Venus Sextile Saturn

You can manifest your desires, you just have to work at them. What you want in life requires more than just imagining or longing for what you want. You have to put in the time and effort to create it.

If you have a marketing campaign in the works, this is a good time to consider how heart and business mix.

If you’re an artist you will know the importance of structure and form, likewise if you’re a business person, the same is true. Setting real goals that you would love to achieve is important. Honor your ability to manifest the reality you want by following your heart.

Reliability and responsibility are valued. Being receptive and willing to listen, brings positive connections to those in leadership roles.

Finance, banking, business, and real estate are positively highlighted. Builders and designers will find this time valuable and creatively productive.

In love and relationships, working through challenges responsibly can draw you closer together. Mutual goals can strengthen bonds.

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