The Great American Solar Eclipse. Weekly Sun Sign Horoscopes for August 14 to 20, 2017

Mercury is now Retrograde until September 5, 2017.

Mercury is now Retrograde in Virgo. Returning to a healthier, mind-body connection is indicated during this Mercury Retrograde cycle. What habits do you engage in that are harmful to your well being and need to be replaced with healthier habits?

Meditation, Yoga and similar mindfulness practices are recommended to get you reacquainted with a more centered and balanced body and mind.

Questioning correct processes and procedures in business are indicated. Looking behind the scenes and noticing the effects of repeating patterns can help you purge time wasters from your life. Mercury retrograde suggests we take a closer look at the details so we can make adjustments and fine tune our routines to be more organized.

Memories of mistakes you’ve made in social situations are also indicated. Perhaps you put your foot in your mouth at one time, and it has long term influences on your karma. This could be the time to either let it go, or deal with it by having that tough conversation in an effort to resolve misunderstandings.

If you have ever watched the sitcom Three’s Company, you will understand exactly how Mercury Retrograde operates. That show is completely based on misunderstandings, mishaps and misinterpretations.

It's not easy to keep promises now. If you've made claims you'd do something, you may change your mind. Try to not promise you'll take on certain tasks, especially if you don't have experience doing them from before. You may discover that getting down to doing the work and the time it takes, is much different than just saying you'd do it.

This week Venus in Cancer stands in opposition to Pluto in Capricorn on Tuesday, August 15, 2017.

Relationships, particularly with family, or those close like-family, are in a challenging position. But, if love is prioritized over power and ego, resolutions are possible.

The feeling of protection and security we often associate with family, can feel challenged by the larger influences in our lives, such as bureaucratic policies of corporate or political affairs. Venus loves a warm heart and shared love, but politics and corporate rules and authority can be so cold and calculated on an agenda and mission that the human, caring connection and purpose can be lost. More love for those close can help keep people you care about feeling more stable and secure this week.

The Sun meets the North Node in Leo on Wednesday, August 16, 2017 at 6:12 pm.

As we know, The Great American Solar Eclipse is coming up on August 21, 2017. I highly recommend during this eclipse season to discover what it is that you could do or be that would make you feel proud and driven to succeed in your life. If you were to become a new person, and shed your old skin, what would that persona look like?

Mars is also in Leo close-by. There has been plenty of dramatic saber rattling in the political sphere, with an escalation of egos clashing and warrior posturing.

These are a sign of the times. We also have Uranus Retrograde in Aries since August 4th, which puts the ego and self-identity at center stage. Uranus represents an archetypal rebel. No wonder there are so many clashes between people regarding political ideologies and cultural differences these days! According to astrology, the dramatics will only get more intense.

Venus is also in Square to Jupiter this week on Thursday, August 17, 2017. Home and family get more attention. Judgment and opinion of right and wrong can come into larger focus. We may also see more attention to challenges of biases in rights, laws and values. Censorship of opinions and judgments in the media are highlighted by strong emotions.

Mars and Jupiter are in aspect on Sunday, August 20, 2017.
Actions will be judged. Egos in escalating focus, can become blown out of proportion. We can expect social discussions, entertainment, and media to be extra dramatic.

If maturity and sound judgment is in the picture, then the results will be better, but with Mercury retrograde and everything else going on these days, we could see a boost in propaganda war talk, unfortunately. Diplomacy is the better option, and will require real effort.

Pluto and Jupiter at odds these days, with the added warrior ego boost of Mars could bring an over the top demonstration. Plus Uranus in Retrograde… no wonder so many people are clashing with their identities and the desire for personal power is on the rise! Differences and judgments are in focus lately. People will tend to be more defensive, more protective, and more combative for their side of the coin.

With Mercury Retrograde, saying the wrong thing can lead to wrong actions. Since people often tend to react emotionally, and we know what emotions can do to people, logical reasoning could be out the window.

Eclipse season will bring out many revelations.

The most powerful transformations in our lives during this eclipse season require finding the truth.

Last week, I talked more about The Great American Solar Eclipse happening next Monday! I'll have a lot more to say about it in a few days.

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Aries: Being close to family this week can feel a lot more secure than being out in the throes of business affairs. Enjoying good foods and plenty of hugs with family and loved ones will warm your heart and help you feel more emotionally stable. Your personality could be bursting with either excitement or anxiety, it depends on which way you tend to roll. If your ego puts you in over your head, and you feel a clash coming on, take a step back and find your footing before you take action. With Mercury retrograde, you would do best to not be an open book, but instead choose your words when speaking with others, especially regarding business. Having a process in place helps keep you on track, as your wandering mind could make productivity slower. More attention to your health and well being is recommended now.

Taurus: The Moon in your sign at the beginning of the week could have you feeling a bit more emotional to start. Speaking and sharing from the heart will help you gain closer bonds this week. A softer approach when facing obstacles to your goals, will help you feel more comfortable and at ease through the process. If you’ve been working hard and putting in lots of effort to take care of your home, you could feel rewarded and on the right track. If you feel frustrated or anxious this week, getting back in touch with your creative process can help you feel grounded in mind and body. Your personal life could feel much different after the eclipse next week.

Gemini: You need to be careful with your financial situation when it comes to buying with credit. Especially if you are buying larger, more expensive items for your home. Mercury retrograde could have some appliances on the fritz that affects your lifestyle and routines. You don’t have to have the top of the line brand name. Choose functionality and smart budgeting as your priorities. If your finances are feeling tight, gambling is not advised. I recently heard a statement that “the lottery is the poor man’s tax.” To stay abundant, focus on what you can do to bring in income, rather than flitting your dollars away on wishes. If you are in conversations with people that are egotistical, narcissistic, or hot headed, spending some personal time with your own thoughts in the privacy of your own comfort zone is recommended.

Cancer: Since everyone is so different, and have different goals and priorities in life, you won’t always see eye to eye or get along with everyone. A warm, loving heart can make you more sensitive to those that are cold, hard and power hungry. You stay warm regardless, and you’ll notice you’ll have an influence on others that could literally change their lives. There is much energy building in your sector of finances and security during this eclipse season. You may need to let go of a part of your personality to discover a side of yourself that feels more empowered and ready to be renewed and expressed. Building confidence can also build wealth. A word of caution this week: Instead of saying too much, listen more.

Leo: Oh my! It’s Eclipse Season and your sign is in hyper focus. There is a lot of energy building with the Sun, Mars and the North Node in your sign. An all new you could emerge during this eclipse season. As you come to understand your identity, and expressing your true self, you could rise up and be a real leader. It is possible others could be envious of your road to personal power, but do try to not let it go to your head. Those with fragile egos will tend to act out in obviously dramatic ways. It’s best that you are confident while also being diplomatic. Mercury is now Retrograde. You may have second thoughts about the way you make your income. Assessing your lifestyle and the process in which you go about making money and organizing your money is in order.

Virgo: Mercury is now Retrograde in your sign. Self awareness is an internal process. Your identity is going through a change, and could have you looking to your past mistakes. But don’t be too hard on yourself. Mistakes are some of your best teachers. You could feel more introverted over the next few weeks. As your mind flushes out habits and you rearrange thinking patterns about yourself, you will emerge a new person. If you are getting yourself into a new health kick, the willpower you exert and getting into the zone can bring you immense realizations about yourself and the larger picture of your life. The Eclipse also brings much attention to the more dramatic shifts and changes in people’s personalities. Any drama and ego clashes you witness this week, will be stepping stones to your own self awareness. Observing other people’s behavior can teach you much about yourself.

Libra: If you don’t have a fond emotional attachment to the work you do to make money, what’s the point? Survival and security, of course. But this is a time for you to rethink what your strategy for your life is. You want to be happy with both your home life and your career, so take this time to assess what would feel right for you. It’s an important time for you to look at the larger picture of your life and learn from your past mistakes and your karma. Getting on the right track often requires multiple readjustments. Your social life can be quite dramatic, as your need for balance may clash with the egos and desires of others. It is often said it’s not what you know, but who you know. Both are important, but it is your social sphere that has the most pull now in changing your life. You don’t need to commit to a course of action yet, but be aware that swift changes in the actions of people in your life could put your future a whole new trajectory.

Scorpio: This is the time for you to be thinking more about the direction of your career. Are you on the road you want to travel? The Eclipse Season can bring doubts, realizations, and many questions to consider. Are the goals you work towards making you feel like your life is thriving with excitement and anticipation of great rewards? Do you feel like you have the right mix of leadership qualities to be fully empowered to achieve greatness? Any dramatics that may show up in terms of your career or larger life goals, can be signaling you to shift direction so you get on track to your destiny. You may need to take a break from socializing with certain people if your lifestyle hasn’t really been satisfying. There’s nothing wrong with quiet time to yourself. Disagreements with acquaintances may not be worth your time. Meditation can help you get your head on straight.

Sagittarius: This Eclipse Season brings out the fire. Taking charge of life so you can make your dreams a reality could become significantly more appealing to you these days, especially if you’ve been feeling a little out of touch. Getting your head back in the game and reconsidering what practical actions to take can give you an inspiring boost. Your goals are changing with Mercury Retrograde now in the picture. What you thought you once wanted could take a back seat. Take this time to reflect, ponder and reevaluate your options. Play around with ideas of the lifestyle you would like to experience. Practical steps can pop up and reveal themselves, likely at random, so take notes and explore the possibilities. Your income and debts also needs your attention this week. Is the work you’re doing making a happy home? Number crunching can help you make better, long term decisions.

Are romantic vibes grabbing your heart strings? Venus is sending you shots of beauty from across the sky. If you’re single, this is the time to mingle. If you’re in a relationship, the comfortable pleasures of home life and romantic dinners are most well suited. The big news is the Eclipse Season of course. Life can get quite dramatic at this time and egos could certainly clash. If you’re a stubborn personality that likes to take the lead, facing an egotist or narcissist could get a little weird, or maybe even a lot! Instead of having the dramatics affect your personal life, you would do best to allow your creative abilities to be your greatest resource now. Play around with dramatic ideas for the stage, arts and entertainment. Conflict makes for great storylines. Observe what’s going on around you and you’ll get plenty of ideas to work with. Mercury retrograde could have you feeling slowed down on your path to the good life, but will give you plenty of time to strategize different ways of getting there.

Aquarius: You’re right in the middle of Eclipse Season. Your identity and your relationships with others is going through quite a reset. As you let go of old parts of yourself, and changes enter the picture, you will see just about everyone differently. Dramatics from others could feel especially pressing, but ultimately shows you glimpses of a larger reality you may have overlooked when in your own bubble. In your relationships, remember that your actions lead to reactions, so if others are acting a certain way, you’ll need to also look at yourself to see how you’ve contributed to the situation. Financially you would do well to hold back on ringing up more debt. Paying down your debt is a better option. You want to get on track, and financial responsibility is necessary. Travel can bring you the excitement you seek.

Pisces: Eclipse Season is here and we’re working our way to all new beginnings that could be brought in with a big dose of drama. You would be most comfortable getting into your creative groove, but you may have more pressing issues to deal with. Drama at work is possible, and egos could clash. Taking a leadership role and taking charge may be necessary, but others wanting things their way could cause conflict. Can you compromise? Mercury Retrograde sets the stage for misunderstandings and complications in procedures. If you’re an artist you may feel a stronger urge to explore and demonstrate your talents and abilities in new ways. Perhaps you’re ready for an all new angle, or you finally feel like you’re ready to show off what you’ve been working on. You could have a revelation about the lifestyle you want to lead, and are ready to take action towards big changes. Trusting your instincts will become a necessary part of your decision making. Don’t rush. Timing is everything.

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