New Moon in Libra October 4, 2013 Astrology Horoscope

It’s officially a New Moon in Libra on Friday, October 4, 2013 at 8:34 p.m. EDT.

With Autumn here, and the seasons showing us the radiant beauty of nature’s colors, crunching leaves underfoot, and fresh gusts of wind, it’s only natural to want to be outside reconnecting with the earth. That need for balance only nature can bring is asking all of us for its attention. However, for many, it’s not easy to pull ourselves away from what our minds are caught up in. But, now we have a chance to refresh our minds and wipe away the cobwebs.

This New Moon is energized as she unites with the Sun’s connections to Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter. The Moon and Sun together are directly across the sky from Uranus in Aries, while on each side hovering around 90 degrees, Jupiter in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn become part of the wake up call. This is a Grand Cross. These planets, residing in the cardinal signs, activate the four elements with this New Moon.

Generally, these positions are more difficult aspects but provide us with a lot of potential for mindful growth; growth through perseverance, balance and self awareness. Though we are urged to begin something new, we will also likely feel that there are obstacles or challenges in our way, but implored to still see the beauty in the grand design. Whatever your personal obstacles, internal or external, that need to be overcome so you can get moving, will do well to be addressed with more attention now. Asking yourself honest questions so you can be true to yourself is really essential.

It’s a good time to consider how you protect yourself. How do you protect your mind? How do you protect your emotions and feelings? How do you protect yourself from being overly confident or from the results of sudden occurrences appearing out of left field? It’s not always possible to know all the answers in advance. Learning often happens through the experience, but we can set ourselves up to at least be able to respond with thoughtful reactions. A positive outlook helps smooth rough edges.

Finding the right balance between home life and career ambitions is going to be necessary, but could certainly be challenging. Trying to figure out how to get the right balance may take a number of attempts before you start to feel like you’re on the right path. If possible, take a mental break this weekend to regroup your thoughts and feelings.

You may feel like you need to tell others to give you your space while you seek clarity in your own motives. How you go about achieving your own aims, instead of living according to what others think is right for you, is an important true-to-self approach many of us need now.

Be sure to not be overly confident or demanding in your personal stance and opinions. Disagreeing can serve a positive purpose in how you clarify your own position to yourself. However, fear and egoism is the great obstacle to free thinking, leading to a stubborn, inflexible mindset. Give others their space allowing them the freedom to choose whether they want to assimilate your ideas or not.

You build bridges when you can connect with others views instead of stubbornly creating wedges, and vice-versa. A closed minded, self-serving belief or opinion will only create further division and push you out of step with your higher calling now. It’s OK to have one’s own opinion, but forcing, projecting or imposing one’s own worldview onto others only puts us one step closer to that mode of thinking that religious fanatics have held for far too long. An oppressive, “With us or against us. My way is the right way,” mentality has plagued the world for thousands of years and has its roots in the ego treading a path towards the worst of humanities behavior - war. Proselytizing and attempting to turn others ways of thinking towards your own in the guise of unity is not truly attuned to higher consciousness. It is attuned to the self-centered ego’s need for control.

Be graceful and adaptable now. Interact with others with tact and diplomacy. Understanding that there is a bigger picture beyond your own point of view gives you a healthy balance in your relationships now. Acknowledge others’ feelings and their right to have their own worldview. Let love guide how you interact with and react to others.

Saying what you think others want to hear now is not enough. You have to really mean them. It’s your intention that counts. If you say the right words intending to get what you want because of them, then they are not honest words. Those that are keen will pick up on it and rebel. The heart is weighed against a feather.

Rough patches in the economy and social structures implore us to make changes and rethink what our wants and needs are for our everyday lives.You may feel inspired to consider a new type of part-time job that will supplement your income. Lining up interviews may not be the best choice now, but researching possible opportunities that interest you can help broaden your horizons in the long run.

The advantages and benefits to opening up to new career possibilities should be exciting. Trusting your gut instincts comes with experience, and is easier when you know yourself better. Chances are you deserve more credit than you bestow upon yourself. What you believe you are capable of and where you feel you lack talent, helps you refine your path. Seek ways to help you find better balance in your thinking process.

Sudden reactions by others, especially tough love approaches, may surprise you. At first it may feel unnerving, but with a broader viewpoint, and a step back you can better understand yourself viscerally and mindfully.

Thinking with a more magical mindset, digging deep below the surface to find your potential helps you get closer to your destiny. The spirit is fresh on the mind now. Visualization is easier than normal. Dreams will be potent. If you’re usually too much into the mundane, try stretching yourself a bit to get into the more mystical view of reality. It will help you feel renewed and give you a chance to create a new path balancing your souls need for spiritual sustenance while living in the material world. Now is a chance to get the mind, body, emotions and spirit in check. What kind of new path are you interested in walking and exploring?

Tapping into spiritual avenues are particularly healing now. By shifting your focus to a higher vibration you can clear away karma that has been weighing you down. The dust under the carpet needs to be cleared away. Cleaning up your home is a great practice for you this weekend that will symbolize a fresh start and clearer path so the energy can flow better.

Next week we'll talk more about what's happening with Mercury and Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune in the weekly horoscopes.

*As many of you who follow horoscopes are aware, we’ve been writing astrology relating to the New Moon and Full Moon, along with relevant planetary aspects, for years. Our weekly horoscopes are going to naturally follow that path in tune with the Moon, with the weeklies now starting on Mondays. Monday, of course, got it’s name from the Moon (Moon day).

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