June 10, 2010

Metropolis is a classic German film by Fritz Lang made in 1927, depicting life in 2026. This film is considered well ahead of it’s time, much like 1984 was considered to be.

Many modern interprations are credited to Metropolis in the ideology of the human being turning bionic.  We can see in Christina Aguilera’s new album Bi-on-ic, this theme continues to be prevalent in the music industry.  Beyonce and Kylie Minogue also have donned appearances as bionic, transformed women. Lady Gaga’s stage name is rumored to be from Queen’s Radio Ga Ga which features portions of Metropolis. Conspiracy theorists do point to a underlying message in the music industry revealing a higher echelon working behind the scenes with the desire to turn humans into part human part robot tapped into the system by microchips.

Christina Aguilera Bionic

Beyonce Robot Metropolis

Is there something to it? As we get further into the future we are depending on electronics immensely for nearly all activities in our civilization.   Without them, could we survive?

Are we becoming too dependent on technology?

The film depicts the wealthy and privileged living off the underclass.

Metropolis is an absolute must see Silent film (with musical score), storyline and plot conveyed mainly through visual display and dramatic music.  This film has non-English subtitles but is understood through it’s visual depictions.

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Fritz Lang’s science fiction epic Metropolis was made in Germany in 1927, when German cinema was among the world’s finest.

The story takes place in a city of the future – the year is 2026 – when workers slave and live underground while, above them in a modern city, the wealthy literally feed off them.

A film that has influenced science fiction movies ever since, Metropolis has invariably been seen in less than pristine copies that have been edited and shortened for a variety of reasons (a few years ago there was the Giorgio Moroder version).

But now the original 124 minute version has been restored by the German Murnau Foundation, and it’s possible to see this milestone of cinema in the best conditions possible. If you’ve never seen it, you’re in for a remarkable experience; if you’ve only ever seen truncated versions, it will be like seeing it for the first time ~ by David Stratton.  SBS Films.

Enjoy the Movie.

Full Length

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Please let us know if you’ve stumbled on this page and see the video is no longer available. We’ll do our best to update as soon as we find out. Contact us.

Also, Metropolis is now available on Netflix.

Queen’s Radio Ga Ga uses footage from Metropolis.

Conversation with Fritz Lang and Willian Friedkin

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