Documentary: I Am

Tom Shadyac, a movie director of many well known comedic films including Ace Ventura, The Nutty Professor, Liar Liar,  Bruce Almighty and more, had an accident which changed his perspective on life. Suffering post-concussion syndrome from his accident led to his search for the deeper meaning to his life and the world. This meaningful documentary shares his quest and the answers he found along the way.

In I Am, Shadyac interviews scientists, philosophers, religious leaders, environmentalists and the like as he tries to find out the answer to the fundamental questions: What's wrong with the world? and what can we do about it? However, he ended up also finding out what's right with the world.

Exploring spirituality and humanity's societal issues this documentary brings to light our human connectedness and how we have come to be divided and separate from nature and each other. Thought provoking and inspiring for those interested in spiritual reminders and scientific insights that unite us all, and how each of us can impact and make a difference in the world and the lives of others, together. Available on Netflix.

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