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Are You Looking for Solutions?

Astrology is an excellent gateway to useful advice.

Why Get a Reading?

  • Your life is disorganized and you need help figuring yourself out.
  • You aren’t sure what direction to head for your future.
  • You have a situation that is making your decisions difficult.
  • You need someone not so close to the situation to provide you with a different point of view.
  • You want to feel more in tune with the times and get on track to living your destiny.
  • You have financial problems and need insightful ideas for solutions. 
  • With my compassionate pricing you receive insights at a reasonable cost. 

I am a solutions oriented thinker. My readings focus on solutions and empowering you to make the most of your opportunities. 

Whether it is a relationship matter in your social life, love life or family life, your career and life goal concerns, or other specific area in your personal life, I will give you practical and philosophical insights and points of view, with a Personalized Reading of your birth chart.

With a Personalized Horoscope the information is catered specifically to your questions and your birth chart. With your date, time and location of birth, I will look at your chart and share what the astrology has to say and how it is related to your question.

I am intuitive, and solutions oriented, but I am not psychic. Astrological interpretation is a learned skill, and does not require any psychic abilities.

Your Personalized Astrology Reading can provide you with insight into future themes and trends suggested by your birth chart. However, I do not have supernatural premonitions that answer questions like, "When and where will I finally meet the man of my dreams?" or, "Will I win the lottery?" I can not make such promises about what will happen to you in your life, but I can give you advice and a deeper perspective on options in life.

My Personalized Astrology Readings are solutions oriented. They are not about you sitting back waiting for life to happen to you or for other people to decide what happens in your life - that's a passive and unproductive approach to life. Astrology can give insights into themes now and in the future, but your Free Will is your strongest ally in creating the changes you want  in your life. You have a choice in life to work towards creating the circumstances you wish for, and I can give you supportive insights that motivate and inspire you to see the possibilities for your life.

In my Personalized Astrology Readings I focus mainly on finding solutions through self awareness, practical actions and in improving relationships with yourself and with others.

My intention is to help you see a little bit further, or perhaps even a whole lot further, behind the scenes than you may usually be looking, to help you get to the heart of the matter of what's going on. By giving you perspectives on the issues you are dealing with, I will share ideas on how to create positive karma and positive changes in your life.

So tell me your story. I will listen to your perspective and give you private and confidential feedback. I will give you much to consider to help you develop clarity and self awareness so you can recognize new options for your life.

With over 10 years of studying and writing astrology horoscopes, along with my education and career expertise in the health and wellness lifestyle and financial sectors, I will write meaningful and insightful answers to your questions about your situation and circumstances.

I can provide you with your written reading by email in 3 weeks or less. 

Order your reading easily by filling in the submission form below. The price for your reading depends on how complex your questions are, and on how many questions you ask. I will contact you after you fill in the submission form.

Thank you for your trust. I look forward to reading your chart.


Once I receive your submission form I will contact you via email within approximately 48 hours - Monday to Friday. Your information is private and confidential.

Prices for readings depend on the complexity of your question or the number of questions you have. I will provide you with a price after reading your submission form.

You will receive your written Personalized Reading by email within approximately 3 weeks of ordering your reading - provided weekdays, Monday to Friday. 

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