Mercury in Pisces

Mercury prefers facts, figures and details, but in Pisces the information we're looking at can be more subjective, questionable, and philosophical in nature.

Mercury in Pisces indicates the importance of higher consciousness. Ultimately, we are all evolving towards knowing more. There is much wisdom still to be revealed.

Through mindfulness practices like meditation, consciousness is elevated to new heights. An open mind can see new possibilities. Higher truths are easier to discover with Mercury in Pisces.

Quiet time, away from all the noise of life and the chaos in the media, can bring you back into alignment with a higher calling.

Fantasy films, daydreams, music, writing, poetry, art and imaginative visualization can elevates the mind to new levels associated with Mercury in Pisces. Psychic premonitions, intuitive hunches and messages in dreams are worth noting.

Those with addictions to mind altering substances can find Mercury in Pisces challenging, eye opening and evolving. Empathy and compassion for yourself and others are highlighted now.

Mercury in Pisces calls for a check in with your emotional intelligence. What you think and believe determines your direction in life. Choose good karma.

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