Sun in Pisces

The Sun in Pisces signifies the final stage in the zodiac before the astrological new year begins with Aries in March at the Spring Equinox.

It’s time to feel elevated and in tune with something bigger than your everyday concerns, encouraging a more cosmic perspective on why you are here.

Pisces represents the accumulation of wisdom that has been gained throughout life that becomes our karma. The Sun in Pisces brings greater understanding of our karma and path in life.Looking at your life from a poetic and romantic perspective helps make sense of how all the events and experiences of your life are meaningful to your growth on a soul level.

Pisces is associated with the afterlife, past lives, ancestors and the heavenly realms of higher consciousness. Since life is short and who you are, is just once in a lifetime, we are reminded of how meaningful life is in every moment you are alive.

The Sun in Pisces reminds us to have reverence for the miracle of life, to wonder, to love life and to remember that all life is sacred and meaningful, broadly including all sentient beings. Awe and wonder of the source of life brings spiritual perspectives and curiosity for the deeper reasons of existence. A return to innocence, compassion and oneness with all life is highlighted.

There is a more intuitive, feminine quality with Pisces, and the Sun here reminds us of bringing light to our receptive, subtle side of life and to access higher wisdom. The Sun in Pisces is a great time to get in touch with Crown Chakra energy and higher, Divine consciousness.

Creative types will find the Sun in Pisces to be most inspiring. This is an excellent time for artists to develop profound insights through the process. Surrendering to the flow can create magic and bring you much wisdom. Exploring your consciousness through artistic endeavors can be especially enlightening.

Do be attentive to your emotions as they may override your logic. With imagination increased, you may find your wishes can have you perceive the world in an unrealistic or even a delusional way. Fantasies can cloud reality, and need the brilliance of the Sun to cut through the fog.

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