Weekly Astrology Horoscopes October 21-27, 2013

Be sure to read your Sun Sign, Moon Sign and Ascendant for a more holistic picture. 

Aries: You may not realize how loved you are, but you are. In your career, if you show that you love what you do, it reaps rewards. They may be subtle but they are building. Others notice when you are enthusiastic and show you are interested in using your strengths. Your ability to organize will come in handy this week. Setting up policies and procedures, even if only for yourself, helps you feel stronger in your trajectory, one step at a time. Logic and emotion can color your communications at the beginning of the week. Be wise in what you say as others may easily misunderstand you. What should and shouldn’t be hidden may need to be assessed, but it may be quite difficult to know for sure which option is best. Keep karma in mind when you have to decide.

Taurus: Just as this week begins the moon moves out of your sign. Yes, you’ve been feeling a bit emotional, but it resolves after internal reflection. Friends are an important part of your life, but you may not always see eye to eye. We are on this earth to be connected. We can learn a lot about how to become more connected to humanity especially during those times when we feel disconnected from those who are important to us. Karmic lessons are brought to light as the week continues. Listen and share honestly. That’s all you can do. Be true to yourself and to others as best you can. People want you in their lives because you bring light at the end of the day.

Gemini: Mercury, your ruling planet, started retrograde phase early on Monday morning and will remain in retrograde for a few weeks. You know better than anyone that communication is an essential part of life. One of the most important parts of effective communication is honesty and openness. It’s easier to say what people want to hear, and sometimes it seems easier to avoid discussing matters altogether. If you want people to read between the lines, expect misunderstanding. Although you may feel like internalizing, when you love and respect other people you keep the lines of communication open and do your best to build bridges, and work through the confusion. Miscommunication is a part of life, but it can always be resolved when you put forth the effort.

Cancer: You are in tune with your element, water, best when you’re willing to feel your best and think your best. You raise the vibration of your element when you can take any confusion in your life and rework it, reassess it, and feel it deep within you with the intention of gaining greater awareness. When you are feeling less than optimistic, remind yourself it has a lot to do with your thinking patterns, and those are something you can change. Mind and emotions are intimately linked. You have the power to light up those around you, and part the seas, when you are using your emotions to be creative.

Leo: Your energy may be waning a bit, which isn’t a bad thing. It gives you a chance to rest and relax a bit. A getaway that makes your heart glow is worth it. As the week progresses you have a chance to recognize and remember that you have a great energy others adore. It’s felt surrounded by those close to you and at home. Money matters are drawing your attention, and it’s all for the better as you realize how much power you have within yourself to determine your own life’s stability. You sometimes feel a conflict between the spirit world and the material world, we all do from time to time. Loved ones, those who really count, will help you feel more connected this week, which may become evident after miscommunication is cleared.

Virgo: Your desires are growing and may be leading you towards la-la land. If you can surpass your urges, especially if you have an addictive personality, you will feel really quite empowered. It may be challenging, but by going within and analyzing the pros and cons and how your karma is affected by your actions, you will be able to slowly burn away the layers of fog. Talking to others may not feel right, you may be more interested in just figuring it out yourself. Give yourself breathing room. Your decisions may fluctuate as your head may be in the clouds, and clarity may not be easy to grasp, but you also don’t have to rush. Just breathe a few more times.

Libra: As the week ends the Sun moves out of your sign for another trip around the zodiac. Hopefully you are starting off your own personal new year with your birthday feeling ready to walk the path towards personal greatness. Your destiny is attached to the material world, as much as it is to the spiritual world. Having a more organized approach to your spiritual self will give you energy to pursue life in the world. The next few weeks give you a chance to reflect on how you’ve come so far, and gives you personal ideas on how to move forward. Time is important, so use it wisely. There’s only so much of it this time around. Love and the meaning of life will be on your mind.

Scorpio: In the middle of the week the Sun enters your sign to shine bright and bring attention to your life. Your birthday this month is a reminder that when you were brought into the world, there was another ray of light to bring to the world. Throughout your life you have the opportunity to spread that light or reserve it. Later in the week your spirit wakes up and insight dawns on you. Clarity comes to you and you understand your purpose and place a little bit better. It all happens one step at a time.

Sagittarius: You’re loved. Even if you don’t hear it in so many words, just being here, in the world is evidence that you are born for a reason. Life really is all about love. Sure there are lots of challenges and obstacles as well as fun and distractions along the way, but one way or another love returns as the central theme of life. When you look in the mirror, or when you consider how others feel about you, know that you deserve love and let it flow to and from you. Others will help you along the way. You’re lucky that way. Keep your heart open.

Capricorn: The transformations that you’ve been going through with the sudden and unknown showing up from time to time aren’t always easy. But you’re strong. Your strength is becoming more apparent. You can really move mountains, if you have the right philosophy. You may not always agree with everyone around you, but you can compromise so you all find personal satisfaction towards your goals. Decisions for you generally come and go. When you want something you don’t always have the energy to follow through, but with your eye on the target and your muscles pumped you can get further than usual now. Go for it.

Aquarius: Your career gets extra attention. The Sun brings an awakening as the week ends. Knowing that, you can reassess your goals and how you approach them with good karma. You know that career is an important part of your destiny, so mull it over in your mind. Where you’ve been lacking attention to detail can have positive insights born from better understanding. Talking it out may not always come across clearly, but people are willing to listen and help you raise the bar and reach new heights. Challenges in communication may feel mysteriously odd, but there is wisdom in all things. Ultimately, it is a spiritual journey for everyone involved. Gratitude for challenges is as important as gratitude when things seem easy.

Pisces: The pull of the material world can bring you down to reality. If you often have your head in the clouds, a routine of exercise and yoga can really help you get back in touch with the power of the earth element. You may feel like your philosophy of life is all over the place with no clear answers. It’s as though life feels a little stuck, like time isn’t moving much, and your brain isn’t in the most agile mode. You can break out of monotonous thinking with creativity. Get your body moving and it will help free up your mind. Add colors to your pallette. It’s a lovely week to philosophize and consider what kind of goals would make you feel empowered.

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