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Thread: Dr Kaku:Multiverse/dimensions,new satellite laser triangle tek,astral/quantum physics

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    Qabalah, Tree of Life, Sacred Geometry Dr Kaku:Multiverse/dimensions,new satellite laser triangle tek,astral/quantum physics


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    Default Re: Dr Kaku:Multiverse/dimensions, new satelite laser triangle tek, astral/quantum ph

    Speeding up. I like how he said we have whole new set of facts. Facts are changeable I guess.

    Awesome video, I like how he explains things, really easy to understand.

    Lisa is going to space I like how he said it will show us emerging from the womb, and umbilical cord symbolism.

    If there are multi-verses, can we not image them together, as a universe composed of multi-verses?

    Genesis and Nirvana, 11 dimensions of space, atoms, dark matter, invisible worlds, parallels universes, big bang, white hole... this video has a lot to consider, I love it.

    "Theoretical physics has become a new priesthood"

    "A priesthood is not accountable to anything but it's own inner logic. We are responsible to the laws of nature."

    W-map satellite 3 million miles across.

    I'm officially a fan of Michio Kaku now.

    Enjoy I did, thank you.
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