New Moon in Virgo September 5, 2013 Astrology Horoscope

It’s officially a New Moon in Virgo on Thursday, September 5, 2013 at 7:35 a.m. EDT.

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Another new beginning. With the back to school season here again, the enjoyment of crisp fall air with the earthy fragrance of falling leaves and apples is just around the corner.

This time body and mind are of prime importance. With Virgo we get a good dose of the earth element blended with the air element. Mercury is at home in Virgo now along with the Sun and Moon.

If you’ve been having health challenges, seasonal allergies, or a touch of a cold and any aches and pains, it’s a reminder of your important connection to your physical body. As we’re all a blend of magical chemistry, an alchemy of life’s elements, our minds are directly influenced by our physical state, and vice versa.

Now you get that push to seek new ways to become more fully aware of how you are embodied in the physical realm of earth and body.

It’s a great time to start new routines. Running, stretching, yoga, and meditation will help you get back in tune with the cycles of nature. Starting to exercise now will help you feel much more balanced for next month when autumn arrives when the Sun enters Libra. For those of you that worry, know that’s the perfect recipe for faster aging. Find healthy ways to release your tension and any anxiety.

If you have no idea what direction you want to take in life right now as everyone heads back to their regular routine of work and school, getting initial ideas and thoughts out on paper is a huge help in determining your starting point.

For those of you in business, marketing strategies are favorable now. It’s a good time to implement a new plan intended to get new results. With Mars in Leo strategies with a creative edge get more attention and enjoy good reception. You may feel some doubts crop up with Saturn in Scorpio, but creativity allows you to work your way around the hurdles. The obstacles are gifts in disguise to get you thinking in new ways and find new routes you wouldn’t have thought of trying otherwise.

For those of you with a leaning towards the more esoteric and magical thinking, it’s a good time to learn about how to bridge higher realms of consciousness to the physical world. Neptune speaking with Mercury lets us have an important reality check and push through emotional and mental barriers to realizing our spiritual potential. Creating your own personalized talismans and amulets can be useful to help you focus your attention using the power of symbolism to allow thoughts to manifest what you want in the real world.

Now is the time for you to get organized, find yourself a routine that demonstrates your best intentions of health and wellness, and to make useful decisions as we head towards the beauty of autumn.

With the drumbeats of war growing louder we can all help shift the collective into a better intention for humanities karma.

This weekend, optimism and a positive attitude helps us all bring more light into the world. Think positive and know that your desires affect the world around you. Every little shift you make in your own life, helps create shifts in the lives of those around you. Get yourself on track and get excited about making it happen in the real world the way you know you can when you tap into the power of your mind.

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