Weekly Astrology Horoscopes September 30-October 6, 2013

Our weekly horoscopes now begin on Mondays.

Aries: You may be feeling a bit of an emotional pull as the week begins, one that helps you realize that after all is said and done you are a pretty powerful person in your own right. Other people are taking notice that when you play your part with confidence, you come out a winner. Any challenges in your relationships will help you to think outside the box and rekindle healthy relations by showing off your valor.

Taurus: These days your relationship to time plays an important role in how you balance your life. You know yourself best. All that is below the surface within you is your lived experience. You get a boost this week as you realize that your knowledge, wisdom and self-awareness is not something others can compartmentalize by their own reasoning. What others think and say about you is their own business. Love triumphs in the end. The truth is within you.

Gemini: Your mind and body get reconnected this week. You’re ready to get below the surface of your feelings and make sense of them. Your thoughts and feelings become complexly intertwined and are leading you on a journey of greater karmic awareness. Think inspired thoughts. What you say and think manifest themselves in your body, and how you treat your body transforms your mind. This week an important lesson will begin revealing itself. You’ll feel empowered by the end of the week as you step closer to the future you seek.

Cancer: You can get fired up as the week begins. If you feel emotionally tied to what inspires you, you’ll be able to take yourself on a journey towards greater balance this week. Get real with what gets you excited. Figure out what would make you feel most stable, then communicate that through your body language and reactions to what comes your way. Planning helps you feel at home with your decisions by the end of the week. By the end of the week you just may feel elated with how far you’ve come.

Leo: If you’re feeling moody as the week begins, you should try to own your feelings. What you project now gets picked up easily by others. You’ve got a powerful persona, this week you will be given many opportunities to refine your way of sharing who you are with others. A little strategic planning does you good. If you adopt new routines this week, by the end of the week you’ll feel ready to start sharing your new way of living that will help your confidence continue to grow.

Virgo: As the week begins there may be some anticipation to what will come. Mid-week you feel a tide of emotions begins to move you. This helps you make some personal changes as a natural reaction to your feelings coming to the surface. Then, as the week continues you’ll recognize how important balancing your feelings with your environment is to bringing you the stability you desire in life. Your words become very important as you progress through the week. Deeply meaningful considerations cross your mind, as small talk just won’t do.

Libra: You’ve got the new moon in your sign this week. You’re ready for new beginning like nobody else. Your birthday month puts you in tune with newness as it is, but now you get an extra boost. Focusing on how fortunate you are and being grateful for what you do have, gives you the healthy self-awareness you need to make the right moves. Love is very important to you now, not just romantically, but in all ways love is a part of your life. It helps you feel grounded and aware of why you’re really here on earth in the first place. Let it move you forward with grace.

Scorpio: You’re particularly ripe for feeling like your life is more on purpose. Your mind is strongly linked to how you embody the reality of time and karma, and that link only strengthens this month. You realize that life as you know it now is both timeless and yet has its limits in this world. To make the most of the time you have you get a wake up call that renews your understanding of spirituality as the week continues. As the days go by this week you start to feel lighter in understanding how blessed you are to grow.

Sagittarius: Your philosophy on life is in focus. You’re a step ahead of others now in interpreting life through the lens of wisdom. As the week begins inspiration comes to you and through you. Taking initiative early in the week in learning what you need to know about how to better project your persona helps you step forward in your career and ambitions as the week continues. Then, as the week resolves itself, you find yourself renewed in understanding how to make an impact in the collective. You may feel inspired to join a group or cause as the week ends.

Capricorn: You are strongly linked to the mysteries of life. Your mind is perceptive and you have knowledge within you that can benefit others well. Dig up that wisdom and figure out how you can make a difference. What you think and say now can not only impact your own life greatly now, but also that of those around you. The butterfly effect is a theory you may do well in entertaining now. If love is at the forefront of your decisions, you can be assured that your karma will be blessed.

Aquarius: Your energy and your emotions are up. As the week begins you may be feeling dramatic. Spontaneous reactions can conflict with how abundant you feel. As you work through your feelings and take a more logical and organized approach to your emotions, you are ready to reawaken your inner wisdom at the end of the week. It’s a good time for you to learn about finding inner balance. Studying yoga and reading self-help books are positive ways of finding equilibrium. Going someplace where the sun shines will renew your meaning of life.

Pisces: You are blessed. Being a spiritual sign you have wisdom that is ingrained deep within you that many others have not learned through the trials and errors of life yet. Now your mind is turning even more towards the mystical and the philosophical. You’ll also feel deeper nuances of life’s mysteries come through when you are in your creative element. Sharing your passion with others helps you find emotional balance. Anything that may arise this week that makes you feel not grounded, will actually be your stepping stone to starting fresh. Intense feelings help build stronger bonds in relationships now.

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