Venus Trine Jupiter

Venus and Jupiter are two of the more optimistic planets in the zodiac and when they get together there tends to be an exaggerated vibe.

A desire for feel-good pleasure, happiness and extravagance are increased. An attraction to all that is beautiful is emphasized. Big hair, big heart, big beauty can get more attention in the media. Charming qualities tend to work magic, but do be careful that you’re not faking it to create a bigger impression than is believable.

This is a good time to focus on creative ways to grow your prosperity. It’s also great for artists to create big, beautiful, attention grabbing work.

A love of materialism and excesses is likely, especially shiny and luxurious items can grab more attention. Spending too much money is more than likely, or at least the desire to do so will be stronger than usual. If you're the selfish or jealous type, you could end up wanting to have your cake and eat it too.

On the other hand, you could end up being overly generous, especially if you feel like you need to buy love. Take a look at your finances before giving away everything you have.

Those with hoarding tendencies may end up shopping until they drop. Spending can go ballistic and burn a hole in your pocket as acquiring more and more still may not seem like enough. Gambling and hoping for the next big win can be too attractive to resist. Investing is supported, but do be conscious of how news and media could be swaying your decisions with high hopes and big promises. 

A need to bond with those that are positive, uplifting and loving can increase dramatically which is great for improving romantic relations and sharing your warmth and affections.

Do be aware that when Venus and Jupiter connect positively, expectations can be super high, even too high. So, do be careful that you don’t go overboard with your vision and end up causing your own disappointment when those great expectations are not fulfilled exactly as you hoped.

If you like to travel, consider going somewhere far away that has plenty of beautiful, open spaces with lots of lush nature to enjoy.

A love of learning and growing in wisdom is well suited. Explore what your heart desires.

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