Venus Sextile Pluto

Venus sextile Pluto can indicate a change in the power structure of your relationships. Is love the primary mover in your relationships?

Seduction, charm and sexual allure can be extra potent at this time with powerful effects. Falling deeply, emotionally in love is likely.

Warm affections can lead to much relief and comfort, especially for those that have anxiety issues or tend to worry about the gloomy side of life.

If you are into self care and beauty, getting rid of old clothes, jewelry and material products that are no longer in your interest is recommended. Pluto loves to purge what is no longer needed. It could be time for a haircut and style for a new look! Maybe it’s time to get rid of those piercings, those worn out shoes, or that outdated jacket you no longer feel beautiful or sexy in anymore.

Venus and Pluto connecting speaks strongly to money matters. A change in your attitude toward money and the way you handle and manage money is recommended now.

Efforts toward material success and wealth are hinted at strongly, so do have a look at how you can revamp your financial and business related matters. Look for ways to feel more prosperous, like surrounding yourself with things that make you feel good and getting your financial paperwork in order. If you are an investor, this would be a good time to put in some effort to get your accounts in order.

This is a good time to assess your finances to reduce your debt, and look at how your money situation needs to change for the better. Letting go of costly burdens that just send you bills you don’t want or need is suggested.

If you have too much on your plate, and are overwhelmed by the costs of maintenance for your multitude of possessions, perhaps it’s time to donate or sell items so they are no longer your problem to deal with. It’s not a bad time to consider downsizing.

Overall, your emotional attachments to money deserves a review so you can let go of wasteful spending and costs, and create positive financial changes.

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