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Do You Feel Like You Need a Change in Your Life?
Do You Need Another Perspective On Your Situation? 

If You Have a Dilemma in Your Life Right Now, Let Me Know What Your Situation Is.

Whether it is a relationship matter in your social life, love life or family life, your career and life goals concern, or other specific area in your personal life, I will give you practical and philosophical insights and points of view, with a Personalized Reading of your birth chart.

As you can tell from my Weekly Horoscopes and Special Reports, I go into quite a bit of detail. But with a Personalized Horoscope the information is much more catered specifically to you, your birth chart and addresses your questions.

I have found Astrology and Tarot to be excellent gateways to useful advice. With over 10 years of studying and writing astrology horoscopes, along with my education and career expertise in the health and wellness lifestyle sector, I will write meaningful and insightful answers to your questions about your situation and circumstances.

With your date, time and location of birth, I will look at your chart and share what the astrology has to say about the cycles of your life.

I will give you much to consider and ponder to help you develop clarity and self awareness and recognize new options for your life.

Your reading is designed to provide you with a positive learning perspective on your situation to help you make sense of what's happening in your life so you can use the opportunity to make new choices.

I can provide you with your written reading by email in just 7 to 14 days!

I believe in compassionate pricing. My prices are intended to be fair for you and a reasonable value for my time.

Book your reading easily below by ordering online.

Thank you for your trust. I look forward to reading your chart.


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New 10 Card Tarot Reading
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Personalized Horoscope Reading
Ask Your Question for Astro Advice
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Extended Personalized Horoscope Reading
with Key Dates Over the next 12 Months
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