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Thread: Asteroid close encounter February 2013

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    Default Asteroid close encounter February 2013

    An asteroid discovered February this year, is projected for a close fly by the Earth in a years time. Between the 15th and 16th February 2013, the "football pitch sized" chunk of rock will fly closer than many satellites (coming inside the "geostationary" belt much favoured by communications satellites. Quite a good graphic here. Sounds like we might feel the draught... !!!

    NASA, for some reason has taken down the news page (Originally here), as well as the risk calculations (Orginally here). Ive posted the links in case it is just a server problem and they become live again...

    And of course there are all sorts of conspiracies regarding the "inevitability" of it striking the planet: (here), or blowing up in a Tunguska like event (Here).

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    Default Re: Asteroid close encounter February 2013

    Of course NASA took it off. They don't want to cause a commotion among the people. Its just like our government keeping it under wraps. Leave us oblivious to anything that can harm the human race until the right moment or til this big chunk of asteroid is closing in on us....When it is time for the world to end, than so be it. There is nothing we can do, but live life to the fullest and make the most of every moment. Love while you can....Cherish those around you...

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    Default Re: Asteroid close encounter February 2013

    That's super close. I agree seamstress. I remember though what it was like when Elenin was nearing, it got pretty crazy on the web. We'll see. I think 2012 will bring a lot of stories of unpredictability.
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