Weekly Astrology Horoscopes July 14-20, 2013

Welcome to another week. This week we give you insight into what’s in store for each sign. Be sure to not only read your sun sign, but also your ascendant sign and your moon sign.

Weekly Astrology Horoscopes July 14-20, 2013

This week Uranus in Aries goes Retrograde mid-week on July 17th, and Mercury returns to Direct in Cancer on Saturday, the 20th. The water signs continue to enjoy auspicious benefits as the Sun, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces share their planetary energy.

Aries: This week you may feel more receptive than usual. Keep your ears open and feel your way through the week. Get comfortable with yourself and enjoy your own company at home. There may be delays, but your patience will help you see the benefits of slower steps towards a more stable future. Reflecting on a long term action plan helps build a stronger sense of inspired purpose within yourself. Believing more in yourself gradually develops this week. Just relax, get comfortable and enjoy the summer days while you can. The beach feels like home.

Taurus: You may see the biggest smile and it reminds you of what life is all about. Friendship, warm feelings, and heartfelt moments fill you up with gratitude for living. Talking about the big and beautiful things in life with a touch of introspection and light heartedness raises your energy. You don’t need drama now. What you need is to show your pearly whites from ear to ear without any hesitation. Let go of any self conscious doubts and let yourself feel free to enjoy the life you’ve been given. Your kind words make others feel welcome and celebrated for just being who they are.

Gemini: Mercury has been retrograde for a couple of weeks and will be going back in direct motion at the end of the week. Take this important time to readjust your budget, rearrange your home and re-establish a stronger sense of grounding and security. Think about how you’d like to feel more centered in your life so you have a good launching pad to get things done in the rest of July. This week, get a few things done at home that need your attention. Your desk and paperwork and files need a bit of reorganizing so you are better equipped to handle what’s on the horizon. A revamp of your space makes you feel more inspired and less likely to procrastinate.

Cancer: Maybe you don’t always have the best point of view about yourself, but this week you’ll notice your introspection leads to pleasant realizations. Your sensitivity is your gift if you allow it to lead to personal awakenings. Although you may feel a bit foggy-brained, you’ll notice your mental energy starts to build more towards next week. You’ll become more intuitively tuned into your goals and feel more embodied in who you are as the week progresses. Any initial thoughts and ideas that you feel desperately need addressing quickly, will actually have much better results if you take your time. The end of the week you get an insight that is like an a-ha moment.

Leo: You are stunning. You are beautiful. No matter what you’ve ever been told of what is or isn’t the ideal form, you realize that your beauty shines through you more profoundly than ever, especially when you take ownership of your own identity. Your spirit is powerfully growing into your persona. It’s energizing. Move, dance, create, be. Spend some time allowing your creative juices to flow in the privacy of your home so you reawaken in yourself to how truly magnificent you really are. Just like Aries this week, the beach is a haven for you to feel the glory of the sun shining in your heart and that connection to your true self .

Virgo: You may feel a little off this week in relation to the general public, but you’ll feel at home nurturing an introspective perspective of your own human qualities. Everyone in the world is so different, with so many different ideas. The big picture of life from one person to the next varies greatly. You can appreciate all this, but right now, a stronger connection to how you impact the world and live in the world as a powerful human being, is on your mind. Who are you? What is your own philosophy of the world? What is the purpose of your existence? These are powerful questions and at the end of the week you’ll realize where you fit in with the rest of humanity with a mission to be you more fully and meaningfully.

Libra: Sudden inspiration from the outside world slows down this week. Instead, the realizations you have become much more subtle and more internalized. The Moon begins your week and draws in the energy of Uranus across the sky, which will be going retrograde mid week. The lightning bolts of insight reside, but the dawning of wisdom blossoms within you, especially when you focus on your road to living a just and balanced life true to you. Creativity that is born from within you, becomes the theater of your life. You create your character. Your career is blessed when the choices are yours.

Scorpio: You get a burst of energy. The kundalini rises in you. You’re ready to turn your philosophy of life into reality. Through it you clear your karma and set life in motion. Though you sometimes have a bit of esteem concerns, as everyone does from time to time, your new and growing wisdom of life starts to drown out past illusions. When you drink water, add a bit of magical mindfulness to it. You’ve got an abundance of power now to influence the world around you. You’re like diamonds of sunlight flickering on the ocean waves. Your doubts fade as you lay to rest the past and embrace the fullness of now.

Sagittarius: Life has good balance now if you’re consciously relating to the world as your home. The mystery of life is an endlessly fascinating experience and you have a role to play in the unfoldment of the experience for yourself and all around you. Asking others to share in your abundance and you in theirs is mutually beneficial. As you let the energy of life course through your veins and seek to understand the spiritual symbols that come into your awareness, you wake up to a better reality. Not only to do wake up, but you also bring your light into the lives of others. At the end of the week you’re going to have an important realization that brings you a sense of security in your place in the world.

Capricorn: Any challenge you have as the week begins touches you emotionally. This is a sign of growth. Your independence helps you realized you have the duty to own your own life and not wait around for others to make decisions for you. This week brings you the chance to improve your path, and create a new karmic direction. Let the challenges be catalysts to empower you to be the central force that determines your road to victory. Clearing away obstacles should be easy this week if you make the effort. If you’re lazy and let things slide you’ll be taking a step back. So help yourself step forward by focusing on positively affirming your worth. You have the capability to use your drive for success and accept abundance into your life.

Aquarius: You understand the magic of independence. Although nobody is an island, you have the drive to move in the direction you choose. It’s a good time to slow down and enjoy the pace now. With your ruler stepping back, heading retrograde, just let the wind blow as it may and let fate inspire you. Being receptive and enjoying the pleasure of conversations brings you realizations that may not be starkly revolutionary, but are importantly transformative in gentler, internal ways. The slower pace is good for your soul. At the end of the week you may feel the need to move your body and mind and slip into a healthy routine. Make yourself beautiful inside.

Pisces: You’ve got a lucky streak going. Enjoy it. Allow the positive energy within you to be reflected in how you respond to life from the heart and spirit. Discovering the mysteries of life should come easy now, especially when you are emotionally invested in connecting with the bigger picture of the cosmos. You’re going through a very positive moment in time now, one where your karma is cleansed. The ancient ritual of baptism is a symbol that represents your internal transformation now to move forward into a lighter, brighter version of reality. At the end of the week your creative mind opens up and philosophical considerations flow like a fountain glistening in the sunlight. Keep your pen and paper handy so you can remember important revelations.

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