Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

Sagittarius Sun Sign Weekly Astrology Horoscope for June 26 to July 2, 2017

Everyone has a dream in life, or even a few, but there is only so much time to work on making dreams a reality. Time is your most precious resource, so getting on with your dreams in a timely manner is essential. However, it’s not good to feel rushed, or pressured that you’re running out of time either, which is why taking time to plan your life in a reasonable and realistic manner is best. Of course there will be twists and turns, and probably a few setbacks, but when you set some solid goals you are excited about, you will at least know you’re on a path worth treading. It’s not about having such a strict schedule that you always feel like you’re fanatically chasing after the end result though either. That can be draining to your well being. Surrendering to the flow of life, and enjoying the journey makes goal setting a much more pleasant experience. Consider how you can takes steps towards making your life feel more in tune with a healthy foundation to work from, and more beneficial results will fall into place. This is also a great week to purge yourself of spending habits that drain your bottom line, and focus more on how to intelligently strengthen your income and financial resources in the long term.

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