Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Cancer Sun Sign Weekly Astrology Horoscope for April 23 to 30, 2017

You could change your mind often about work, career and goals you set for yourself this week. That’s ok. Mercury is retrograde so you’re bound to not have all the answers now, but it is great for thinking up different possibilities. If you have not been as focused on your responsibilities as you know you could be, this week can bring reminders of how you put obstacles in your own way. Considering ways to rework your schedule so your goals become prioritized is worthwhile. Wherever you may usually procrastinate, getting more serious about what you really want in life can bring meaningful coincidences your way. If you think you deserve a better financial outcome for your efforts, this is the time to contemplate changing how you value your time. A new set of friends, allies, acquaintances, peers and groups you partake in can change you. Getting outside to do things in the real world with others can inspire all new beginnings for your life.

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