Mercury Square Mars

Thoughts and actions may be in strong conflict at this time. Loud, obnoxious, and fast reactive behavior can get on people’s nerves. Saying the wrong thing at the wrong time is likely to create issues.

The ego can also lead to much bickering and defensive behavior. If an opinion strikes you the wrong way, it could get you hot under the collar. Offensive words or even words of war can escalate into bigger problems.

Choose your battles if you have to, but avoiding conflict and biting your tongue may be your best bet. Consider if it is wise or not before proceeding. If you offend anyone with your words, be prepared for a rebuttal.

Information wars may also be emphasized. We could see battles in the news. Cyber and virtual exchanges of information could bring issues. Obvious marketing tactics could rub people the wrong way.

Censorship, bias and political correctness can emphasize the power of information, and how social media and the corporate news media has the power to sway thoughts and actions considerably. Mercury and Mars at odds also speaks strongly to ideas on propaganda, so where there are political issues, don't be surprised if sneaky strategies to dispense information make their way around.

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