Weekly Astrology Horoscopes September 1-7, 2013

Welcome to another week. This week we give you insight into what’s in store for each sign. Be sure to not only read your sun sign, but also your ascendant sign and your moon sign.

Written by SymbolicLiving.com

Aries: When September rolls around we know summer is just about over. But autumn is a time that gives us deep appreciation for how the changes in life bring so much color and crispness to start fresh. If anyone knows how to start new, it’s you Aries. Your creative brilliance will flourish this month. The week starts with a shift that ignites you to feel more ready to enjoy life. After finishing up a responsibility this week, you’ll feel ready to begin living your life with a more intelligent and stable approach. The end of the week would be a great time to start a new healthy routine you’ve had on your mind for a while now. An optimistic outlook fuels the right route to the changes you need.

Taurus: It is in the quieter moments that we get to understand ourselves more fully. When we finally stop for a moment after spending so much time being busy and distracted by so many external demands, we awaken to time again. Everyone is aging, every day, and our bodies need our attention and care. This week begins with a moment of awakening that gets you back in touch with your body in space and time. From there you will feel more alive, ready to contemplate and create. With a more grounded physical sense of your self you get a chance to remaster your life.

Gemini: Your mind directs your gut instincts with quick insights that are usually spot on. You get a chance to show off your brilliance this week that is appreciated at home. Ideas on organizing your home for better productivity and well being can be the beginning of an all new sense of self. It is said that the home is an extension of ourselves. Look around. What do you see in your space? Tidying up and clearing some space will help your thoughts flow more freely which will affect other areas of your life. Creating a meditation space will be perfect for you to start an all new journey. It’s a good time to start new habits that are good for your body and mind. Communicating with family, especially a motherly figure, will help you make sense of your next steps in everyday life.

Cancer: The transformations you’ve been going through these days are profound and integral to your personal development. Clearing away the debris and rebuilding in the image of what you desire to achieve in your higher aims in life is what you need to focus on now. You may find yourself needing to make important decisions this week. Meditate on them. Reflect on your choices. Put pen to paper and let the stream of thoughts flow. This week you may be looking at contracts and reading over the fine print that will put you on the path of a more efficient way of life. Friends opinions are important and can be good role models. Seek out those who know where they’re going and why, and learn from their dedication to achieving their goals.

Leo: You’re going to feel more grounded this week. The world is going to ask you to begin a new process of refinement in your choices so that you feel more authentically in control of your life. Your decisions should take a more conservative approach than you may be used to. Think about the pros and cons more thoroughly before saying yes or no. Though you may feel like being the center of attention as the week begins, you’ll feel more inclined to focus on what’s out there as the week progresses. Since you’ve naturally got a creative streak you may find producing a vision board, or collecting images on the web and organizing them by priority will help you get much clearer on what choices to make as you step forward in your life.

Virgo: Well you’ve got all the magic on your side this week. With the new moon in Virgo you should feel a strong sense of renewed purpose. Your emotions and thoughts fueled by inspiration to change will help you see yourself in a new light. You may feel a strong pull towards getting healthier. Giving your physical body attention will bring new vitality. Getting a massage, a manicure, a new hair cut and all the pampering you deserve will help you feel more in tune with a refreshed version of yourself. How you treat your body now sets the stage for a better sense of identity. Starting a new hobby that requires your attention to detail and explores your intelligence will give you confidence. This week helps you realize your ideas of perfection and how they inspire you to self-improvement.

Libra: You may surprise yourself this week with how much love you have to give and receive. You may feel the urge to overindulge in decadent foods this week too. Wholesome food we often associate with mother’s home cooked meals will delight your senses. Junk food will just make you feel empty. Make sure you aren’t indulging as a form of comfort because there is a sense of lack somewhere else in your life. Instead get to the root of your feelings instead of distracting yourself from them. Spiritual contemplation will move you deeply this week. Write a letter of all your thoughts and feelings dedicated to who you envision to be in the spiritual realm. It will help you see your life in a more spiritually grounded and purposeful way that will open up doors to love you wouldn’t know otherwise.

Scorpio: Your debts to the world may have felt like a burden for a while, but now you get to see why they are actually blessings in disguise. They have forced you to change and grow, and this week you’ll have a new realization about how your life has unfolded. Your philosophy on life is changing for the better. You’d do well to get involved in a larger cause this week. Talking about the important things in life with others really helps you feel like you’re on track to improve life for yourself as well as others around you. Your eyes open wider this week if you spend some time dedicated to self-awareness. From there, you shift towards a healthier attitude and your daily routine feels more purposeful.

Sagittarius: You can channel the most profound, intellectually grounded insights this week. It all starts when you let go of critical judgment and instead renew your faith in yourself. You can achieve whatever you set your mind and heart to. Whatever you feel deep in your bones that you ache to manifest, you can do it. With a bit of logic, trust and effort to put the steps in order, your target becomes easier to see. Transcend your limiting thoughts by believing in your worthiness and abundance. Be willing to graciously receive what others offer when you know it is in your best interest. When you find the right spot to stand on, the one that feels secure, you’ll see the ladders you really want to climb are there waiting for your first step.

Capricorn: You’ll feel in tune with yourself this week in body and mind if you honor your need to change. You get a special feeling deep in your core this week knowing that you are ready to use your intelligence to supercede the habits you know you need to let go of. Reading up and educating yourself on how to make the shift towards an improved lifestyle is an important step on your journey. You’ll realize what is truly best for you as the week progresses as you get real with yourself. Your faith in life and yourself reaches not only deep inside you, but helps you reach out to others willing to support your best interests. This is a week to honor the real you.

Aquarius: This week gives you a chance to reinvent yourself by allowing something in your life to end. Most likely, what you need to let go of is a deep seated internal perception of who you are in mind and body. By shifting your perception of reality you get to make your life more magical than ever. The wisdom of your body, the intelligence of your mind are worthy aspects of who you really are. Let that shine. Your baser instincts that have driven your choices shift now. You gain more control over your actions and choices because your perceptions are evolving. Your body and mind express your need to experience life more fully aware so you can share who you are at your core.

Pisces: Friendly conversations wake you up to understanding the world better. Living in touch with the reality of the material world inspires you this week. You become empowered in what you see and learn in the natural world. With the seasons beginning to change you see the order of the world as a grand design that is organized and repeats in patterns. Nature walks and hikes with friends will ground you and give you a strong, present connection to the cycles of life. The crisp air will help clear your mind so you can make better decisions. The right information will dawn on you at just the right time. Listen to the world around you and to the words others speaks to get clues. Books that show up in your life now are telling you something about yourself you need to know.

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