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Thread: Samhain rituals to connect with dead loved ones?

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    Pentacle, Goddess, Sacred Geometry, Ritual Samhain rituals to connect with dead loved ones?

    This is something I've never done, but something I'd be willing to try. Brought up by reading this blog post by eightoctaves, I'm quite curious how one goes about performing such a ritual. Anyone have experience working in this way? Although I am often skeptical of such connections, there is a part of me that is open to it, and maybe opening that door a little wider will bring new possibilities to light.
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    Default connecting with passed ones

    I think a ouji board would be effective, but not without heavy purification and protection, and very specific correspondance with the desired outcome focused, I had a bad experience once, you don't want to invite any old spirit...

    If you develop an inner temple, they will come and communicate with you there in meditation. As well a medium or psychic in a trance may be able to communicate for you. I have a book on this that gave me the idea.

    Dream work is especially effective alot of people have told me their stories. Sometimes their energies are subtle and they just hang around watching over, but they are there often whether sensed or not. Family spirits are generally happy and do not need to bother with earthly life.

    I would make a shrine like mexican day of the dead, with photos, aand candles and food as offering to the ancestors.

    If I "dig" something specific up I will post it here for you haha

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    This is a little spell I wrote up for you based on traditional Samhain animal sacrifice (don't worry, you won't have to sacrifice animals), Wiccan rituals and magick symbolism.

    To perform this, you should lie down in simple attire (a white nightgown or such) on an earthy or sandy ground (preferably dry to keep you and the gown clean). With an oak or linden stick you should draw a pentagram, the tip of which is at your feet (do not wear unnecessary stuff like shoes, socks or hats by the way). Each tip should bear a burning white candle. Then lie down and recite the following:

    By the force of sixty-six
    Upside-down'ed pentagrams
    I offer thee, oh Beatrix
    Forty-two symbolic lambs.

    Let me talk with the deceased
    I have so much talk to make,
    I call for all the ghosts at ease
    To finally all re-awake.

    The lambs must die,
    The pott'ry quiver,
    For here I lie
    And here I shiver.
    After doing that, take a dagger (can be a normal kitchen knife) into your left hand and stab the ground with it lightly fourty-two times.

    This is one of the first spells I created so you might want to ask a Wiccan round here whether this could work.

    I hope I could help, anyway.

    Oh, forgot this. The rhythm is important. If '/' means an emphasized syllable and 'u' means unemphasized syllable, the rhythm goes as follows:



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    Nature Based, Earth Spirituality, Light Rays

    I've been preparing and planning a ritual for contacting my ancestors on Halloween for a little while and have committed it to paper so I can go through it methodically.

    My altar tomorrow will be a painter's trestle table but it will be blessed and decorated with beautiful cloths, one layer after another and all handmade.

    My friend brought me some acorns today so I will make a necklace with some of them later and plant the rest.

    The altar will be a dressed with candles, salt, water, stone, nuts, incence, flowers, feathers, dead leaves and silver stars, (like the one teacher put in your classbook when you were in infant school), a bell, clear quartz, a mirror and some personal items.

    I have also wrapped my Druid Animal Oracle cards in a cloth and asked that when I select a card tomorrow, that the chosen animal be with me throughout the procedure as a guardian and wise counsel.

    I'm very much a novice so have needed sound direction. I am following some of the wisdom offered by CraftyWytch in her Magickal Herbalism course which was offered on the forum earlier this year and which I completed. Other areas of direction have come from some of Cassandra Eason's books. The rest is me.

    First thing tomorrow I will make a Protector, fill it with herbs etc., bless it and then wear it throughout the day. I will also sleep with it under my pillow.

    During the day I will bless the room and everything I will be using, make different batches of incence (I've dried lots of herbs over the past few weeks), including a banishing one incase I feel a presence I am not comfortable with.

    The one thing I haven't finalised yet is the closure of the ritual which I need to work on tomorrow as well. If I haven't got this sorted I may not be doing anything!
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    Meditation, Holistic, Spiritual, Awareness, Healing connecting with ancestors

    A short question or note can be left near the grave of a loved one. The cemetary would be a fitting place, although maybe not on Sowain.
    From Seven steps to heaven, how to comm with loved ones in 7 easy steps by joyce keller:
    1 connect with an angel or spirit teacher such as the thrones or powers to guide you, set an extra plate at the table to honor ancestors, or in front of pictures like mexican day of the dead, white candles and flowers, incense as a memorial. Give them permission to come to your alter, pyramids are powerful tool to increase your signal, you are calling on the astral phone, a disconnected phone can be used. Don't feel silly and be open to dreams, scents and other small methods of communication.
    2 use meditation,prayer, trance and protection work.
    "guardian of seperation, who helps with grief, help me communicate for healing and relief"
    3 Meditate 2-3 am facing east, with a glass of water to trap negativity do not drink throw it out, control your fear
    4 dream diary and dreamwork. Do chakra meditation, think of he person clearly then of the question as you fall assleep.
    5 use of a spirit cabinet , which would be an unused cabinet or a childs tent for meditation
    6 sound music prayer and mantra
    7 use labrynth or maze pathworking to arrive at your inner alter for spirit contact
    Inner temple maze pathworking
    Prepare your sacred area by smudging.
    Sit comfortable close eyes and meditate.
    Align your chakra after some deep breathing and fill the centers with white light, let it surround you.
    Imagine a circular maze, made of stone or hedge, you are at the edge going to the middle. Feel the floor at the wall with your hands and feet, you are alone. ASk for your guides to join you, ask them their names if you are not sure. go at your own pace, but there is a sense of motion and speed.
    You should find yourself in a dark or white room, suddenly you are in the center, you look around and see an alter, set up outside by a river, in a manner and location of your pleasing. Go here and pray at the stone alter. Be silent and align yourself with the higher force.
    Now say the name of the person you wish to contact. Wait patiently in the light of love. Ask if there is anyone who would like to communicate with you, to identify themsleves and to only come in the light and love of god or goddess, truth and love. Sit quietly with eyes still closed, and slightly raised.
    If you sense a prescense ask another question. Do not think hard let conversation flow with your mind.
    Are you of god, who's there? is there anyone with you? Speak and come forth please!
    If no contact wait and simply become the inner temple. think i am the infinite energy and the energy within me. Fell complete and utter love and infiniteness of creation and universe.
    Results may not be immediate and are better is repeated over time. The person may not be availiable for some reason and may not be because you failed at the task.
    At the end thank the spirit if any, guides, and ground self.

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