Libra Weekly Horoscope

Libra Sun Sign Weekly Astrology Horoscope for June 26 to July 2, 2017

If you feel like you’ve been a little lost and unorganized, this is the week to get back on track. It’s great to dream about lofty career ambitions, but you also need a dose of realism to take your dreams from merely imaginings, to becoming legitimate parts of your real world. Yes, do continue to dream and imagine, and do continue to surrender to the flow of life, but also start making moves to put your ideas in stronger order. There needs to be a balance. When your action plan is vague, you’ll feel like your energy is dispersed in all directions and you’re just spinning your wheels. This can be fine for creative imaginings, and has its place, but it’s not so great for making your wishes and goals become a real, tangible part of your life. This week take back some of your power in the real world. Make real plans and take real actions and when you’ve accomplished one step, give yourself a reward, and move on to the next step. Each and every step is important and counts towards the big picture. You can do it.

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