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Thread: Happy Earthday

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    Nature, Environment, Healing, Holistic Happy Earthday

    Plant a seed or something '

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    Default Re: Happy Earthday

    i agree planting a seed is a good local way to help the environment...and bees, buy local and organic, read labels on household products, and learn how to craft your own, hang clothes out to dry use less electricity, use organic gardening no chemical only natural pesticides and fertilizers like companion planting and ladybugs, urge the government to ban montesanto like many countries have done and gmo foods/plants, many cities have banned herbicides, urge them to use less chemicals in the water and use other technologies like reverse osmosis and uv filtering, drive less/carpool, pick up recycle garbage and buy less packaging, have a garden all good ways.....

    beware of global warming it is controversial they want to make you a holocaust denier if you object, they are trying to have an international body for global taxation, taking away our freedoms. I think the massive amount of poison chemicals and oil spills is more alarming.

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    Default Re: Happy Earthday

    Yes Happy Earth Day. I bought a plant yesterday to put in my bedroom to make the air fresher. I haven't had a spider plant for ages, but love that it purifies the air, and makes a lot of babies that can be repotted, thus I'll have tons of spider plants to clean the air.

    I do a lot of green things, and try to live earthy most often so every day is earth day to me usually. I think it's a good thing that the general population gets a popular reminder to get back into it. It's been cold here, so I didn't get to enjoy being outside as I had wished. I wanted to take pics of the new buds coming out, it's my favorite time of year when the tree's start to leaf and flower.

    I'm not sure what we can do on a larger scale, but maybe the point is to become individually more conscious that will spread to the collective. The problem I see is the corporations getting away with murder, literally, with what they create and do that causes damage. However, I also see a lot of idiots who don't mind throwing out garbage in the street, especially McDonald's packaging, which makes me think people who are willing to treat their bodies to McDonald's aren't likely to care much about the external environment either. I think eventually we'll get there on a larger scale, but it's slow. Evidently we have to take it one step at a time and be the example whenever possible.

    I think western civilization has a disconnect from the world in general, considering it as something they can dominate and put to their disposal at will via a self centered perspective. It's interesting so many don't get that the whole is directly connected to the self. Luckily paganism, pantheism and the like is getting more popular, although slowly, which focuses on reverence for the earth. Christianity focuses so much on what is not of this world, the creator rather than the creation, that I think it has lead to a detrimental perspective on caring for the whole unfortunately. But, we have to deal with what we do, and I think our own spiritual karma is reflected in our actions. I could go on, but have a few things to attend to. Love talking about this stuff though
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