Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

Capricorn Sun Sign Weekly Astrology Horoscope for June 26 to July 2, 2017

Pluto retrograde in your sign can feel like a heavy weight at times. You’re purging parts of yourself that have held you back and you’re going through a process of regeneration. This week, other people are a great source of ideas. Conversations with those you feel a kinship with are highly recommended. A key word that catches your attention could put you on a whole new level of understanding yourself and others. It’s a good time to discuss a higher vision for your life and be open to talking about your big dreams and daydreams with Neptune and Mercury in favor now. You could end up seeing the world, and your place in it, in a whole new way. You could also meet someone that gives you a sense of empowerment, so be sure to wear your social hat. Issues in career relationships can come up this week, but could also be the catalyst you need to think beyond where you are now. The motivation and inspiration to take charge will most likely be due to your interactions with others, helping to get you moving in a new direction.

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