Mercury Sextile Uranus

Put your thinking cap on. Intelligence and brilliant insights can show up out of the blue. If you’re looking for clues, the effort is likely to bring you much to think about. A satori moment is an instant awakening, where information floods your mind quickly and you understand it just as fast, like a revelation.

Whether you want to teach or learn, the quick exchange of knowledge is supported. It is especially noted that technology is the medium of choice, so texts, emails, video and rapid exchanges online can be a great method of increasing awareness and intelligence.

Mercury sextile Uranus is great for progressive thinking. Sci-fi, futuristic films and books stimulate a great imagination with new ideas. Technological and innovative breakthroughs are possible.

This is a time to tap into your inner rebel, and think and choose for yourself. Freedom on your own terms is highlighted. 

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