Venus in Pisces

Love and compassion become more important now. This is a good time to lead with the heart and reach toward higher consciousness. To be of loving service to others could be your greatest work. Being of service to others encourages a higher level of consciousness, positive life changes and good karma.

This is a time to tune into divine, feminine energy as a source of personal, spiritual evolution.

Compassion towards more people, animals and all of life is healing and can improve your well being.

Romantic, sensitive feelings come naturally and connections can feel like soul food.

This is a great time to explore beauty and art from a philosophical and mystical perspective.

Prayer pose as demonstrated in yoga or in religious prayer, where the palms of the hands touch and are held in front of the heart is a powerful symbol of love.

Namaste is a term of unity and oneness referring to the spiritual light that shines in me is the same spiritual light that shines in you.

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