I have a plethora of interests in spiritual traditions. Christianity is part of my upbringing, while Buddhism is one of the paths I have adopted by my free will that has resonated with me as well. This does not mean that I have to let go of all aspects of Christianity that resonate with me, in fact I have found it has complimented and enhanced deeper truths at their esoteric level. The esoteric allows me to bridge the deeper truths that resonate with my spiritual beingness and release that of the political exoteric organization's dogma.

Buddhism speaks to reincarnation, that the spirit of the self is timeless and moves through incarnations on a journey towards enlightenment as it progresses through spiritual evolution. This parallels with Christianities ascending into spiritual realms upon reaching Christ Consciousness (Enlightenment). Jesus has stated that "no one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again, that no one can enter the kingdom of God unless he is born of water and the Spirit."

Water can be seen as ever changing, always transforming in which it takes on new forms through the vessels in which it is contained. Reminds me of a teaching of Buddhism in which water is made into tea, then spilled on the floor, then picked up with a sponge, all the while it has entered different vessels but always remains water, an analogy of the spirit and of reincarnation. In Feng Shui (wind-water), water is the carrier of chi, of the energy of the life force, malleable moving, flowing. In Traditional Chinese medicine and thought the five elements carry (act as a medium of flow of) chi.

Water is also a symbol of fertility, as beings are born of water and water gives life as well this parallels with theories of evolution of life as well. When humans are born they express the evolutionary steps from the waters of the womb, to land, to crawling to upright stance.

Water is the goddess element, the sacred feminine. "The lotus-stream of the Buddha (Boddhisattva) rises up from the waters of the soul, in the same way the spirit, illumined by knowledge, frees itself from passive existence."

Buddhism also teaches Oneness, that all is illusion of separateness that causes suffering. This speaks to releasing the illusion of living in egoism (lower self), analogous to the west teaching choosing sinfulness (lower self) separates one from God (The One).

Water is symbolic of cleanliness and purity, and the unconscious. Below the surface of the variants of consciousness is the hidden, and true self, that which is pure in nature.

In the relation to East and West, the element of water is symbolic of regeneration, death and rebirth - life united with the mysteries of the spirit. In this dance of life and rebirthing the timelessness of the spirit continues and evolves through the many worlds of experience of incarnations on the ascending path towards the unification and oneness of enlightenment and heavenly existence.