Mercury Square Jupiter

Mercury square Jupiter indicates there is a conflict between logic and beliefs, facts and dogma. Not all information is true.

Studying and learning can be difficult and unfocused. Distractions could get the best of you. If you are not well informed, it may become more obvious that you need to learn a thing or two to keep up.

Be careful with your online sharing as details can spread further and faster than you may think.

Differences of pure logic and beliefs can create a wedge, so be careful what you say. Exaggerations of concepts and ideas can lead to disagreements. Gossip can be emphasized in the wrong way. Headlines could be more misleading than you'd expect. Hearsay is not reliable. Be conscious of accusations. Misunderstandings may be amplified. Extra discernment and discretion is necessary. Information is questionable and legal issues could get more attention.What really is the truth?

If you’re a dreamer with big ideas, you could overlook the finer points, facts and figures. If you are one that likes to know all the details, you could find vague information difficult to wade through. In any case, whether it is a personal conversation or reports in the media, do you really have enough information to make a proper, honest judgment?

Skepticism and mistrust are likely heightened now. Signing legal or financial documents should be avoided at this time.

This is not considered a good time to gamble or place big bets.

If you don't know the rules, don't play the game until you learn them.

If you aren't moving in the direction of your higher aspirations in life, you may need to make a tough decision. Think about what you want to grow.

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