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Thread: Face in the clouds?

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    I love clouds and seeing things in them. Lately I've been feeling them. Imagining pulling up earth energy and then using that to suck cloud energy down into me. Sometimes I feel people in the clouds.
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    The clouds are corresponded with the mind as the earth is with the body. The mind is associated with air.
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    Default Re: Face in the clouds?

    Quote Originally Posted by Celtaur View Post
    I just wonder, if it is at all possible with so many people's minds focused on one central image (a person) such as in the death of someone astronomically famous around the globe, that that imagery can be imprinted on the world. To me the clouds represent mind, at least symbolically as air, and with their watery element, emotion as well. Clouds also may represent a collective consciousness in a sense. So, I am quite curious, if it is at all possible that all those focused thoughts on one area can manifest itself in visible form here on earth.

    We often hear of apparitions, visions of holy figures, their images imprinted here in the physical world.

    It is also quite accepted by many, that we move into the spiritual world after death, still existing in some form, some level of consciousness. So I just wonder about this connection, if it is possible, a unification of the spirit world consciousness with the consciousness of people. People often are said to come back and visit their loved ones, or those who knew them, in ethereal ways. Is it at all possible that a soul of someone so globalized would in some way be able to present itself in abstract ways from beyond the veils?
    we as omnivoires thru generations of genetic selections had to pick out the predators that hid in other shapes and patterns we excelled in spotting the jumping saber tooth tiger before he sprang or the prey that hid in tall grass get him so we can eat.......obviously we succeeded ......pattern recognition is our strong suite to see(seer.. soothsayer) the patterns and flow of the energy universe as well as the motions of the void the oracle of delphi ....we as seers translate the shifting patterns to positive results or lie about it because we see emotions on faces (not our own the king perhaps want to know all will be alright in his kingdom tell him what he wants to hear so you will live another day ) and can understand the emotional response at the same time we project energy to create samsara (to flow on to create dharma )in our lives....and other lives so creating apparitions is a neat trick we accomplished early on we created gods for heavens sake... ( l o l shake my head l o l ) and now they rule us .....

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