Weekly Astrology Horoscopes June 16-22, 2013

Weekly Astrology Horoscopes June 16-22, 2013 by Symbolic Living

Happy Father’s Day! The week starts off honoring fathers, recognizing their important role in history and our lives and their significance in the magical process of manifesting life with our mothers. These special days remind us of that age old wisdom to honor thy father and thy mother. At the end of the week, the Sun moves into Cancer. Have a great week.

Aries: It’s easy to get into heated arguments and butt heads, especially with those closest to us. Those we feel most comfortable with make us feel like we have room to be more honest and to express ourselves with more freedom. For some this is actually a sign of love. By getting outside our comfort zones and saying what we really feel, we get to know each other and ourselves better. Arguing never feels nice though, but it can liberate us from stagnant beliefs and ideas we hold within our own minds. Now is a time to recognize your words impact those close to you. Try to say what you feel but still have consideration of how the other person you love feels. You’ll both learn important lessons this week because you are close enough to be honest with each other.

Taurus: Continue to talk about money matters with your partner this week. Clarity on how you spend and why you spend helps you feel a closer bond. Home improvement planning is a fantastic idea. It’s easy to get miffed about bad spending habits, but the past is over. Think bigger about your future and use your energy towards building a stronger foundation. Your home environment is a place of inspiration and creative thinking this week. The changes this week will have you feeling enthusiastic about the future if you take charge and define your direction with a creative edge.

Gemini: Courage and determination to be yourself this week will open doors. You’ll shine when you realize how grand life really is and recognize your potential. Someone close to you may give you the wisdom you need to feel comfortable in your own skin and to feel capable of bringing abundance into your life. If you’re a homebody you’ll do great chatting it up with loved ones, or gabbing on the phone for hours in the comfort of your bed. The more cozy you feel the more you’ll feel secure in who you are. Talk out your feelings about work as the week begins to help you modify your attitude and motives for doing what you do. By assessing the good and the bad you’ll be better able to know who you are relative to your workplace.

Cancer: You should definitely spend some time talking to the mirror this week. Really look at yourself. Look deep into your eyes and ask yourself who it is you see behind the mask you wear. Add to that layers of positive thought, aspirations and healthy words of wisdom that you deserve to hear and know deep in your soul. Tell yourself how high you want to climb in life and think creatively about the methods to get there. The way you feel about your core determines how much you will achieve this week, so give yourself your best. Confidence is on your side this week.

Leo: Jupiter and your ruler, the Sun, are in heaven together this week. Your optimistic approach to life and expressing yourself with honesty and a positive attitude help you move your life in the right direction. Your optimism also helps others see themselves in a new light. This week, consider yourself a beacon of light in the world. Your words can carry a spiritual, loving tone that inspires others to be more true to themselves and open to sharing with you. Putting your energy towards improving the way you feel about the circumstances of life will help everyone around you see their world in a new way.

Virgo: The beginning of the week is an opportune time to start a personal routine of improved health and well being. By feeling better in your body and mind you’ll be better equipped to enjoy your career. By working hard you set the stage for more focused and directed energy towards your goals. The bigger picture gets clearer mid-week and you may feel like the lights are finally turned on, for the better. You may feel like having someone visit you at home this week that helps you feel more creative and in tune with the arts. A healthy conversation with herbal tea or a heart healthy dose of wine opens the door to feeling comfortable and grounded in your surroundings and in the world.

Libra: Money matters may need extra attention mid-week. As you get invested in your needs and feelings of security, you’ll also notice your interest in more honesty awakens. Planning for your future opens up an important portal of wisdom that helps define your purpose with more clarity. The dimmer switch is turned on high so you can see a much bigger picture and assess your surroundings with a keener eye. Your worldview gets a shot of adrenaline and pumps you full of optimism about the possibilities for your life. Keep thinking bigger and brighter and your well of knowledge will overflow.

Scorpio: As we progress through this week you will feel a draw to find your destiny through a more magical thinking approach to your life. The law of attraction may have once seemed fickle to you, but now you may notice your attitude towards life, and the way you mold your own karma, becomes more evident and real. Your ego may also get a cleansing this week through your intentional approach to create change in your worldview. Strength and destiny are key factors in your week, and they are impacted greatly by the way you think, so think bigger and better. You deserve every opportunity to transform your karma. This week you get it.

Sagittarius: You’re pretty fortunate when you go after what you want and shoot your arrow in the right direction. If you can figure out your target this week with keen awareness you’ll be able to achieve your goal. You’ll be able to charm others simply by opening up and sharing your wisdom. Your enthusiasm in your connection with others will be recognized, and quite possibly rewarded. Your relationship with a significant other will also feel magical and the gifts given and received will welcome in an attractive impulse to share. Don’t worry about how high you have to climb in life this week, just enjoy all the positive benefits life bestows on you and your esteem will sky high.

Capricorn: Life works out well when we let the light shine on us. This week, bring yourself out of hiding and into the shining sun. Your efforts this week will be noticeable. If you focus on getting yourself organized and in a healthy, positive routine, others will notice. More importantly, you’ll notice a big difference in how your efforts reap results. You’ll feel lighter and more capable to determine your life experience. By purposely creating a lifestyle that feels right the world will affirm your actions. You’ll get signals and messages that confirm you’re on the right track. Keep your ears and eyes open this week for bits of wisdom to fall into your lap.

Aquarius: This week you’ll recognize more deeply where you come from and it will awaken in you the wisdom needed to realize where you’re going. Don’t expect to have epiphanies from sitting around at home. The real wisdom arises this week when you’re out in the world feeling your creative, inspired and enthusiastic side sharing in life. Get out and enjoy the sunshine and soak up the rays. Abundance becomes clearer when you can live in a world where you reflect the light bestowed upon you. Your routine and work efforts do best when your creative mind is engaged in the process. As the week closes all the daytime experiences you’ve absorbed and created this week will settle in and help you feel at home within yourself.

Pisces: Draw back the curtains, pull up the blinds and open the windows. Let the sun shine into your home and your life this week. You’ve got an abundance of opportunities for happiness this week when you let the light into your life. The great outdoors welcomes you to walk, jog, cycle or swim among the flowers and the warm glow this week. How you feel about yourself gets a boost as you allow abundance to warm your heart. Share with others your spirit and you’ll discover a wealth of energy and healing is yours to give and receive. You gain wisdom this week by keeping an open mind and having inspiring conversations.

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