Dan Brown: Inferno

Inspired by Dante's Divine Comedy

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  1. This is certainly a very good book if you are looking to get carried away in a gripping plot... just like the earlier novels of Brown, this story is also set in an intriguing world of symbols and poems... though some might feel that these breakneck chases and poem deciphering have become a cliched aspect of Brown's novels, let me also remind you- these are also the aspects that keep the story exciting... as far as a Dan Brown novel is concerned, I would gladly prefer his work over any other just because it has some amazing bits of information that you perhaps don't get even in the internet in as much detail... starting from the Da Vinci Code, I think it is the research part that keeps Dan Brown novels on top of the list! In a jist, this is an excellent book and if you forget the previous works of Dan Brown and read this with a clear mind, I'm sure he won't let you down!


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