Weekly Astrology Horoscopes October 28-November 3, 2013

Written by Symbolic Living.

Be sure to read your Sun Sign, Moon Sign and Ascendant sign for a more holistic picture.

Aries: Decision making should be taken slower these days when it comes to your career and money. If you’re bringing in more money, or have a little in your pockets, you should think about how to spend it wisely, or better yet, saving it. You would do well to do your best to be decisive and not let quick fixes and habitual shopping habits lure you into the fantasy. Your approach now may feel fuzzy, but determination helps you lead the way to becoming more practical and decisive.

Taurus: The urge to get creative will help you get grounded and in the present moment. Follow that impulse to be, do and have. You don’t have to put too much meaning into your creativity, that will only stop you. The creative force is meant to burst forth and flow. If you think too much about how and what it should be, you’re missing the point. Let your mind take a back seat for a bit. Go inside into dreamland where the mysteries are and experience them without judging them. You can realize your higher calling deep in your heart.

Gemini: The mystical and magical are within you. By reaching down into the earth and into your emotions, your mind gets an all new perspective on reality. You need that now. You need to see the game of life as more than just the logical and mundane. By reassessing your life from a more esoteric point of view, you will channel your abilities with greater access to a fuller version of your whole self. From there, you can design the world in new ways.

Cancer: The other side of the coin is calling you. The emotions you are used to feeling need to be flipped for a moment in time to give you a new perspective. Give yourself a chance to get out of the old ways of thinking and reach a more creative, artistic view of yourself and others. It’s not a time to compartmentalize. It’s a time to refresh from within. Music of a higher realm such as Gregorian chant or aboriginal droning can send you into another world to create a shift.

Leo: Candlelight at home at night gives you that old-world feel that will help you merge with your hidden side. Showers and baths by candle light are even better to help you feel present in this world and the spiritual world. You can have great emotional stirrings that develop your character. Let yourself experience internalized thinking about the archetypes that feel most present within your personality. How can you emphasize self expression to merge your spirit with your persona? Take some time to think about that.

Virgo: Imagine running with determination on a cool, foggy morning. The mystical elements of the trees shedding their leaves, crunching underfoot. The spirit of the living, thriving plant kingdom in its seasonal transformation is present with you, watching you without judgment. It is there to support you in feeling alive in your body and in tune with the spirit world around you. This connection with the veil between the worlds that is often hidden is just a thought away, and is calling you to look a little bit closer so you can find yourself.

Libra: You’re not empty handed. You’re the chalice, full of space that lets the light in. Of your own free will, place your cup down in front of window as a symbol of your ability to be open and ready for whatever you are destined to receive. How you make it in the world is found in reflecting on how your thoughts and emotions accept what it is you deserve and what it is out there waiting for you. Meditation is super important in your ability to realize your potential. It starts with openness to the present moment.

Scorpio: You are the bell, the book and the candle. Incense, a running bath, the fog in the mirror wiped away, the flickering of the flame. You write the script. You are the one who is present. You are the one who turns the page. You are the one who steps forward and creates. Drink plenty of water to cleanse yourself. Your karma changes when you put your mind in an all new perspective, one that is usually hidden within you. Your ability to feel abundant comes from loving the magic of living.

Sagittarius: The sacred heart is within everyone, but is hidden from so many. The fire burns bright when passion ignites your desires to channel love. The mirror is the now. What are you going to give and receive? It doesn’t have to be a mystery. It can be as close as your spirit. Looking back on your life, where has your mind gone deep within to access your spirit? Your greatest shifts in karma require you to be mindful and from the heart. These portals of consciousness are an important part of your life that call for your attention this week.

Capricorn: The tough moments give you a chance to rephrase your views. Tough love can be the biggest awakener that shifts your spirit. Friends can be those who open you up. Much of what shifts for you now is due to outside forces, but you are the rock that has final say. By reaching out, you get to reach within. Take your evenings as important time to internalize. Though others may only see their own point of view, you can be the detective with the knack for understanding and seeing what others don’t. Use that to your advantage now to see all that is happening out there as keys to unlock doors.

Aquarius: There are higher and lower forces that can pull us in various directions, from the most primal to the most spiritual. All have their place, but for many, they can muddy the balance between our higher and lower selves. Greater achievements in life require rising above fixations on our most basic instincts and into a higher state of consciousness. Going within now, to those mysterious origins of the self give you a chance to rise and transform past karmic habits that are easy to fall into. What you think and do is a reflection of your consciousness. Your spiritual wisdom helps you rise from the dustier parts of the material world and reach higher understanding of who you really are.

Pisces: As one of the most spiritual signs in the zodiac, you are born with a calling to raise the vibration of everyone and everything around you. Being human, you have the dynamic of all forces within you, but to feel fulfilled in who you are, you’ll often be reminded of how important your spiritual self is. To be caught in lower consciousness is never comfortable for any Pisces. You can help others because you intuitively understand addictive and obsessive compulsive behavior. Your gift of compassion can show others a new worldview that heals and transforms. Going within to acknowledge your own lower habits will awaken you to better understand how you can heal the world around you.

We'll talk about the New Moon in a few days. 

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