds with one another for many months in the Cardinal signs signifying powerful shifts towards new beginnings that impact our identities and political landscapes.

Jupiter in Libra has shown us great emphasis and scrutiny of the media and journalism. The differences between beliefs and worldviews of individuals at the grassroots level contrasting with the power structures of the higher echelons of society - the political and corporate world - have been in large focus. The concept of Fake News has been a big eye opener for many, and as trust issues escalate on all sides, the world is becoming more disenfranchised and skeptical about how the big players in society have been playing power games.

Uranus is a big focus this week, but before I get to that I just want to remind you that...

Venus enters Cancer on Monday, July 31, 2017 at 10:54 am ET.

Venus in Cancer can be quite pleasing for relationships with family and those close. The home becomes more important as a go-to place for shared love. Enjoying the warmth of cooking delicious foods with loved ones can be a saving grace and a path to emotional comfort. Appreciation of mothers and motherly types is well suited now as well. This is a time of great inspiration for decorating and gardening around your home to make your space more beautiful and comfortable.

Uranus is now close to the end of the sign of Aries, but won’t be leaving anytime soon. We still have a lot of self reflection to do. Uranus is now ready to go retrograde again.

Uranus officially goes retrograde in Aries on Thursday, August 3, 2017 at 1:31 am ET. Uranus will be retrograde until January 2, 2018!

This marks another significant, long term internal shift for us all. Our identities are changing. How we identify with the world, and what we believe about ourselves and the reality around us is ready for a change. For many, the inner rebel gets much more emphasis as a stronger personal stance takes root. Others will be reflecting on how their past self has been contributing to their future self, to motivate changes accordingly.

Information that comes up suddenly this week can lead to sudden, quick changes, and personal revelations.

The ego can gain more traction, contributing to a more divisive, disagreeable attitude towards others. With Jupiter and Pluto in the picture, the counterculture to the establishments in society, particularly media and politics, strengthens.

These times are nothing short of revolutionary. Though we are all very similar in many ways, we are also each seeing how different we are from one another.

Uranus and Jupiter will slowly be getting closer to exact opposition in the coming months.

Jupiter in Libra has been putting a strong emphasis on the contrast between truth and lies. The media has been a sensationalist circus of battles for power over the mind of viewers, and the internet and social media has been cutting deep at its roots. Essentially we have been in the throes of an information war and that’s not going to stop anytime soon. Corporate powers and interests vs. the voices of everyday citizens... it will only escalate more. The battle of law, justice and truth will only grow in complexity. These opposites, truth and lies, are on the balancing scale, being weighed. That’s what Libra does, and Jupiter here brings even more emphasis. We have also noticed how censorship and control of information has been a larger focus as well.

I know a lot of astrologers tend to only focus on the positive in Jupiter’s symbolism, as only a bestower of great gifts, abundance, prosperity and good luck, but this is a very narrow, limited, and dare I say biased point of view on Jupiter, and Jupiter does not like limits. Jupiter is Zeus in Greek mythology, King of the gods, and is much more complex and dramatic than he is given credit. Jupiter brings emphasis, which can be positive or negative. He is also ruler of laws, and so here in Libra, we can see how the pendulum has been swinging to extremes of right and wrong, truth and lies. Contrasts and differences have been emphasized significantly and will continue. Obvious biases have been through the roof. With Uranus and Pluto at odds with Jupiter, we can see that the more complicated, political, corporate, legal issues are in focus now.

Jupiter and Pluto are directly at odds on Friday, August 4, 2017. Well, this is more emphasis of the battle between the old establishment and the new. As power structures are changing, the conflicts of information grow. Pluto retrograde has a lot to do with purging out the ways of old. Propaganda on one side and the other only grows in tension, and we could see desperate moves. We live in a very complex world where egos, power and money dominate our societal structure.

Politically, people tend to get hung up on being dogmatically glued to one side or the other. What is really needed if the idealistic peace and harmony of Libra is to ever become our lived reality, is an objective, higher perspective that looks honestly at all sides of the equation for the real truth. Since biases have a stronghold on people, it’s important to be careful that the information around us isn’t manipulating our minds. It is healthy to be skeptical and to ask, “Is that really true?” instead of simply accepting the information and ideas presented to you. Does the source of information have an agenda and intention to sway you one way or the other?

The tension of political drama only increases this week, as the Moon meets up with Pluto retrograde in Capricorn, we could see a lot of emotionally charged battles of truth and lies in the government and media.

With Uranus retrograde, more people will be less trusting of what’s happening in the big picture leading to a reassessment of personal identity and personal association. As we move further into the month ahead, battles heat up. More people will feel at odds with the way the world is run. The hierarchy, rules, methods and laws will have the common, everyday citizens feeling at odds with the ways of the political, corporate, media, powers. Mars and the Sun in Leo only add to the dramatic energy.

Uranus retrograde signifies the importance of the people making choices that are in their own best interest. People will definitely be getting much more reacquainted with the effects of their egos. Some will be drawn right into the drama and conflict around them, while others, who wish to be more conscious, will first assess how their actions will make an impact before they react.

Overall, more of us will have personal epiphanies and experience more uncanny coincidences we can’t ignore.

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Enjoy Reading Your Weekly Horoscopes for All 12 Sun Signs

Aries: Your identity has been going through a long term transformation, for years. You are now entering another period of internal reflection. Who are you? Who have you been? How must you change to become more true to yourself and to create the life you want for your future? Do you possess inner authority or are you dependant on the rules established by others? We are all in a revolutionary period. You are likely to have revelations about the meaning of your life this week, particularly about your identity, relationships and your career goals. Taking a step back could play an important role in trying to keep the peace this week as well. Entertainment is a healthy, positive escape for you now. Key characters that you identify with could stand out and inspire a new understanding of yourself. Making your home a lovely and loving place is a beautiful thing.

Taurus: Your beliefs and views on life are set to change this week. Your larger understanding of life could go through a revolution. The karma you have created has brought you to where you are now. If you want to be somewhere different, look at the karma you are creating. Every action has a reaction that leads to your future. What you think, believe and do changes everything around you. Take a deeper look at your calling in life. What is it? Who are you meant to be? Answers could come to you in your dreams and daydreams now. It’s important that you also look at how your beliefs and your worldview lead to your approach to relationships in your everyday life. You may notice that what other people want, is not necessarily what you want. Define for yourself the path you want to take, and get rid of the obstacles that are keeping you from living a life of peace. Communicating with family and those close in a more loving way is especially good for your well being now. In business, make sure you have the details and the big picture in order. For best results, make sure you are interpreting agreements correctly. If you don’t feel trusting, step away.

Gemini: Venus leaves your sign this week and enters Cancer. You’re wise to be more attentive to your finances now. You may wish to upgrade or beautify your home, but do make sure you are relatively well situated financially. This is a good time for you to be taking inventory of your material possessions, assign value and being more conscious of your income. Although new decor would feel nice, ultimately you’d do best to put comfort and security as priority rather than shopping for trivial things. Taking care of your body and your beauty is recommended to help you feel more comfortable in your own skin too. It’s also an important time for you to be more discerning about who is in your social circle. You may have second thoughts about certain people. If you are on different wavelengths with others, it’s okay to rethink your social life. Make sure you aren’t spending too much on entertainment. Adding more debt is generally not a good idea for you now. Paying down your debts may not feel wonderful, but it is necessary if you want to feel more abundant, prosperous and free in the long run. Immediate gratification can put wealth at risk. It’s not a good time to play slot machines.

Cancer: Self love and self worth become larger priorities for you this week. Self care is the way to go. Get a massage, enjoy healthy, organic, natural foods, allow yourself ample time for beauty sleep. Whatever makes you feel good in your own skin is the panacea you need now. Enjoy some time in the garden, around fragrant, vibrant flowers and the beauty of nature. Experiencing all of your senses will help you to feel more alive and grounded in your body. You may also be rethinking your career. Is the job or direction you’ve been heading towards what you really want? Maybe it is, or maybe it isn’t, but either way some adjustments and reflection on where you are now will help you understand how you identify with where you want to be in the future. Rules, authority, power roles and expectations in family and relationships could be at odds this week, so you may need to make compromises.

Leo: Getting adequate rest and relaxation is recommended. Your dreams could bring you gorgeous visions and ideas. Beauty sleep will do you well, as will natural, organic foods. We all want to enjoy the good things in life, but to get there we need to have a vision, then a plan of action. To have your dreams of the future become a reality go back to the drawing board. What do you really want? What kind of life do you really see yourself living that excites you? You could have major revelations and pivotal epiphanies this week that give you a whole new world view. Parts of yourself are going to change and coincidences will show you the way. If your lifestyle is holding you back, you’ll have a wakeup call this week that could prompt you to change your habits and your goals. Being disorganized will royally get on your nerves this week, and other people’s opinions or instructions could rub you the wrong way. Other people may have ideas on what you should do, but ultimately the work and the process is yours to make.

Virgo: Virgos love to have things organized and in order to feel best, and with Mercury now in your sign, being on top of your game and being self aware is so important. What you think, so shall you become. So what are you thinking about lately? How do you identify yourself? Uranus goes retrograde this week and speaks largely to your financial situation. How does your financial picture, especially your debts, define you and your life? How is your past affecting your future? You can expect deeper reflection to bring on more awareness out of the blue this week. It’s time to find the larger spectrum of your abilities and reformulate the goals in your life. Even the most logical, structured Virgos need a change of pace once in awhile. You don’t need to do what everyone else is doing, or follow the crowd, or fit into the mold, or spend loads of money to achieve greatness. Finding your own voice regardless of what the expectations of others are is about stripping away your own doubts. You can redefine the game, play by your own rules and create a new paradigm for your life. Be careful with gambling this week. Risky financial games can put a damper on larger goals.

Libra: A career you love promises greater financial rewards, so make sure you are moving in that direction now. Relationships in general are going to go through a transformation this week. Some people will pull back, others will become closer, it all depends on how you identify with the people in your life. How you relate to family, and especially the rules and structure of family affairs is in large focus now too. You may want to go ahead with your aspirations, and grow your life in your own way, but those around you may see things a different way, and seemingly stall your progress. Though you don’t have to justify your ambitions to others, advice from those that have been there and done that, could help prevent you from making mistakes. You don’t have to agree with everyone around you, and you likely won’t, but at least see how the examples of others can give you clues on your direction. At the end of the day, your decisions will be yours to own. Make sure you have a full picture for best results. Your path and identity is your own to make.

Scorpio: If you want to make your dreams a reality, you’re going to have to rethink your strategy. You can expect sudden realizations and epiphanies to show up for you this week. Coincidental messages will come your way that point to lifestyle, identity and how you go about creating the day to day routines in your life. What you do each day adds up, and moves you forward, but now you need to take a step back and assess your progress. What have you been putting your energy towards? Has it been getting you to where you want to go? What can you do differently? What habits need a revamp and a second look? You are on the verge of a lifestyle revolution. Your worldview is changing and the record that has been playing is getting out of tune. Reflect on the karma you have been creating and purge yourself of outworn rules and ideas. It’s time for a real cleanup.

Sagittarius: It’s a good idea to take your debts more seriously. You want to have the things you need to feel comfortable, but you also need to make sure you aren’t always in a buy now, pay later cycle. Responsible finances will make you feel more confident and less burdened by the future. But more importantly this week, Uranus is going retrograde in your fellow fire sign, Aries. This is your opportunity to redefine the way you express yourself, and you could become hyper aware to the fact. Perhaps there are parts of your personality that just come out suddenly, and before you know it, you have your foot in your mouth. Having Saturn retrograde in your sign, and Uranus retrograde in your sector of personality and self expression doesn’t exactly spell great confidence. Plus Jupiter and Pluto are at odds this week too, which can signify some stresses in your social life and your finances. Trying to keep up with the Jones’ won’t leave you feeling satisfied. So, to navigate the week best, try to be on your best behavior and make responsible choices. Toning it down with your reactions this week can help you create more balanced outcomes.

Capricorn: Romantic encounters or a new love interest have heightened possibilities for Capricorns starting this week. Romance could be a healthy escape for those of you with too much stress to handle these days. As you are in a long term process of redefining yourself, this week gives you an extra boost of self reflection. You will need to put in extra effort to feel confident in your own skin this week. When you’re hard on yourself, nobody wins. Sudden realizations can shift the way you think about yourself dramatically, and it is likely that someone you are working with closely reminds you of what needs to change. Either they will flat out tell you, or you will simply take notice by observing their ways of being. Comparing yourself to others is likely to be a dominant characteristic this week. It may not always feel good, but seeing yourself through the eyes of others will teach you a lot. The shifts in your identity this week can last you a long time and put you on a different path worth treading.

Aquarius: There’s a Full Moon and lunar eclipse in your sign next week, but before we get there, you’ve got some work to do. Uranus goes retrograde this week, which could be the beginning of an important big reset for you. The words you use, and the way you express yourself speaks volumes about who you are. This can be a good time to change some of those words and think more about what they mean to you. It’s important that you spend more time reflecting on your identity so you have more depth. Living on a superficial level just won’t get you very far for long. If life hasn’t been turning out the way you thought it would, it’s quite likely that your thought processes need to have a revolutionary adjustment. As you review your life, you may end up feeling like you’re rebelling against the old you as you look at your past mistakes, realizing that’s not who you want to be in the future. Some regrets are likely to come up. As your bigger hopes and wishes, aims and goals haven’t been met yet, impatience could be overblown. Mature self reflection is a necessary part of redefining yourself now, and is essential for your future.

Pisces: Your inner artist is ready to come out. Water signs are naturally connected to emotions and creativity. Venus is giving you a positive boost to create something beautiful. Whether it is music or visual art, in any way it is expressing your inner world of magic that matters most now. If you didn’t know you had talents, you could find your cup overflows as we head into August. Now on the other hand, it’s important that you revolutionize your relationship to money. How you see yourself relating to money needs to change. If income isn’t where you want it to be, this is the time to pay attention to the signs around you that are signaling a new approach. Debt is so easy to rack up. There are millions of reasons to spend more. Wanting more and more is truly a never ending cycle. If someone is dipping into your finances as if you are a bank, you’re going to need to put a stop to that. If your social life is draining your wallet, you’re going to have to get serious because your future could depend on it. If you want to feel like you’re in better balance, you’ll need to make more and spend less. You really don’t want to be a slave to the bank. Reclaim your financial power.

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Jupiter is in Libra
Saturn is Retrograde in Sagittarius
Uranus stations Retrograde in Aries on August 3, 2017 at 1:31 am ET
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