Current Winter Storm named "Saturn" - Eastern Beast

Winter Storms are popularly becoming named events these days. The current storm over the east coast of the US is called Saturn and is hitting Washington DC. That's an interesting choice of names.

Saturn is the God of Time in the ancient Roman religion, associated with the Greek god Cronus. He represents limitation, age, death and karma in astrology, but his limits allow us to eventually grow via the hard processes of the material world. Mythologically and symbolically Saturn is related to Capricorn, the half goat, half mythological water beast. He is also associated with the number 6, the 6 pointed star, the 6th day of the week (Saturday - Saturn's Day), and is the 6th planet from the Sun. It is also considered to be related to the Babylonian 666 (which one would assume why it is being referred to as a "Beast"). Saturn is  associated with "Satan" and thus, fear and restriction.

Ruins from the Temple of Saturn.

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