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Thread: [EXERCISE] Explain the Archetypes related to your favorite Gods

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    Default [EXERCISE] Explain the Archetypes related to your favorite Gods

    Ok. I think everyone basically agrees that mythology and systems of gods are there to explain naturally occurring archetypes that shape our consciousness and work. Our manifestation from interior to exterior. What spirit or abstract form weaves itself into the material on our bodies, into action, and into the universe.

    So tools to help us understand archetypes of the gods, are stories, parables, depictions of the god, phrenology of the god, the posture of the god, the tone of the quotes from the god, the rank of the god on the hierarchy if there is one, the family the god is related to, the interaction of the god between other gods or humans.

    I'm too lazy to do an example god, but I'd rather have someone else do one first. I find art encapsulates so much. Like clothing, mien, posture, props. Analyzing the art is probably more entertaining. Just reciting stories or whatever without deeper attempt at gaining insight is boring. Well the thread is here if you want to give it a try.
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    This is a great idea. I have recently heard that the movie Clash of the Titans remake has no "soul". The movie is all about Greek Mythology, the journey of the hero, you know... but these days movies are all about explosions and CGI to the max. In the process it loses it's soul. Mythology is about the richness of the human experience, the trials and tribulations we go through in life in small and large ways, the personal and the global.

    This is a tough one... I don't have any favorite gods that I know of. When I think of archetypes I think of how the tarot explains them in pictorial, mythological detail.

    I know some people actually relate to a god through their own personal journey and it's like that of astrology too, how the planets are the symbolic forces that flow through us, and they are referred to as gods in their own way too.

    Mercury for me has been a favorite, the archetype of the messenger to the gods. I felt, and do feel a particularly strong connection to Mercury because I feel like I have a strong connection to the Divine, in my own way (sure it could improve) so let Mercury help me get my messages to and fro the Divine Because I like Thoth, I like Hermes Trismegistus, and Mercury, they are all interrelated to one another I feel an affinity to learning, magick and the mysterious connection As above, so Below brings us that connection.

    When I think of an archetype, The Fool, The Hero's Journey come to mind as probably the most well known, or spoke of. I watched the more recent Superman movie recently and the connection they made to the Hero and Christ as a Savior was quite obvious.
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    The archetypes I model myself most after lately, that I feel the strongest connection to:



    Aquarius is my astrological sign being born January 23rd 1988, and the sign most commonly associated with the New Age! Needless to say I am excited.

    Aquarius is the water-bearer, which is symbolic of the humanitarian service Aquarius traditionally offers. I find this interesting because I find myself carrying water, tea, even milk around with me unexpectedly and in the oddest situations, the kinds of "fringe" situations we find ourselves in when we are having unique life experiences, and have been the butt of a few jokes with friends because of it.

    I see Aquarius as the over-arching custodian of the harmonic relationship created by its own "ruling" forces: Saturn, Uranus, and others to a lesser degree. Aquarius is rebellious and independent yet it seeks to serve humanity. It has tendencies to abstract things.

    I am suddenly pressed for time so I will make the rest of this post brief.

    Saturn : Ruler of technical knowledge, of old age, of things that are beyond debate. Saturn is serious business.

    Uranus : The revolutionary. Is not concerned with conventions, but novel approaches.

    Great topic btw.

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    Personally, I love the archetype of Ares, the Greek god of war and athletics. He also rules transformation in his night aspect. I am reminded of visiting the ruins to his temple in Greece, in ancient angora. I was so moved by how he represented the infusion of spirit in matter. that we are not simply spiritual beings, but that our earthly existence is intimately connected to our spiritual development. I think, every time I exercise as a form of spiritual practice or make an important change in my life, I am embracing this archetypal energy in me.

    This year, I decided to learn more about Venus and cultivate some sacred feminine energy. The thing is, I am less active, more laid back, and I am not liking that! I think its about balancing the energies within me that matters. the sacred feminine and appreciating our own beauty is great, it leads to self-acceptance and a willingness to be loved. But the sacred masculine makes things happen and allows ownership for my own happiness. Both need to be honored in me. This is what I am learning now.


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    Some other archetypes I can recommend for you to try on some time (that's the use of archetypes anyway -- being able to draw actively and creatively from the collective wisdom instilled in them):

    A child. (But only playfully naive )
    A fool (you mentioned this ECBS... 'I know nothing!')
    F**** bat-poop crazy (always a fun one huh!)

    Just trying to keep the thread rolling. These are all legitimate Jungian symbols that can be interpreted for archetypes too btw.

    I would love to see others contribute more of their favorites here.

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    I am into Celtaurs archetype as one of the universal or universe.

    I am a leo/lion, so i like cats, and is a protector of mine, and the fiery cat deity sekmet,
    The power to burn or heal.
    my tarot card is strength, or power on the qabbalah.
    wands and fire are my archetype of spiritual creativity and inspiration. As I am beginnning on my journey I took the page of wands to also symbolize my journey. Bridget my initiator is a hotspring, fire from earth heating water and smithy goddess of inspiration working in the fire.

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    Infinity, Alpha & Omega, Magic Re: [EXERCISE] Explain the Archetypes related to your favorite Gods

    I love the sea, the ocean, and I really do believe that all the magic lies there below
    I love the Greek mythology, I remember when I used to read from this website:
    I played "God Of War" trilogy, and loved it, it's by far my favorite game, only because it's about the Greek mythology.
    And of course I watched "Clash Of The Titans" and "Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief" which had Poseidon as one of the main characters in the movie.
    I've also read "Percy Jackson & The Olympians" series not along time ago :P even thou it's a children series but what can I do I really love the mythology and especially the Greek

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    Default Re: [EXERCISE] Explain the Archetypes related to your favorite Gods

    Great topic!
    I identify with a few deities, but I prefer their Greek forms because they are the ones I'm most familiar with.

    Hades/Pluto: Ruler of the Underworld, God of Wealth. Not a very nice guy, but just and unbending.

    Apollo: Arguably the most human and most beloved of the Gods. Patron of music and healing.

    Pan: God of the Wild and nature. In a more basic form, he is the God of life and can be traced back further than the Greeks to various Pagan religions of the Black Forest in Germanic Territories.

    Cronus/Saturn: Ruler of the Titans, master of Time. You kind of have to be bad ass to cut your dad's family jewels off.

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