Weekly Astrology Horoscopes September 8-14, 2013

Welcome to another week. This week we give you insight into what’s in store for each sign. Be sure to not only read your sun sign, but also your ascendant sign and your moon sign.

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New Moon in Virgo September 5, 2013

Aries: This week you get a chance to make necessary adjustments. Though you’ll likely feel the need to divert challenges, a sign of maturity is the ability to delegate. Your skills and abilities in management get noticed. There will be moments when you have doubts, but they’re healthy ways of reminding you of how to get on track. You’ll have the opportunity to recognize in yourself how you sometimes hold yourself back from being the successful leader you can be. With that awareness you get clearer on how to express that you are capable of achieving your aims and ascending higher up the ladder towards your goals. Pay attention to how your actions and reactions mold external results and you’ll feel empowered by the end of the week.

Taurus: You’ve been feeling the need to balance your health and wellness lately and finding deeper spiritually significant meaning in how you approach your routines in life. Partnerships are going to feel more intimate as you progress through the week. Love and commitment gets more attention and you’ll notice your attractions become more obvious and undeniable. Near the end of the week music moves you. A kinship to the spirit realm is healing. Imagination and contemplation of ancient spiritual practices takes you on a journey into realms often hidden from daily life that will inspire you deeply. Creativity brings you on a journey into the mysteries. Love is the most profound mystery.

Gemini: There are so many options. Life is about choices. As you collect your thoughts this week and contemplate life you’ll find the right decisions are connected to ensuring life is not all about being so serious. You need to ensure you also have fun to stay balanced. It’s much easier to keep the motivation to move forward going by ensuring you are creating the right circumstances that allow you to enjoy the pleasures of life. As the week ends, key conversations, especially those that force you to see a different perspective, will help you transform your direction towards greater balance. Breakthroughs happen when you are being honest with others while also being kind with your words. A better health and beauty routine helps you fulfill that need to be more in tune with your body. Luxurious baths and steam are your best choices now.

Cancer: This week is a good time to remember to trust life. When you do, your emotions, intuition and reactions to the circumstances of life all become more harmonious. Trusting the bigger picture is a lesson that keeps on giving. Where you are frustrated, where you have doubts and questions about yourself, where your ego has put up walls, can all be released. Where do you lack trust? How much more in tune with how you really want to feel and experience life would you be if you were able to trust life more? You’re getting a lot of chances to redefine your faith in deeply spiritual ways. Your creative spirit gets an awakening to creating life by seeing more beauty in the world.

Leo: You are at your best these days when you are able to take an active approach to asserting yourself with dignity. Your identity is important, potent and powerful. You can lead the way to creating a well groomed path of freedom for yourself by pausing for a moment before taking action. The choices you make need to be reliable now, not willy-nilly. Your self worth is reflected in having consistent patterns of self awareness in how you contribute to the world. Your worldview has the power to guide others towards understanding their own experience of freedom. You may also feel the urge to reach out to experience a wider audience or a diverse crowd. You feel like you can make a difference somehow on an international, broader level. You may experience great transformation in your own moral and ethical code. However, ensure you pause a moment before taking action so you are sure you’re consistently in tune with your true identity.

Virgo: The Sun in your sign speaks with Jupiter giving you the ability to tap into all the positive energy around you. This is a beautiful time of the year. The seasons are changing, the sunlight is leaning towards the blue spectrum and shifting away from the red. The crisp air, wind rustling in the trees, leaves falling slowly undressing the branches. It’s all so beautiful and that beauty speaks to you this week. Your mind will feel more balanced as the week progresses helping you to feel more secure and assured. If you’re a worrier, walks in breezy, natural surroundings will help you get more grounded. Each step you take now, with a grounded approach, will help you feel more empowered. You can set the path right for your year ahead. Use your skills to assess and plan now and you’ll see clearly how your path is achievable one step at a time.

Libra: Mercury moves into your sign this week. It’s important for you to have positive self-talk. Affirmations that support your sense of self will help you reignite those pathways in your mind that give you a healthy ego boost. Knowing where you stand helps you be true to yourself. Money matters have been in focus for you for some time. They get more of your attention this week. Go with your gut instinct. You can also find greater balance in your thoughts and to help you feel grounded and secure by choosing the right kind of music. Everything is vibration. Music can shift the energy, lift your spirits and help you channel emotions, thoughts and moods. Explore different styles and see which helps you most feel the way you want to feel this week.

Scorpio: Worry isn’t any fun, at all. It does have a purpose, but it needs to be in balance. Caution allows us to make better choices. Luckily, you have a great connection to spirit and a sense of warmth and security now that you can tap into easily, if you choose to. This week, the importance of love washes away doubts and judgment that sometimes creeps into your life. Love is the greatest lesson we can ever learn and transforms everything. It opens our heart, allows us to reach up to the world of spirit and to heal. Now you get such love and abundance in your life that feels real. Let it in by choice. You will be moved this week and you will grow, if only you will let it.

Sagittarius: The blessing of fortune does not always come from a lottery. That’s just a very narrow scope of what fortune is. Fortune is so much more. It is a feeling. It is an experience. It is abundance in many forms. Being fortunate can be having the opportunity to have a great conversation with someone who teaches you a great lesson. Being fortunate can be having a friend to listen to your true feelings. Being fortunate can be having the ability to share your love with others unhindered by judgment. Being fortunate can be having a connection to spirit that you cherish. This week make a list of how you are truly fortunate and you will see yourself and everything around you in ways that you’ve simply forgotten.

Capricorn: The lessons you learn now are long term lessons. Don’t put yourself in the position of expectation to have sudden insights and transformation. Expectation can often lead to disappointment. Enjoy the longer process of unfoldment. Though you may sometimes feel like you’re off the path, you’re actually on The path of your life. Accept the blessings in disguise, and those that are right before your eyes as the larger package materializes one step at a time. Though you feel the urge and desire for things to be faster, you can’t rush life. Anyone who chases after more and more in life, eventually finds out that the chase just makes life a blur. You’d honestly rather be here while you are, in the moment, being present for your life than having life pass you by because you were so focused on a certain idea. Life has bigger plans for you than you can imagine.

Aquarius: Your enthusiasm is infectious. Friends and those with an ear open to receive you feel your energy and it uplifts and inspires them. Your thoughts and words are magically awakening and renew a sense of purpose to all those around you. Your worldview and philosophy of life takes on a new power. Pondering the meaning of life and sharing it with others brings balance to you and the world around you. Creative ways to achieve your goals and higher aspirations becomes super important for you. The love you bring to each step of the process takes you higher and higher. Enjoy this energy and share it. Any obstacles now are just ways to help you put more love into what you do.

Pisces: Venus enters water sign Scorpio this week and brings loving harmony into your life. Your spirit is always an important part of your life, and how you tap into your spirit gets more loving attention. Your creativity livens up and helps you grow immensely, especially when you are consciously moving towards improving your karma. Uniting love and soul now changes everything. Meditations on love, music, color, spiritual energy and the like will raise your vibration to be in tune with the blessings you deserve to experience as a spiritual being. You are incarnated for a soulful purpose. Learning about healing spiritual practices, especially those that are nature and water based will be enlightening now.

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