Weekly Astrology Horoscope May 26-June 1, 2013

Welcome to another week. This week we give you insight into what’s in store for each sign. Be sure to not only read your sun sign, but also your ascendant sign and your moon sign.
*For insight on what’s happening overall this week, read the *Full Moon in Sagittarius on May 25, 2013 article which gives more information on what the astrological picture is for us all in the coming days.
Aries: This is an inspiring time for you. Your climb towards greater success depends on your level of motivation. You should be feeling ambitious this week and ready to hear any good news is waiting for you. At the end of the week you’ll find your words have potent impact on the world around you. Listening is a skill you’ll do well to reap benefits from this week. Others want to be heard, show them you’re willing to take their opinions and points of view seriously and you’ll get closer to your own goals.
Taurus: Money matters. Yes, Taurus enjoys material pleasures, and feeling abundant. Be ready to accept a fair exchange for what you’re worth. Let others know that you do hold yourself in high regard. It’s not about pride, or boastfulness, it’s about understanding and honoring your value and worthiness. Be nice to others while showing respect for yourself and your time. Make a vision board this week with big ideas. The importance of respecting the the material world also includes an environmental approach. Make sure you’re not too clingy to your partner. Showing you value, rather than possess, him or her changes the energy of the relationship for the better.
Gemini: You’re the life of the party. The Stellium is happening in your sign and this will help you feel special in a lot of ways. Venus, Mercury and Jupiter are enjoying each others company helping you to feel abundant and beautiful in your own skin. This is a great time for you to let go of anything holding you back from feeling good about yourself. You’re being encouraged to show the world a heightened sense of self, and a healthy self-esteem. Being honest and open with who you are opens your heart to love yourself and others. Be true to yourself and you’ll attract the love you share.
Cancer: You’ll feel fortunate on a much higher level of consciousness this week. Knowing you have the ability to channel your higher self into the world is empowering. You can really light up the lives of others with compassionate words. Dreams will be especially meaningful this week and can elevate you to a new understanding about life. Be especially creative this week envisioning the bigger picture of your life. Creativity means no holding back from the possibilities you see for yourself. You’ll feel happiest this week when you align your identity with your spirit.
Leo: If you march to your own drum this week, you’ll feel empowered. Letting others know that you are a self-determined person will create a new aura around you that people’s understand. By staying busy with what you love to do, you’ll be communicating to others, on an unspoken level, your philosophy of life. Share with others your original ideas. Be eccentric. Your inventiveness speaks volumes. You may come across a piece of art, or a photo, that speaks to you deeply this week that causes you to see humanity, and thus yourself, in an all new light. Loving the best in others elevates you this week.
Virgo: You should really ask for what you want this week in terms of career. If you already have, you may see lovely results show up this week. If your career is self determined, think big about your business. The possibilities are grand when you set your mind on high aspirations. It’s an auspicious time for you to speak up honestly colored by professional vision. Conversations are fruitful when you show that your career isn’t just a job, but that you truly love what you do. It’s a good time to think about how your goals are aligned with your heart. Brainstorming with others tuned into your vision can make things happen, and open many doors to new possibilities for your life.
Libra: Commit yourself to living with more freedom this week. Break down the barriers and let go of the burdens on your mind that you’ve held onto for far too long. If religious ideas, and philosophies you’ve adopted aren’t letting you have a truly balanced life, it’s time to rethink your world view. If any beliefs hold you back from having an open heart you’ll feel it this week. Prejudiced mentalities you see in others will really get on your nerves. Understanding and sharing a bigger, brighter perspective will influence hearts and minds. This goes for global concerns as well as the most personal relationships. Real truth is born from love and nothing less.
Scorpio: Destiny is on your side. You may have notable deja vu. Letting others help you see yourself in a new light this week will give you a healthy ego boost. When asking for opinions, get them from those you trust and know love you. Where there is love, you know your best interest is at least considered to the best of their ability. However, nobody else can ever know you as well as you so accept what’s offered and make it your own. Use any glints of wisdom bestowed, and leave the rest behind. Lessons this week will come to you as gifts. You may get news about finances and resources you’ve been waiting on. Getting a divination reading will speak to you this week.
Sagittarius: You know the Full Moon and eclipse in your sign on Saturday giving your part of the sky extra attention. You’re infused with with more instinct than usual. Listen to your gut to know the right words to say. How you get along with others, including in terms of love, stands out now. Your choices now are best made when you feel strongly that you’re making the right moves. Conversations are important now, so seek out those you know you will learn from. Be sure to get the bigger picture when signing contracts. Working with those who are willing to compromise will create a better dynamic in the overall process. Negotiate with honesty and focus on cooperation. You’ll be able to read truth and wisdom in the faces of others now.
Capricorn: Life works out best now when you’re organized and willing to do the work. You’ve got to make sure you know the details before making a decision now, so ask, inquire, talk it out. Benefits come your way when you’ve got your ducks in a row. Consider each encounter you have this week to be relationship centered. Your approach and interactions should reflect your willingness to be of service when needed. Positive outcomes will result when you discuss options with a team-like approach. It’s not all about you, it’s about the whole. Solutions arise when you are willing to dig deep. Confidence helps you attract the right people now. Don’t be afraid to to do what you want. Talk about finances increases this week. Think positive.
Aquarius: Relationships need their space this week. Your love interest will see you as much more interesting and approachable if you’re not acting so needy. You may feel jealousy arise if you notice your partner or love interest is a little too talkative to flirty people. By feeling gorgeous yourself, and empowered to say the right words, you’ll feel confident enough in yourself that you’ll turn the tables. Wear alluring clothes, jewelry and fragrances to feel good about your self image. You deserve to feel like you’re wearing a crown this week. Give yourself a boost by making love your focus. Learning about your self-worth gives you the wisdom you need this week to feel more abundant in who you are.
Pisces: Making a sacred space in your home now to commune with the divine is especially healing. Love vibrates at the highest frequency and you can send and receive that message to the heavens now and be heard. Incense has been used symbolically to carry thoughts, words and prayers to the higher levels of consciousness for thousands of years. Tap into that ancient tradition. Burn incense that is natural and makes you feel your spirit rise this week. Meditation is powerful now, as are your dreams. What you envision, and believe now has extra potency to impact the world.
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