Weekly Astrology Horoscopes October 14-20, 2013

By Symbolic Living

Be sure to read your Sun Sign, Moon Sign and Ascendant Sign, for a more holistic picture.

Transit of Note:
Mars, God of War and active pursuit, moves into Virgo on Tuesday October 15. *Be sure to come back to read our Full Moon (Lunar Eclipse) article at the end of the week.

Aries: As the week begins you’ll do well to collect your energy so you can put it towards getting yourself in order throughout the rest of the week. All you’ve learned over the past few weeks about how you channel and express your energy and knowing what motivates you will help you make better decisions. Your behavior, attitude, step by step processes, methods and approach, especially in regards to your habits and routines, are important areas to focus on this week. Integrate your lightbulb moment. Getting grounded in the here and now will allow you to access your higher power at the end of the week.

Taurus: Taking in new ideas, especially those that are exotic and foreign to your everyday perspective and those that titillate your senses will awaken you to a new worldview. You get lit up inside and what you adore takes on new meaning. You should also get yourself into a yoga routine. Sun salutations are an excellent place to start to balance your body and mind, especially when the sun rises in the morning. The core of your body needs your attention. Stretch, strengthen and release.

Gemini: Your understanding of the material world and how you interact with it establishes a greater experience of traveling through time. Your karma moves forward and your mind makes realizations as you think back to what was and think ahead to what you would like to be. Releasing fear always helps you move forward with greater intention. As the week progresses the right frame of mind helps you feel more lucky and emotionally open to receiving the good you deserve.

Cancer: As we move towards the middle of the week you’re going to realize that your feelings are a gateway to the higher meaning of your life. Your connection to your feelings now are important for healing and bonding. Any tension you feel can be turned around with the right perspective. Practice right-thinking and you’ll feel the tension melt away. You’ll feel more grounded as you flush out negative feelings and replace them with gratitude, luck and channeling inspiration to bring more fun into your life. The Divine has a sense of humor. Laugh.

Leo: Your energy shifts at the beginning of the week. Your focus is going to change. Attachment to material possessions may take on new meaning. If you have too much clutter around you, or are in the presence of a hoarder, you’re probably going to get irritated. However, the irritation can be turned to understanding when you make strides to know what the root cause is. In this regard, you can also get a better perspective on your money matters by looking at how and why your relationship to dollars and cents is as it is. Let a firm stance lead to compassion.

Virgo: The ball gets rolling for you this week. You get a boost of energy which helps you get back into the groove. You are at your best when you are motivated and active with precision, focus and determination. So, if you want to get from point a to point b with accuracy without wasting energy and fooling around, put your nose to the grindstone and make it happen. Planning is your ally now. Give yourself a bit of room to grow too though. Don’t be totalitarian in your process. Give yourself leeway and a bit of compassion as you work through the steps.

Libra: You are sunshine on a cloudy day. Even when you feel challenged you can step up to the plate and spread around a positive attitude if you really want to. The sun always wants to shine. Sure, clouds get in the way, but just think of how magically beautiful the sky is when those clouds are painted with light in so many hues and textures. You bring hope to yourself and to others when you access your core energy and bring that balanced perspective to the world. The arts will communicate to you on deeply profound levels and raise your vibration now.

Scorpio: Your mind has wings and takes you to the highs and lows of life. You can reach from the heavens to the underworld in a flash. Your future depends on how you see yourself and how you understand who you really are. As your thoughts move ahead you’re drawn towards how high you can go. What you can achieve gains clarity once you can verbalize it in concrete terms. As we move through the week you’re going to feel how important the material world is as your foundation to where you want to go. Your determination is going to rise as we move forward. Think big about your higher aims now. Talk it out.

Sagittarius: Love, light and beauty are indicated for you now. By looking outward for these things, you’ll begin to realize they are within you. Every day, try to identify where in your world you see these represented. It will get easier for you, with each passing day, to realize how much love resides inside you that radiates outward and back again. The struggle you have felt in the past about how others see you and how you express yourself wanes as you get filled up with more light and love and realize the truth of who you really are inside.

Capricorn: It’s not easy right now to completely understand your footing. Shifts and surprises come up that have you questioning yourself and the best way to feel more self-assured. However, if you can keep your focus on how to make the best karmic choices you will feel that the shifts that are happening are for the best. You do well to talk to others that are like-minded in your social and political views to gain greater understanding of your own stance and where to go from here. Though life always has an element of the unexpected, by having truly well intentioned expectations, you help be a part of determining the shift. Transformation is in the air.

Aquarius: The week begins feeling personal and as you progress through the week you seek to find the path that brings you in line with your authentic spirituality. It’s a healing process that ultimately leads to good. Shifts are happening now, internal shifts that are not always known until they happen. Your energy knows that although sometimes challenging, the obstacles are there to help you maneuver with more grace at the end of the day. It’s also OK to try communicating in new ways, testing what feels right. Overall, if it motivates you and helps you align yourself with giving and receiving love in your life, trust it. Your career sector is really lit up now and asking you to talk and think more about your higher aims.

Pisces: You are on a journey of discovery and as this week begins you are reminded of how important that is to you. Your discovery now is one that is within and gives you a more spiritualized view looking out into the world. Take some time to yourself so you can go within. Your dreams are likely going to have lots to say at the beginning of this week so pay attention. A friend may bring new energy to your life that helps you feel more connected to the earth. Though you may feel the material world slightly challenging to deal with you’ll soon realize that it has a lot of spiritual lessons to teach you. The end of the week may bring your attention to the material world but will be colored with deeper spiritual meaning.

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