Weekly Astrology Horoscope July 28-August 3, 2013

Written by Symbolic Living

Aries: This week is full of energy. You’ll likely feel strong urges and a sense of impulsiveness color your week. Patience is the key to get through the week feeling on top. If frustration takes you to places you’d rather not experience, pause and step back before your actions become a burden. You’ll do best when your guided by living with integrity, honesty and setting goals that help you achieve more freedom in life. Excess energy can be channelled into the direction you want if you can bring measured calm to your actions. It’s important you don’t erupt this week. If you do, you’ll only carry around a thick, smoky cloud. Take a cold shower if necessary.

Taurus: You’ll feel a strong bond in love this week. Your reasons for being attracted to a special someone will become clearer helping you to understand yourself better. We’ve all experienced infatuation and remember what young puppy love was like, but it always takes time and patience for love to develop into something much deeper and meaningful. This week you get to understand how you’ve been transforming throughout your life, not just in terms of romance, but also in terms of how to love life, yourself and all the world has to offer, more purposefully. This week you are blessed with a chance to open your heart that allows you to learn important lessons about how your life is designed to give and receive love while you’re here. Love what you do and do what you love.

Gemini: You may feel sensitive this week. Words and feelings run deep. If you can get to the core of your sensitivity you’ll feel more grounded. Conversations hold the key to transformation. If you talk to someone about your feelings, or if you blog, be honest. The responses and personal insights you get will reach deep into your soul. You get a chance to boost your ego and see yourself in a new light as the week progresses. Attempt to raise yourself up a few steps and recognize how truly awesome you really are. Talk yourself into an improved opinion of yourself and you’ll shine dramatically brighter.Set your intention to think and feel more awakened and ready to live your life on purpose and in line with your soul’s calling. Intentional clarity of thought will bring you optimism and dispel your fears.

Cancer: Get out in the sunshine. You need that light to feel grounded. Now is a very potent time for you intuitively and emotionally, but you need a bit of fire to feel lit up. Although this is a very spiritual time for you and filled with abundance and blessings in that arena, you’ll become disconnected from the natural light and feel ungrounded if you sink too deep into that ocean. A little change of pace will do you good. You want to make sure you don’t become too passive and complacent expecting all the good things to just come to you. Give yourself a change of scenery and set the intention to give as much as you recieve. Morning walks will especially do you well to clear your thinking patterns. Step outside and engage yourself more fully in the here and now. The week can be lovely when you seek a bit more balance.

Leo: Birthdays are meant to be fun. Your life is meant to be celebrated. It’s a good time to make resolutions for your personal new year. Being a year older is a gift. This year you have the chance to become liberated and recreate a new identity. You can redefine who you are this year. It will take work. It will take self assessment, honesty and effort to know yourself more fully, but you’re worth the time and energy. Be careful that you don’t push others away by becoming self centered and rebellious. Yes, you want freedom and will find ways to achieve having your own space and direction, but others getting the chance to be a part of watching you grow and shine makes it more enjoyable. This week, you’ll become more aware of how you want your new year to become more fully about the real you, you know you can be. Be conscious of how your actions lead to your fate.

Virgo: It’s a good time to be mindful of your mental projections of love into the world. The world can be the most beautiful place if your intention is to give and receive love. It becomes a spiritual calling. It’s important for you to assess yourself with less judgment and more love, and ask yourself how you make the world a more beautiful place with your presence. This is a week to let go of worry and fear. Let go of what holds you back from giving yourself all the love deserve. If you do what you love this week, a lot of inspiration will fall into your lap. Figure out what makes you feel really good and focus on doing that wholeheartedly. Your mind grasps important lessons in how to communicate with others more openly so they feel the love pour out of you more than ever. Try the standing tree yoga pose with your hands over your heart to get centered.

Libra: As the week begins friendships and connections are important. You may feel the need to connect with old friends that start your week off on the right foot. Having a stronger sense of authority this week is good for you. Being able to communicate to others from a position of integrity and strength is important now. It’s important to embody success and to feel that drive coursing through your veins. Your vision of your life and how you identify with others stands out. You deserve worldly achievement and to make progress. This week you have the chance so think big and invite friends and colleagues to enjoy being a part of your journey.

Scorpio: If you want to feel more at home in your own skin you should start your week off putting energy into your habits and exercise routine. At least go for a walk to get your blood flowing and your lungs refreshed. Starting the week feeling good about your relationship with your body and ensuring you have a healthy routine is going to make your entire week feel better. Setting up a home gym space, or clearing a space for a yoga mat in your home will set the stage for the right attitude. Learning more about what makes you feel empowered and abundant should take center stage this week. Educate yourself on the meaning of your life with more zest and anticipation for the best.

Sagittarius: Begin your week with a focus on creativity. Start a new project. Start something totally new and intriguing. Get your juices flowing and your fire ignited. You’ll feel much better if you initiate something this week that gets you moving in a new direction. You may not feel compelled to follow through by the end of the week, but there is a point to getting started. It acts as a catalyst to open you up to more ideas and through it you gain valuable wisdom you won’t get anywhere else. By the end of the week you’ll feel more interested in life and more energized knowing you’ve made new enlightening discoveries that put you on a path to greater happiness and good fortune.

Capricorn: Career matters are a part of life. Clearing out the karma you’ve built over a lifetime is no easy task, but you’re slowly changing how you see yourself and you’re making better choices about how high you aim in life. As the week begins you may feel like home is where you want to be, but as the week progresses you feel better about getting out there and doing your thing in the world in the company of others. Friendly people make your week brighter, so focus on creating rapport with like minded individuals. Your ideas about the world broaden as you see others points of view. Enjoy what the world has to offer. Be kind and honest, and choose your words wisely in the presence of others. You’ll be able to build some fantastic bridges.

Aquarius: You’re a visionary by nature. Sometimes you just need a little reminder of how great your ideas are. You don’t need anyone to blatantly tell you how awesome they are, just pay attention to how people react for clues about which ones strike a chord best. You shine in the presence of friends and the week begins well if you are able to chat openly about your feelings. You may be feeling the urge to improve your body-mind relationship. Going for a hike with friends would be the perfect way to burn some calories and get your blood pumping while living with a sense of freedom. Enjoy merging your tasks with pleasure for best results.

Pisces: You need art in your life. You need dreams and daydreams. You need to feel your spirit thrive. You also need to make an effort though. These days, you may feel like having everything just come to you. Well, yes, life does have its benefits when you just go with the flow, but you do need the balance too. Being passive for too long can become draining. Luckily now you have the opportunity to feel the benefits gained by exerting more energy. Mars puts the steam in the grand trine in water and makes you feel inspired to take action. So take all those wonderful ideas and feelings you’ve been having and make a real world masterpiece out of them with drive and passion to create.

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