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Thread: Being in front of a computer too long?

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    Default Being in front of a computer too long?

    Interesting there's a thread about reading books that relates to this because I've been wondering about this for a couple days.

    You know how when we were kids our parents would always say things like "Don't sit too close to the tv, you'll hurt your eyes," and "Sitting too close to the tv isn't good, there's too much radiation."

    Well what about computers? Everyone is on computers for hours and hours a day, at work and home. We sit so close to the screen, staring at it, our faces not far from the screen.

    Is there radiation coming from the monitor... I'm sure there has to be. So are we going to be hearing stories in 20 years about how Old people are looking because the monitors are aging our faces, and what about our eyes? You know how the media talks about the past telling us how things "used to be" and how awful it was for us. Are we going to be hearing these things in the future you think?

    Cell phones... that's already got measurable issues. What's going to happen to us, the computer generation do you think? Are we going to be ridiculed for our stupidity?

    And what about our postures on computer... are we all going to evolve into "Hunch Backs of Notre Dame"?

    Time to go do some yoga
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    , thanks Celtaur, the yoga has been stretching my computer muscles. Usually a headache from eye strain is a clue. I just put a small citrine on my computer to help negate the radiation. I was already born with slight scoliosis, and am tall so hunching is what I do. After physio from a car wreck I was told I was hunchbacking out, and I'm only 30.

    Put your back against the wall and rotate your head down on your chest with your shoulders still on the wall, that helps you stretch out your cervical spine,
    your "hunch"

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