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Thread: I-Ching, Timewave zero, 2012

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    Infinity, Alpha & Omega, Magic I-Ching, Timewave zero, 2012

    Anyone know much about the I-Ching, Timewave Zero and 2012?

    I just found out about this, know very little, but curious.

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    Default Re: I-Ching, Timewave zero, 2012

    terrance mckenna supposedly discovered this through entheogens (hallucinogens)
    The iching is based on the number 64 or the hexagram, modern computer programs such as google earth run on this form, it is the form of matter/hexagram but the hexagram is also a sumbol of the sun.
    It has to do with synchronicities but timewave zero has been somewhat debunked, most noteably by dennis mckenna who continues his work at a university in BC.

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    Default Re: I-Ching, Timewave zero, 2012

    Good Find ~ I have to say, I am amazed by this sites volume of really really smart, if not brilliant, open minded, well rounded, tactfully bias & overall just nice people who just don't seem to have the time to get hung up on trivial differences or superficial issues! Especially rare in an environment where the topics can teeter on taboo &/or even have the potential to actually be career terminating for some professionals to openly discuss ! Any~who' ...good job host or who ever runs this place'
    Oh 'I-ching Cha-ching' why that make's me laugh every time??no-id?? Ok on point- that's how I got here from a reading, I am relatively new to it 3 or 4 years & I just love doing readings it has become more like a good friend to me. I know that sounds strange but I actually feel as if I am talking about a living friend, I have developed a unexpected trust and intimacy with the book sage & the readings have just been ridiculously accurate! ...peace~out'

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