Symbol of the Week: Egyptian Ankh

Our Symbol of the Week series on Symbolic Living begins with The Ankh - the ancient Egyptian hieroglyph meaning "Life."

The Ankh is traditionally drawn in Gold as it correlates to the Sun and not in Silver which correlates to the Moon.

It is said to resemble a key, symbolizing the key to the gate of the afterlife, male and female genitalia, union of heaven and earth, the Sun rising over the horizon above the cross (earth). The Ankh is a symbol of Kemeticism, and is often seen relating to Gnosticism. It also draws parallels to the Christian cross and the symbol for Venus.
Elvis wore the Ankh, and was criticized for wearing a pagan symbol. He commented, "I don't want to miss out on Heaven because of a technicality."
Does the symbol of the Ankh hold any significance to you?

Feel free to share your thoughts, or meditate on the symbol this week if you'd like.

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