This is a fun thread!

Okay here are some of mine:
-never leave your purse on the floor, you will lose money.
-never gift sharp objects like knives, you'll get stabbed in the back. (always give the person a quarter as payment as if you bought it from them)
-Never gift someone shoes, socks, or birds, they will leave you. Same reversal as above
-When walking with someone never let a pole or other similar object slit you, you will have a fight with that person. Just walk on the same side as them.
-Ringing in the ear, left bad thoughts about you, right good ones.
-Itchy left hand money is leaving you, right hand coming your way
-If you hear a crow but don't see it means someone will die
-to dream of death, the person who dies in your dream will have a long life
-it is bad luck to dream of cats, teeth or hair.
-If a ladybug or dragon fly land on you, you'll be lucky
-If a bird poops on you it's supposed to bring you luck (I think the unlucky person that happened to made that up )
-if you seem to be finding pennies all day, angels are watching you or letting you know that they are around you. "Pennies from Heaven" I guess.

I would love to know the origin of most of these. I know that they have some practical reasons, like children not going to the river at night, that was most likely made to scare them off so they don't drown. As a kid on Friday the 13th we would wear at least one article of clothing inside out to ward off the "evilness" of the day. Oh there's another one, if you accidently put on something inside out and wear it out it's supposed to bring you good luck. Now I think of the 13th as a good day and look forward to it! Ever notice most buildings don't have a 13th floor? it goes 12, 14... The Chinese find the number 4 unlucky and won't live in a house with that number.