Weekly Astrology Horoscope April 28-May 4, 2013

Life is never easy. It’s definitely got its challenges and blessings, all rolled into one. Disguised among all the pain we encounter throughout our life is the mystery of love.
You may have been feeling the emotions come on strong lately. The Full Moon in Scorpio a few days ago is still a part of our experience and blends into the energy of this week. The eclipse brought us back to that place within ourselves where we need to face our deep feelings. Tears may flow like a river for some, but these are healing tears that need to be shed.
Thank God for your life. Your soul is growing so much because of everything you’re going through.
The bond between ourselves and those we love is made stronger now through the challenges we face. We are brought back to realizing how love is the force that overcomes all obstacles.
Working with one anothers money is an important focus in relationships now. Budgeting and planning come into focus. Sometimes sacrifices need to be made for the longer term good. Spending less wastefully and focusing on building a future together is important. It’s not always easy to share feelings about money, but even if tears must be shed, at least you will know where each other stand so you can move on from where you are.

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