Ban on Religious Symbols Proposed by Quebec Government

Though some religious symbols could become banned in public and political arenas in Quebec, other religious symbols will remain allowed in public because they have been deemed as a part of "secular" culture, including the Christmas tree and crucifix.
Mark Mercer, professor of philosophy at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, said he is “appalled” by the proposals, and objects to the idea of defining symbols merely by their origins, rather than their current significance to the people who use them. ~ National Post
Quebec legislature seeks to ban public workers from wearing religious symbols including hijabsniqabs, burqas, turbansyalmukas or kippahs or other obvious religious symbols. "Workers" would include: teachers, police officers, civil servants, hospital staff, judges and prison workers.

Will jewelry also be banned?
Religious groups and many political leaders oppose the charter, which will face legal challenges at the Supreme Court of Canada, assuming the provincial legislature approves it. ~ Hurriyet Daily News
Employees may also be given authority to restrict prayer time.
The minority Parti Quebecois government says the laws treat everybody equally by ending special treatment for the religious at work. ~ Wall Street Journal
Canada is a country prized for its diversity and multiculturalism. Is this a new direction for Canada?

In 2004 France banned religious symbols from being worn in schools and burqas in public in 2010.

What do you think?

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