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Thread: Symbolism of the number 4 - Astrology, Religion...

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    Default Symbolism of the number 4 - Astrology, Religion...

    Upon Hugo's recent post on the four gospels I recalled these four symbols found throughout history replayed and reused for their symbolism. What's their origin though?

    The human, the Ox, Lion and Eagle


    The correct astrological assignment is:
    MATTHEW - The Eagle
    MARK - The Bull
    LUKE - The Lion
    JOHN - The Man
    This is because the name John, properly rendered as Jahn, or Jahan (from Ionnes, or Oannes), connotes the month of January which falls during the astrological period of Aquarius. The astrological symbol of Aquarius is the man with the urn or water pitcher. The character John the Baptist, for instance, has the name John because his fictive character represents the sign of Aquarius, although his symbolism is a Christian travesty of what should be. The lion has been assigned to Mark. It is the Atonist symbol of the city of Venice and the Vatican. The lion symbolizes the Tribe of Judea, and can be seen on numerous civic edifices and on the heraldic devices of many royal houses. (See The Irish Origins of Civilization, for more on this.) Astrologically, however, the lion properly belongs to Luke.
    Interestingly, we find the four archetypes in Egypt mythology. They appear as the four sons of Horus, whose names are:
    Imsety - (human-headed)
    Tuamutf - (or Duanmutef, jackal-headed)
    Kabhsenuf - (baboon-headed)
    Hapi - (falcon or hawk-headed)
    During the mummification process, the body's organs were removed and placed in four jars adorned with the heads of these four sons. The sons were the "protectors" of the various organs.

    The Book of Mark
    And just as the historical books of the Old Testament are not history, so the Gospels are not biography - Northrop Frye (The Great Code The Bible and Literature)
    This is the Book of Mars. Mark comes from Martian or Mars. As we have said, the disguises are rather thin, because the story was never meant to be too cryptic.

    It was the same as so many other stories that are common all over the planet and which are autonomous creations of the human being as he seeks to comprehend the enigmas of existence. Mars was a well-known planet and archetype. It is the ruler of the sign Aries. So the Book of Mark is, in zodiacal terms, the Book of Aries. And this makes perfect sense as Aries is the first house of the zodiac and is the place of rising of the sun at Easter or at the spring equinox. We even get terms like "arise and shine," from the Aries house, as this is literally where the orb of day does arise and shine. The house of "arising" is Aries. Aries is in the month of April. April comes from the word Aperio, meaning“I open.” This is because April opens the year. Aries is the sign that is ruled by the Ram. In Christian art we see one of the 4 Evangelists symbolized by a Bull. This is also to do with Mark/Aries, because both Aries and Taurus are constellations or houses on the Eastern horizon. They are the eastern signs always seen in the sky together. And in ages past the symbols connected to both these signs were very pervasive and important. Christ is often depicted carrying a lamb and in nativity scenes a small lamb is often seen.

    The Book of Luke
    In Egyptian Sign-Language, the earliest language of Mythology, the Sun was represented, in the fullness of its power, by the Lion - Gerald Massey
    This is also transparent to those who have done their homework. Luke is Latin for Lucius and both words mean Light. The House of Light, of Lucius is Leo, the domicile or natal house of the sun. This is the Book of Leo. The sun rises to its astrological throne in the signs of Cancer and Leo in the Northern sky, during the months of July and August. In Druidic Ireland the name Leo was Lugh, the great solar hero. To the Welsh he was Llew, to the Romans Lugus, and to the Sumerians he was Lughal. Clearly, the hero represents the astrological archetype of Leo. In the Christian iconography we have one of the Evangelists represented by a Lion. In the Nativity scenes we see four animals around the cradle of Jesus. One of these is also a lion. Christians probably believe that there was one in the area and just happened to wander into the inn to take a peek at sleeping Jesus. Good thing it wasn’t very hungry. Furthermore, Jesus is often termed the "Lion of Judea."

    Book of Matthew
    This is more adroitly concealed. But those who are aware of the theocracy of Egypt can recognize the word Matt. It derives from Maat, the Egyptian goddess of justice, balance and harmony. Maat is pronounced Mayat. She is theMahat of the Brahmins, the Tiamat of the Skalds, the Maiaof the Romans, and theMaraof the pagans.

    Maat is always symbolized by the Scales of Justice, which, in turn relate with the western sign of Libra. So this is the Book of Libra. Now in the Bible we read that Matthew was the disciple that the other 11 spurned. This was because Matthew was a tax collector. However behind all the hyperbole we have a secret concealed. The symbol of the tax collectors has always been the scales or balances. This is because along with currency they accepted grain and livestock. Their assistants would carry large scales around from village to village. One can see the same practice today in rural communities of eastern lands. Astrologically, Maat and her scales are connected with the western sign of Libra, which directly faces the signs of Aries and Taurus. Additionally, Libra was the last sign to be officially added to the codified zodiac, although it was known ages ago. This is why we hear that Matthew was the last to join the twelve disciples. Matthew is symbolized by an eagle. One of the most important constellations in the western sky (near to the sign of Scorpio), is Aquila the “Eagle.” Libra was a sign made out of part of Scorpio. The word Matthew, also comes from Matt-Theos.

    The Book of John
    This is abstract until we understand that John comes from Jahan or Jahn, which comes from the earlier Ionnes, Oannes (the fish god). Jahan or Jahn give us other names, such as Jane, Joan, and Janus. It gives us the word January. January is the month that corresponds with the sign of Aquarius. Aquarius is a southern sign symbolized by a man carrying a pitcher from which water flows. This is why we have the biblical character John the Baptist, the initiator of Jesus. The sign of Aquarius became associated with baptism, cleansing, and purification by water. This idea was adopted by Jews and Christians.

    Don't these 4 symbols have early Babylonian roots?

    There's good information on symbolism of 4 -

    A few thoughts on the number four
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    I lie how you equated 4 with the four zodiac signs or watchers. 4 is the number of foundation, ie four corners, four walls, four table legs.
    It has a grounding, stable and more material connoations.

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    Default Re: Symbolism of the number 4 - Astrology, Religion...

    The 4 elements represent the 4 corners but in the wheel card they are elevated to the cherubs.
    The 4 fixed zodiac signs, aquarius, leo, taurus and scorpio, linked to the wheels of ezekial, merkaba and portal. Daleth door is of the emperess, the 4th hebrew leter.
    the symbol of jupiter, expansion

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