Weekly Astrology Horoscopes September 22-28, 2013

Happy Autumn Equinox! The Sun officially moves into Libra on Sunday afternoon at 4:43 p.m. EDT. Fall has officially begun and the colors are beginning to blend their beautiful palette and textures of reds, oranges, yellows and greens. The Sun gives us all a chance to seek and find greater balance in our lives.

Aries: Your ruling planet, Mars, is in harmony with Uranus in your sign Aries. Now that Autumn has arrived you’re enthusiasm to feel free and start fresh will give you that sense of freedom you desire. Welcome change and keep your eyes open to synchronicities. The fiery reds that start popping up in the trees now will give you that warm feeling you love. Focus on having fun this week. The end of the week is great for passions stoked by romance.

Taurus: After last week, you’re ready to feel comfortable in your personal zone as the week begins. Relaxing and letting go of your worries to start your week will give you the peace of mind you need to feel your best for the rest of the week. It’s likely you’ll feel attracted to the mysterious. Old black and white movies with an occult vibe gets you in the Halloween mood early. You can’t resist going outside to soak up the energy of Autumn which provides you the balance you need deep to your core.

Gemini: The Sun enters Libra at the beginning of the week, and your ruling planet, Mercury, leaves Libra at the end of the week. What is close to your heart and mind gets a well rounded connection this week. A resolution finally arrives. You’ll learn honesty has brought better balance into your life which prepares you for experiencing more meaning in your life as we enter the fall season.

Cancer: You feel lucky that you are able to learn how meaningful your life really is. In fact, you’re fortunate to be learning the lessons you are now. They prepare you to have a more grounded connection with your feelings and intuition so your future endeavors are easier to manifest with the results you really want. Count your blessings. All the hard corners you’ve turned are blessings in disguise. You’re growing a lot these days.

Leo: The week may start off with a bit of an emotional tug and pull. It may get you hot under the collar, or you may blush. But that’s not a problem. You understand you’re a colorful character with a variety of personality traits that make you interesting. You’re unique, but you’ve also got commonalities others can feel a kinship with. Home life can seem difficult at times this week. Just make the most of your time and surrender when you have to.

Virgo: The Sun leaves your sign at the beginning of the week. You’ve learned a lot about yourself this past month and you’ve grown up. As he moves into Libra you feel more grounded. If you got yourself in order over the past month, your skills at organizing will have set the foundation for you to bring in more money this fall. Give yourself some time to relax as autumn begins. Everything will fall into place. It’s just about another 535 million more miles and the Sun will be back in your sign for another birthday.

Libra: The Sun enters your sign on Sunday. The day and night find their balance, and as we move further into the season the nights get darker. It’s a cozy time to wear warmer clothes and look forward to the festivities the season brings. It’s a great time for you to contemplate life and what you’ve learned so far. Your birthday this month is a reminder that you’ve made it far. Appreciating your life as the ultimate gift kicks off the benefits rewarded by gratitude. Enjoy the autumn fresh air. Deep breaths remind you of the balance of life. A meditation practice helps you tune into your life with greater ease.

Scorpio: The beginning of the week may feel a little emotional. A friend may help you find balance and ground you in the here and now. You may get a little advice, from the heart, that helps you feel like stepping back into your reality with feet more firmly planted on the ground. A hug reminds you of how abundant your life really is and how magical the connection to others can be. At the end of the week important conversations supersede random chats.

Sagittarius: Surrounding yourself with love, and giving your love to others in a spiritually conscious way brings pleasure that can’t be put into words. It’s a time for you to enjoy life and see how abundant you can be when you trust. Synchronicities are with you. Working on your third eye now to tap into your intuitive, higher Self will help you draw more of what you want to experience in life.

Capricorn: With Pluto in your sign having switched directions a couple of days before this week began, you’re now beginning to feel his direct motion give you the empowerment you need. It is a time of transformation for you. All those things swept under the rug from long ago are ready to be vacuumed and put in the trash. Clearing away the clutter in your life, reveals the true you with greater clarity. Letting go of what wasn’t serving you opens doors and windows to positively meaningful change in your life.

Aquarius: Being careful of what you say now will give you a better balance of your energy. It’s important that you empower yourself now with better thinking. To boost your sense of well being don’t expect a miracle to just fall in your lap. You need to do the work to draw a feeling of fullness into your life. An exercise routine that is dedicated to you, and nobody else, gives you a new philosophy of what it means to be balanced emotionally and mentally. At the end of the week your mind gets ready to get back into career mode.

Pisces: You are enjoying the Full Moon in Pisces energy that kicked off a few days before this week started. It’s lovely to be in touch with the mystical side of life. Nobody knows that better than you. Your life really needs you to be in tune with spirit in order to feel fulfilled. The lessons you’ve been learning will start to become more clarified next week. For now, just allow yourself to tune into the feeling of abundance of love in your life. You don’t need to put anything into words now. Just feel it in your soul for greater balance.

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