Weekly Astrology Horoscope May 12-18, 2013

Happy Mother’s Day! We start this week off honoring all mothers–symbolizing birth, creation and manifestation of life in the world. We may live in a patriarchal society now, but woman as a Goddess figure was central to humanity’s worldview thousands of years ago. Today, pagans venerate and honor the sacred feminine. The word “mother” has its roots in the word “matter” which ties together the material world and mother denoted in our reference of our world as Mother Earth.
The words “I love you,” a hug, heartfelt quality time, a nourishing and nurturing meal together, and fresh, fragrant flowers each honor the essence of motherliness in our lives.
Mother Earth is in full blossom now as the Sun moves into the third decanate of Taurus. The strength of the earth element is with us. We each feel best when we embody our sacred connection to nature and the earth now.
With Mercury and the Sun together in Taurus, we do well to be more mindful to how we think about materialism and nature. Eating organic foods, mindfully approaching how your food becomes your body and influences your mind is important now. Of course, “you are what you eat.”
It’s more than just that though–we are all part of a bigger picture beyond just our immediate bodies and environment. We do not live in a bubble (though some of us like to take the easy way out by thinking we do). Being conscious of how your food choices, and thus what you support through the money you spend, affects the bigger picture. Your choices affect the world. If you turn a blind eye and purchase GMO foods and those covered in pesticides, you are influencing more than just your own body. You are influencing the world and the future of our planet. Where you put your money is a vote for what you want, accept or allow in the world and contributes to encouraging that occurrence to continue into the future.
If you didn’t know about Monsanto seeds here’s food for thought: Monsanto sells seeds which grow infertile plants, which means farmers can only produce one generation of plants from the patented GMO seeds they buy from Monsanto. In other words, the seeds from those plants are born inert (dead) and can not grow future plants. So, farmers must buy the seeds for their next crop from Monsanto again and again. Why do farmers buy from Monsanto in the first place? Well, it’s becoming very difficult now for farmers to not buy from Monsanto as they have encroached so heavily on the market as a monopoly, it’s becoming unavoidable. Luckily, in Europe, some countries are now banning Monsanto seeds. This is just the tip of the iceberg. If you would like to learn more about this subject a collection of videos can be viewed on the SL forum.

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